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And record? There we go. What can we do for you?

Yes. I just bought the white label. Great. Getting familiar. I know how to create a package. My question is, if I want to sell lower quantity than 1,000, say 100, using my own credit instead of... I bought a package, right? How do I sell my own package credit?

Great question. The good news is, of course, being a white label suite member, you get to buy the credits at the wholesale rate. So you can buy as many as you want and on sell them. The only thing is that you'll need to provide that as a service for your client. So the easiest way to do that is to use the credits yourself and put the credits into your client's account. And let me show you what I mean. I'll just do a share screen over here and let us show you exactly what we mean there. Here we go. Sharing screen. Essentially, you've got 1,000 search credits per month and you'll be able to use those however you want to. And one of the ways that you can use them is by splitting them up and selling them to your clients. So what you can do is you can add in multiple API keys, and one of those API keys can be your client. So if I come across to our version of GHL is called Comet Suite. So our Comet Suite account here. Let me just grab that up here. So let's say, for example, that I wanted to put credits into this client's account, whatever account this is.

I've got a demo company here. This is my client's account that I want to put the credits into. I can come down to Settings and I can grab the API key from this specific sub account just here. And then over in my Leads program, I can come across to Integrations up here in the top right. I can say integration and I can add in a new connection to a new JHL account. So this is client account number 1, pop in that API key just like that and click on save. Now I can run credits from my account into my client sub account. T he way I do that is I'll create a brand new campaign just like this. So this is a campaign for client number 1 and create. T here it is. Campaign for client number 1 over here. A ll I need to do is just go to Settings and change the API key from my account, turn that off, and go down to the client account number 1, the one that I just created, and then and turn that on like that, and now every single search will go into that client's sub account.

And that way I can set up all of my campaigns if I want to go to different accounts. And that's the way that I'm able to sell that client 100. Now, in terms of creating a price, taking money for that, you won't be able to do that creating a package. You won't be able to use the licensing dashboard for that because the licensing dashboard has minimum cost, which is covering your expense, obviously, for the license. But you can, of course, take money directly via GHL. So you can create a product in GHL. Create a product, put it onto a funnel, charge whatever you want to charge for it. Once you get paid, you use this method that I just showed you to actually put the credits into that account for the person.


Thank you. Yeah.

Fantastic. Yeah.

Awesome. Well done, man. Something some of our successful members are actually using their credits like that, and they're splitting them up into 200 or $500s or that thing, and they're using their clients to help even pay for their own white label suite membership. So if you had, example, you wanted to sell 200 credits or 500 credits to a company for a month and maybe they pay you 150, that covers your entire white label suite membership and still leads to spare. Of course, you can upgrade to the higher credits package. So if you're in our dashboard here, which is app. Whitel evelsuite. Com, from our dashboard, you can upgrade your own package. So you can come to my subscription and you'll see which package you're on. And Then from that package, you'll be able to see... Or you'll be able to, if you want to go up to the 2,000 a month or 5,000 a month, you'll be able to do that here as well.

Okay. All right. Yeah. My second question, if I may.

Yeah, of course.

I have a search for my own client, right? Yeah. I found the client, the ideal client. How do I let my client search his client?

You'll need an account. Okay. You want to give him a login to the software itself, he'll need his own account, in which case you're doing your creating a package, you're selling him a license, they get their own login, so they'll have their own username, their own password. So if you want them to be able to do their own searches, they will need to buy an account from you. So you get to buy it wholesale as a white label suite member. And then, sorry, you can sell them the license using the white label suite dashboard. So create a package, sell them a license, then they've got their own account and they can do their own searches. So there's two options there, Thomas. Option one, one, if you're only charging them for smaller amounts of credits, you need to provide that as a service, which means you need to do the searching for them because they don't have their own account. So that's that first option that we showed where you can split up your credits and put them into their account, but you need to do the searches. Option two, if you want them to do the searches, they will need to have their own account, which means they'll need to buy a license from you.

Okay. My next natural question and my last one is, suppose I found a roofer, right? How would a roofer found their own client?

Yeah, great question. If you're working with a roofing company, and they're This is actually something that we cover quite often, and I'm going to show you a couple of different answers here. The first thing with the roofers, do you have a client at the moment or you're still looking for one, Thomas?

I'm still looking for one.

Okay, great. The first thing first, because of the fact that this tool is primarily a B2B, meaning a business to business tool, if the roofers that you find are commercial roofers, then you'll be able to show them this tool and they'll get a lot of value out of it. Why? Because a commercial roofer is looking for businesses. A commercial roofer might be looking for shopping center managers or might be looking for industrial complexes or any commercial real estate to do the roof. So when you're doing your searches, step one, let's see if we can make the actual searches that you're running as profitable as you can. So if you're able to come into your thing and now we can say... Let me just do that screen share again. So let's start with making sure that you're setting yourself up for the right success there. So we say, okay, let's come and do a search. And in stead of just a roofing company, we're going to look for a commercial roofer. So we go commercial roofing company. And again, we can pick a location here. So let's go Phoenix, Arizona, just for fun. So we say, okay, let's find a commercial roofing company in Phoenix, Arizona.

