Louis - Amazing FB Group Growth Strategy with White Label Suite Leads

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Can you hear me?

I sure can. How are you doing?

Lovely. Sorry, I can't put the video on because it's really early as you know here. No problem. And I haven't put my face on yet, right?

I jumped on a call the other day and I was still in the bath robe and pajamas, man. I get it. No probs.

At all. Yes. First time, long time. So I've been watching all of the recordings for months and months and months. Cool. Thank you. I loved it. Awesome. I think Dora has become a mini celebrity. I think this is great content there. Anyway, I actually don't have a question. I just want to just share some of the little stories that I've been up to with your great product. The first one is not sure if other people on this call are familiar with the five day challenge, missed call text back promotion that high level have been doing. I jumped on that, I installed the snapshot, and I've provided an ad to the actual Facebook group to say, Hey guys, what are the key challenges you're going to have with this is actually attracting people to use the missed call text back. And I said, Just from my experience, I'd be targeting tradees, people that are very busy that do not answer phone, cannot answer their mobile phones, real estate agents. And I just sent a little bit of a summary to the Facebook group with my affiliate to your product. And it's been really successful.

Beautiful. Well done, man.

That's awesome. Just sharing that with others. The other one that I've been doing, because I'm targeting here in Australia, as you know, Walt, when it comes to property, we have a lot of real estate agents, but we don't have buys agents. Buys agents are becoming a new trend. I become a member of a buyer's agents group. However, what I've done, and it's another little trick that I'm happy to share, I created my own Facebook group that's called AI Lead Generation and tips and tricks in the property industry. The purpose of the Facebook group is purely just to build up my audience. I love it. I use the leads tool to send emails to people in that industry just to join my Facebook group.

Amazing. So good.

Yeah. So good. In there, I've already done a Loom video on how to use the white label suite, and I'm getting a lot of interest. I've only got 150 people in the Facebook group, but that's only been over a couple of weeks.

Louis, I'm bowing to you, man. That is absolutely stellar. Absolutely brilliant. Well done, man.

Yeah, that's all I wanted to say. Thank you for really been enjoying these sessions.

So good. I love that because I actually suggested that we do that with LinkedIn groups because LinkedIn groups have got so much power. What an amazing use of the tool and an incredible way. Name escapes me. Looking right now, Gary Vanichuk pointing to my bookshelf there. Gary Vandecq coined the phrase and I love it, he who has the audience makes the sales. Bam. You just got to have the audience. And what an incredible way to use the tool. Inviting your ideal clients to a group and engaging them in a group environment and then just building that audience to a purpose of marketing later on down the track where you can have activity in the group, you can share great value in the group, you can invite people on a non salesy first approach to engage with other business professionals in the industry. And now you've got a collection of your ideal prospects. Louis, amazing.

And just the other thing, the content that I put up that I share as well on top of the leads tool is I do research on how AI is disrupting the real estate industry. I find YouTube videos and I put that on there and they love that stuff. Great, thanks for sharing this or how blockchain could be changing the real estate industry. It's things that these real estate agents don't have time to research themselves. Else. So I'm trying to create a group for my content is really to help them. And then part of that is obviously then to promote.

Amazing, dude. So good. Well done. That's so good.


Love it. And thank you so much for jumping on and sharing, Louis, because that's so cool. We had one of our white label suite friends and colleagues, a guy named Paul Warren, who specializes in building Facebook groups. He actually built out a group of tradies, I think it was tradies in Queensland, and it was just a tradies group sharing tradies' secrets and tips and builders' information and new sites that are coming up and just lots and lots and lots of tradey based content to the point where you had 150,000 tradies in that group and sold the group for $50,000. If you own the audience, you own the market, and the ability to bring people into a group is a sellable asset. So well done, man. That's super cool. You're assembling a group of your ideal prospects, and that is just freaking brilliant. I love it. Thank you, man. I appreciate the share.

You're welcome.

Great to see you, too. Have a question in that regard.

Fire away.

So is there some content that you can send my way. I don't like Facebook, never did, as you know all. But that.


Creation ideology, I love. So if there's some content you can send my way or everybody's way, that would.

Be great. Yeah, for sure. Hit up Paul Warren's Master class session. Let me just double check that I've got it in the system here. Yes. So hit up the Master class vault and let me grab Paul Warren's here we go. Matt DeSantis, Will Webb, Ryan Williams, Steve Brown. Trying to find it. Paul Warren, Leroy Jean Facebook for a huge following. There we go. So drop into the Master class vault and I will show you you where to find it. Let me just do that. Can you see my screen right now? No, not yet until I click that button. Can you see my screen? Yeah, got it. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Okay, so where are we? We are in the members area. Come down to the one that looks like a vault. Man, we got to be got a lot of training in here these days. I know, it's awesome. Master class vault, there it is. Come down to the Master class vault. Here's how to find it quickly. I want you to scroll all the way down to the bottom. Hit the bottom. That was our last one, which was amazing. And then scroll about 10 up and you'll see it there, 12 up, Paul Warren, L everage Facebook for a huge following.

Perfect. Good deal. I've also added my email address there. If you want to contact me directly, I'll show you what I've done.

Brilliant. Thank you so much. Louis, that is an amazing share, man. Thank you. I really appreciate that. That's super cool. Great work. And again, what an awesome way to use and leverage a tool that generates your ideal prospects. Being able to get them into a group that you can continue to market to their mat. They're joining the group by choice. You then own that group. You can admin it. You can allow people to post whatever they want, or you can monitor that. You, of course, get to promote or post whatever you want to do, and you own the audience, dude. Absolutely fantastic. Great stuff. Thanks, Louis. All righty, let's jump.

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