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Week notched 88,000 members of her online community. Starc od, the legendary star. How are you?

Hi. Thank you so much, guys.

Eighty eight thousand. Wow. That's impressive. Well done.

Thanks. So I have a basic question, if I can share my screen.

It's about... Yeah, absolutely. Please do. Okay, cool.

Basically what I've done is I changed my strategy and I went after a different audience. So I have 680 here tagged as a beauty. I do want to add them all to a workflow and Drips at the same time, but I want to make sure I set that up right because before we were just dropping them every day, but now I want to drop them all. So I don't want to do it wrong. And also we have an email. We work our way up to 40 a day, June 23rd, and then we haven't emailed since. So can I move into 50 or do.

I have to do 50? Yeah, 100 %. No problems at all. No problem at all. If you haven't emailed for a year, you need to re warm it up again. But if you have an email for a week, you're good.

No problem. Okay, cool. I'm going to select all of these and I'm going to go ahead and add them into the 20 Leads workflow.

Look how quick you're navigating through this star. So good to see.

I'll get stuck after this because I just want to make sure I'm not...

Hang on a second. So we just did that in one hit. So now click on OK. That's okay. Click on OK. Go to bulk actions up the top. Click on cancel. Oh, 37 % of them have gone out already. That's okay. That may be, as I said, navigating through quickly, that may be a danger. Now, what's just happened is you've probably just emailed 300 people, which is fine. You're not going to have any troubles. Let's do this again.

They're laughing.

No, let's do this again. And I'm curious to know, is your 20 Leads campaign... There you go. Right now, there's a whole bunch of people that just got the email. Again, no problem at all. Is your 20 Leads campaign set up to allow multiple or is it set up to not allow multiple? So in other words, if we added these same people, will the ones that have already been added to the campaign be allowed to go through it again or will they be turned off?

I don't remember.

Let's go and check. So let's go to automations.


Now, guys, what Star just did, and I said it's no problem, is because she's warmed up her email address. She's been sending out 30, 40 emails per day and she just sent out 300. It's no big deal. If you do that on day one, you're going to raise some red flags. But you've done that after a four week process of slowly building up, you're not going to have any trouble. So no drama at all. Let's jump into this one and let's go to the settings. Let's go to the Settings and let's go to down a little bit. Sorry, it's right up. They've changed this one already. Allow Reentry is turned off. Great. That means we can go back and do what we should have done. And the ones that have already been added won't get re added, which is fine. What we might want to do now after that 250 blast through is start the next step in, let's say, three days. Let's select them all again. Go to our little robot. All right, now, click on.

I see I was going way.

Too fast. There you go. I could see your proficiency, but there was that little step that we missed. What we did before was add all at once. We've seen the impact of that. That's okay. Now, we're going to do this. Let's call this beauty drip just to separate it out. Beauty drip. Now, because we've got that 250 that are going through, let's start this one in, let's say, three days from now. Perfect. Good choice. Monday. And start at whatever time of day. No problem. Now, how quickly do you want to send out star?

Slowly throughout the day.

So you want all 600 to get it during the day, or do you want that 600 to get over a period of three or four days? What's your preference?

I'm sorry, those 600, I'm only sending 40 or 50 people a day now.

Perfect. Okay, cool. Awesome. So we want to do 40 per day many. So batch quantity is 40. Repeat every day. So one day.


Repeat after one day. There we go. And turn off the weekends is, again, personal choice for me. All right.

And Yeah, seven times ten minutes, fine. Okay. So do I need to start an end time as well?

Yeah. So when you're doing a drip like this, if you choose eight AM, for example, and end at midday, there we go. Because there's only 40 in this batch, 40 of them will send at 8 AM.


You can change that. So if we want to send 40 a day, let's be smart about it. Let's send 10 an hour between the hours of eight and 12. Yeah?

Oh, I see what you're saying. Okay.

So let's make our batch quantity 10.


So 10 every 1 hour. There we go. And start from eight and finish at... Now the time becomes your speed. So let's finish at 12 30 because that will give us 8 AM, nine AM, 10 AM, 11 AM, and 12. That'll give us 50 per day actually. So you might want to finish it at 11.30 AM. Now why 11.30? Because they'll send it eight, they'll send it nine, they'll send it 10, they'll send it 11, and then it'll stop.

Okay. Now that I set this up and I go and pull another 100 leads, am I adding it? I would add it to a new workflow? Yes.

You would add it to a new workflow.

So this will not end for I wonder how many days?

Yes. So maths, if we're doing 40...

Okay, got you.

So you're looking at... What are we talking about? 15 days, which is three weeks because you're only sending five days a week. So you've got three weeks worth of 40 per day right now. So the next group of five, six, seven hundred, whatever it might be, will need to start in three weeks from now.

Okay. So I'll just be good to go for three weeks and just pulling leads, but I won't really add them. Okay, so add to campaign workflow. We're good to check that now.