Give that a second and start to bring in our results here. There we go. Okay. So I'm looking for commercial roofing companies, and I found these ones, and it looks like there's plenty of them. The good thing about searching for a commercial company is that you're going to have a group of people that now can use this tool at a much higher level. A commercial roofing company is going to charge a lot more. So if you're repairing the roof for a homeowner, maybe your price is $2,000, $5,000, whatever it might be to repair that roof. Whereas if you're doing a commercial roof, it might be $25,000 or $50,000. So if you're presenting this tool to a commercial company, their value is much higher, which makes your sale a lot easier. Okay, so that's step one. If you haven't got a client already, focusing in the commercial space allows you to choose the clients you go after. And if you choose commercial clients, you'll have a lot better success. But I understand that there's a lot of cases where we're talking roofers, but we might be talking chiropractors, or we might be talking physical therapists, or we might be talking landscaping gardeners or window cleaners.

We might be talking any business. So step one, if we can find commercial, great. But what if they're not a commercial client? What if they're a window cleaner and we need to find them clients? How do we use the tool? So I'm going to show you two things. Number one, we got asked that question a lot. So the first thing I'm going to show you is how to answer that question. And in fact, for everybody on the call here, and I think Ebony, hi, how are you doing? You just brought everybody over from... Hi. Yeah, I'm sorry. And I'm sorry for my exasperated look. I just got back, maybe it was something. I just wanted to say hi and make sure my crew was here. Yeah. So everybody just come on over from the onboarding. Welcome, guys. Our Q&A running every single day. So as you can see from our team here, we've got Matthew with his hand up and Dora there as well. If you've got a question, just use the reactions bar down the bottom and raise your hand. Welcome, everyone. The first thing I'm going to show you, and this is for everyone on the call, how do we answer some questions?

Let me show you this. Inside of your dashboard, which is here, so we've got your main app. White label suite dashboard. If you come to training and resources here on the left, you'll find all of our membership training. And you guys are probably seeing this already. Level one, level two, level three, we're helping you get set up. But what you might not have noticed is down the right-hand corner, this little pop up that says, need a hand. I'm going to show you two things, Thomas. Number one, I'm going to show you where to find answers. And then number two, I'm going to do a quick search for you. So if I look at something here, the question that you asked was, how does that roofing company find their own clients? And if they're B2C, that's a question that we answer a lot. Come on over here and just type the words B2C and do a search. And then we can say B2C strategies and sales philosophy. How can we create B2C lead opportunities? There we go. That's a good one. This is a recording of a video that we did on a Q&A call just like this.

And we showed people how they can search for B2C. So I want to show you that this little tool down the bottom here, this need a hand button has got all of our previous answers on it. And it's a great way, it's a great resource to pop in and ask questions. So now I've shown you where to find answers, and that's for everyone on the call. Now I'll answer the question specifically for you. When you're doing B2C, there's a couple of different strategies. Number one, we talk about finding aligned companies that can help you. So if I'm a roofing contractor, what about if I created a relationship with real estate agents? So I might do my first search and be real estate agents. Why? Well, if I come in here and look for real estate, again, I'm using Phoenix, Arizona, because I know that Ebony is heading off to Phoenix very soon. If I look for real estate agents in the particular location I'm looking for, if I'm a roofing company, I could reach out to real estate companies and introduce myself. Hi, my name is, I run the local roofing company. If any of your clients, tenants, people who are selling the house need a hand, here's my details.

I can do that with real estate agents. I can do that with all the other home services. I could do that with concrete and companies, landscaping companies, window cleaning companies. So method number one for B2C is actually creating strategic relationships. Method number two for B2C is reaching out to local businesses and making a special offer. Now, here's what this looks like. So let's say that I'm a roofing company in Phoenix, Arizona. Or actually, if I look in Phoenix, I might choose a suburb. So let's say I'm in Mesa or Gilbert. So I could look for businesses around Gilbert, and I could go, Let's find all of the elementary schools in Gilbert. Why would that be a good search? Let's go. Gilbert, Arizona. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to find a list of schools. How is that going to help me? Let me show you. So we say, Okay, here are the elementary schools in Gilbert, Arizona, and there's plenty of them. We could find plenty of schools, plenty of hospitals, plenty of first responders, plenty of accountants, plenty of everything, right? How does that help me? What you want to do is is reach out to these schools and make a special offer to that school for their staff and parents.

I've chosen schools because they have a big network of people. They have 100 staff, and collectively, they might have 5,000 parents. Well, if I can get an introduction to that school, then we can do some good business. So method number two for using B2C is reaching out to big businesses that have a big reach and making a special offer. So how's that special offer look? For the team at Mesquite Elementary School, my name is, and I run the local roofing company in blah, blah, blah. Because you're a staff member at this particular school, and I believe in supporting our local community, I'd like to make your staff a special offer of 20 % off their roof repair. If you'd like to also add this note in your upcoming newsletter, I'll extend that special offer out to all of the parents of your students. Now, will every single school put your link in their newsletter? Absolutely not. But some will. And that's what you're looking for. You're looking for the ones that say, Oh, that sounds like a really nice thing to do for our local community. Yes. So let's hit schools, let's hit hospitals, let's hit companies that have big staff reaches.

Hit the shopping centres. Hit people that have got a big staff and that have got a reach into their network as well. And again, you're just looking, if you can get one school that has a reach of 5000, wow, what an email to be able to send. So, Thomas, two answers to that question. Number one, reach out to partners that can help your companies get their own leads coming in, create partnerships for them. And method number two, reach out to local businesses and make a special offer.



Thank you all.

You're welcome anytime. And guys, let me click.

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