Showing Over the AI of GHL in a Sales Demo

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How do for you, man?

Hey. I am about to record that sales demo video that you have up in the training in level two. I'm looking for that automation. I think it's called Outreach Special Offer with the if else sequence. Did they reply sequence? Where can I find that? So I can just add that into my video.

I'm not sure I'm not sure if we've got that still as part. Let me just double check. I'm not sure if we've got that still as part of our snapshot. If we do, it's in the 23 leads snapshot. Or if we updated it and I just added manually. As I mentioned in that demo, how to do a demo, how we build a demo for presenting the system, that split is literally just to show the AI component of the program. But let me just come down here.

I can just go in and create that myself. Yeah, absolutely.

So let me just screen share. I just double checked. We have updated the 23 Leads snapshot. So right now it's a straight way to day, way to day, way to day. So it's in there. But super easy to be able to just add that in. So add in a Split, if else. And guys, if you haven't watched the How to build a demo video, what I talk about is this system here. So we build it in if else, and we select if the... Let's go with Events. All right. And hang on a second, I need to wait for a reply. So change that from Wait A Day to Wait To A Reply. All right. Contact reply. Okay, so contact reply. Okay, and they've replied to the step before. So you can see those steps enlarging as I hover over it. So the first thing is, wait for a reply to the day before, but take an action one day after anyway. And once you've got that in play, then you can do the if else split. So it's like if else, and the contact reply intent is. And this is what I demo in a call.

So what I want to show, let's go with positive or negative, so that I end up with this split here. And this is exactly what I want to show the person when I'm on the call with them. I want to show them that we have inbuilt AI that's going to interpret the reply of the contact. So again, in steps, we need to make sure that that wait step is not just wait for a day, but wait for a reply because then the system is listening for a reply. So wait for a reply. Then the condition then is based on intent. In a demo, this is how I do it. I go now, when an email goes out, we actually have inbuilt AI and I click on it and I say the AI is looking not just did they reply, but what's the intent of their reply? Is it positive? Yes, I'll send them down a particular path. Is it negative? No, I'll take them down a different path. So the AI is actually interpreting the reply from the customer and directing them to the right place. So this is how I'm demonstrating it. And again, the reason we build that in the demo is literally just to make the customer go, Wow, that's cool.

This AI built in this email system. So the 23 Leads snapshot just has wait a day, wait a day, wait a day, and send. And it has stop on reply. So if they've replied, it's actually not going to continue on any further. But from a demo point of view, Sonny, building that in, wait for a reply and check is the intent positive or negative. That's just something that we demo to make sure that people go, Wow, that's cool. Actually, now that I say it out loud, I believe it's in one of our other snapshots. So let me just double check that. I'm not going to save that change to my 23 Leads snapshot. I think it's actually in our customer fulfillment snapshot. So let me just grab that one.

And while you're doing that, I sent out the an email series and I'm doing 10 a day right now because I'm warming up my list. Next week, I should push out, change that to 20 a day, right? And then the week after 30.

Yeah, exactly right. Week one, 10, week two, 20, week three, 30. That exact sequence that I just talked about is in the customer fulfillment snapshot, which is in your level two training. It's in the folder called Outreach Client Profit System. It's the outreach special offer. And that split is right there. And again, the only reason that exists is so I can demo it. Cool. Yeah, cool. Awesome. Thanks, Sonny. That snapshot is in your members area. If you go to level two, that snapshot, which is the client fulfilment snapshot. So after you've made a sale, you want to be able to fulfill that for the client by getting them all set up. It is level two and delivering the system to a client. Step six, setting up a web hook, installing the client snapshot 6B right there. Okay, cool.

Awesome. Sounds good.

Thanks, honey. Good luck with the demo. Let us know how you go.

Yeah, thanks. No problem.

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