So let's just double check. Six hundred and seven people are going to be added to that specific campaign at the rate of 10 per hour, 4 hours per day, starting on Monday, July 10th, looks good to me. If you're comfortable, click the button.

Okay. I'm going to change the end date just to be a little safe. Yeah, cool. Okay, I'm sorry. Okay, so I'll add them in.


I'll be back here in three weeks.


I add a question into that same conversation?


Do. Since you had 1,500 leads in there or names in there, does it make a difference if you were to say start the campaign at 9 AM and ended at 5 PM and did one email per minute? Yeah, absolutely. So you get to them all in one day or two days?

Yeah. Once you've warmed up your email account, you can send mess. I've built up to 50... I think at one stage I had 56,000 on my email. Email list. And because I'd been emailing consistently for years, I was literally able to hit send on 56,000 in bulk, literally. Done. Because my email system had been, I guess, warmed up to that point. So if you've done the warm up properly, if you've been emailing for a month, like Star has done, you've built up that email cadence slowly, then you can increase the speed. Now, guys, please hear me. We say to people, don't ever go more than 50 per day on a marketing email campaign because we know you're not going to listen to us. We know you're going to go, Walt's not watching. He can't see me. Wind the dial up to 100. Nobody's... You're going to do it. I've done it myself. I've got away with it. But many haven't. So at some point, you're going to get a blacklist. You are. And you either need to walk away from that domain or you need to go through the blacklist delisting process, which is not a big deal, but you need to do it.

But if you've been doing this for a little while... Yes, sorry, you're exactly right. 300 already went out, so they won't go through again. You can start your next campaign in two weeks rather than three. Yes, absolutely. So if you've been emailing for a while, hitting Send on 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 is no problem so long as your email account has been used to deliver that level of volume. In terms of speed, though, Ron, do I just hit 10,000 and go, or is it better to send one a minute for 10 hours a day? That's 600. I would suggest you do the one a minute, 10 hours a day. I just think it's more of a natural flow than 10,000 in one hit. Yanesh, what email software? Go high level, man. We teach that if you send... This is a warm up process. When we're starting to do our marketing, you send 10 per day to cold email, 10 emails per day, not more. So we're starting that process by mailing 10 per day for one week. In week two, we mail 20 per day. In week three, we mail 30 per day. In week four, we mail 40 per day.

And after that, you can ratchet up to 50 per day and you maintain that level. 50 per day, five days a week is 250 in a week. Four weeks in a month is 1,000 cold connections every single month. That's why our member level is what it is. So use Guy High level. There's lots of people that have suggested other software, email warm up software specifically. I've never, ever used it, but not saying that it's not good. I've just simply used go high level to do it.

Well, in reference to sending email, if you're using... For Gmail has a maximum of 150. Icloud has 1,000 per day. And if someone has been signed up for domain and they just want an SMTP email set up, which I did for this person we were just talking about, they're using icloud, and icloud seems to have 1,000 per day. We're not sending 1,000 per day, but if you're not using a domain and you're just setting up an SMTP email, do you still recommend the 10 a week for the first week and then 20 for the second week?

Yeah, I do. And it's annoying and it's completely... It's so frustrating up until you get past that first four weeks. And after that, it's just bliss. We've seen so many people try and just go, Gmail, Outlook, whatever, a thousand a day, sweet as... Oh, damn. Three days later, I'm blacklisted. What?

Yeah, but if we're all agencies that send out emails, why can't we just have our own domain that we're sending out emails from?

Please do not. Red flashing light, warning, claxon sounding, bells and alarms. You're an agency that's been sending out emails. Absolutely amazing. Thing, please do not ever send cold emails from your own domain. Please, please, please, please, please do not. Why? Because Comets Week, we've been emailing forever. Great. No worries at all. And if I start now turning on cold email and even if I do it properly, somewhere along the line, I get a blacklist. Now, it might happen suddenly I can't send invoices. I can't send out my newsletters to my clients. Literally, every client communication is going to a spam folder. My entire business tanks. Do not send cold email from your primary email account. Do not. If your business is abcagency. Com, go and register abcagency. Net. Co. I o. There's so many other extensions. Put a hyphen in it, abc hyphenagency. Com, and send your cold email from a non company orientated email account. The value of your domain is far in excess of $10 per year that it will cost you for a new domain. Do not, do not, do not, do not. Warning, red clicks and big sirens, red flashing lights.

Does that answer the question, Ron? I hope.

I've said that well enough. No, I gave it to you to put that out there because you're absolutely right.

No, absolutely. It's not worth it and do not do it for your clients. If you register for a $10 domain per year and that domain gets blacklisted, you say to your client, oh, well, let's get another one. But if their primary domain gets blacklisted, they don't say, oh, well to you. They come after you with a legal letter. It's not worth it. Cool. Dora, thank you so much. Hopefully that answers those questions. And so sorry, that was Star. Thank you, Star. Hopefully that's helpful for you. All right, cool, guys.

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