Building landing pages for network marketing: Attracting clients with White Label Suite

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In, but let's get into it. So if I'm selling to a health... I've got a health and wellness product, my best bet is to create a strong argument on a landing page, in an ad, in an email. And so what we want to do is in the same way as we wanted to sell website design services, we want to reach out to groups of people and make an offer. So yes, strategic relationships. People like personal trainers would be a good one, Dora. Personal trainers, if you wanted to reach out for a health and wellness product, they'd be great strategic relationships. You could reach out to personal trainers and introduce the products and ask people if you could put a note in their newsletter. You could also do that same thing on a strategic partnership to yoga studios. You could also do that same thing to childcare centers. Why childcare? Because the whole childcare side of things depletes the body and creating health and wellness space around that is a good way to go. So there are strategic relationship partnership opportunities that you could generate with the tool. What about the B2C side of things? Same thing as our roofing conversation a few moments ago with our client there.

It's dependent upon reaching the right people at the right time with the right message. And if you do a bulk blast out to the world, you're going to spin your wheels, you're going to burn a lot of energy, and you're going to get a tiny ROI. You get enough of an ROI to make it worth it. Don't do nothing, do something and at least get something. But there are better ways to do it. And again, it involves being strategic with the way that we build a campaign. So I would literally do the same thing as I did with the roofing company, but I would do it in a health and wellness space. So I would reach out to a school, all the schools in my city, in this area, and I would make my special offer. Now, mistake number one would be to do that email out to the school and send them straight to that page that you showed me before. Very generic, very generic is the only word I can think of, nonspecific, doesn't really call out to my audience. I believe that would be a mistake. Now, belief, right? I believe that would be a mistake.

Data doesn't have a belief. Data deals in facts. So what I'm about to tell you is worth testing. My belief is that you would be far better to put all of the images from the page onto a specific landing page for that industry and then do your campaign. So it would look like this. For schools in the Phoenix, Arizona area, I know that being a teacher is a stressful and non forgiving role. I believe if you would like to take better care of your health, as a person in the local community, I want to support you in that. If you'd like to know about some great supplements for health and wellness to help with sleep, to help you with whatever it might be, I would love to do a special deal for you as a local business owner myself, please enter your name and details here and I'll send you some information. And then I would reach out to the schools. So I've done a page for schools talking about teachers and the stress that they're under. Then I would duplicate that page and I'd do the same thing for hospitals. And then I would duplicate that page and I'd do the same thing for football clubs and athletic clubs and golf clubs and everywhere else I could think of that had a membership.

Because if I get an email, if I'm a golf club manager, if I get an email that says supplements are a great part of life and supplements will help you live longer and supplements are better for your wellness, I'm going to go delete spam, delete spam, delete spam. But if I get an email that says as a golf club manager, I know that your members are always looking to improve their swing, improve their score on the golf course. There might be some health methodologies that you have even thought about. I'd love to introduce what we do for golf clubs. Now, I still might get delete spam, delete spam, delete spam, but my chances will be much less of the delete button and much more of the, oh, that's interesting, click. So what I'm looking to do is be specific in my targeted approach, and that's about the campaign. Now, again, Dora, using this tool, I can go get me everybody in this area. Blast, blast, blast, blast, blast. Cool, easy, lazy, fast, and my results will be reflective of the effort. Easy, just go, results will be low. But if I'm specific and strategic and I build a page for the industry, for insurance agents, I know that being an insurance agent is a tough gig and constantly facing the stress and pressure of getting rejection.

You need a strong countenance to back that up. I suggest that you need to find out more about whatever. If you can do that same message for specific industries, again, my belief is that your results will be much higher. And rather than sending people directly to the company landing page, I would teach your people, and again, sign them up with a lead iffic account, yeah, hurray, teach them to be specific in their industry reachouts, specific in their landing pages. So when the golf clubs land on the page, they see a message for golf clubs and they can opt in to get more information. When the health clubs see it, they're specific for health clubs, the yoga studios, the schools, the hospitals, create 15 different industry pages and sell that as a snapshot as part of your program to this business. So when they do business with you, they get an account, they get 15 landing pages as a snapshot, they get the campaigns ready to rock for them. You're going to deliver a lot of value in that space. And then run a webinar teaching them how to create specific campaigns. So is everyone my client?

Absolutely. What are my chances of going to market and hitting everyone? Tiny.


The more specific, the better. Yeah, go for it.

So I appreciate that advice and that insight. I like that a lot about building a page and driving traffic there for specific targeted searches. That makes better sense to me, actually. But what I noticed is I created a cold email campaign using the automations that we have, the workflows. And the person I'm working with constructed the email communication. And it seemed to be that each of the... There are three in this series are really looking for people who want to build a network marketing business. He seems to be focused on getting people who want to build a network marketing business. I'm going to be meeting with him later tonight, my time. And I like the idea of what you just said in terms of selling the products, but in terms of meeting other entrepreneurs, I suppose the approach could be the same. And then we'd have a landing page.

Exactly the same. And again, I'm old school Dora. I remember opening a newspaper when there was such a thing and always somewhere you're looking at the opportunities and there's that work from home, work from home, make your own income, make tens of thousands of dollars while you sit on your couch. And it's the network marketing invitation. Funnily enough, the people that respond to that ad are far more likely to want to join your network marketing business than your next door neighbour who you invite to a top of where party. It's realistically the people that are interested in the offer that you want to work with but ultimately, we have a client here in Australia who's one of the biggest am way distributors in the world, black diamond level, whatever that is. What's really interesting for me is the way they built their business was completely different than any other methodology I've ever seen with network marketing. They turn people away, which was really amazing to me. They make people qualify. You got to go through these trainings. You got to be able to answer. You got to go through a survey. You got to be prepared to commit.

You got to submit all kinds of things. They're turning people away. Only the top people get to work with these guys, and their business is just gone boom because they've taught their own people to do the same thing. They take it seriously, the way of working with But in terms of bringing people in for an opportunity, think about for the business owner, again, in a network marketing space, who's going to be their best business builders? Entrepreneurs. Not only entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space. Okay, cool. Personal trainers, yoga studio, yoga owners, athletics club teachers, ballet school owners, these health clubs are going to be your best entrepreneurs anyway. So if there's an interest in the product, and then... So be interested in them. This is the way I would do it. And again, this is complete and utter belief. I would need to test it and get my data right. But I would make my offer product based, talk about health, wellness, nutritional supplements, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Get people interested in that. And then at the bottom of my welcome aboard email, so it'll be like, Hey, thanks so much for requesting some more information on these health and wellness products.

We believe that these are the best things ever and you're going to live for 10,000 years and don't follow my advice because everybody who does dies within their lifetime. Whatever your welcome email is, thanks for requesting more information. Down the bottom in the PS, I would say something along the lines of, PS, as somebody in the health space yourself, these supplements and nutritional products also have an additional revenue stream that might be able to add to your business. If that's of interest, just reply back with the word business. Let people self qualify. And again, from a network marketing business perspective, you're looking for 20 people to buy your product and 10 people to build a business with. And that strategy, that's literally just the way I would do it.

Okay, perfect. I appreciate that. Thank you.

No problem. Hopefully, that's helpful for you. All right.

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