Setting Up Snapshots on Subaccounts and Mailing from Subaccounts with White Label Suite

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Doing great. A little under the weather, so hopefully you can hear my voice clearly.

Loud and clear. You got the radio and answer voice on. All good. I do.

Have a radio background. Nice. So in the WLS, actually, let's start from GHL because I'm new there. Now that I've got multiple offerings, is it advisable to put your snapshot in a separate sub account and each snapshot in a separate sub account other than the agency? Because it's filling up with lots of stuff and I foresee issues happening down the line.

Yeah, definitely. And something that I've come across a lot is you're so excited to drop your snapshots in and see what's in it and it gets messy. It's like, oh, damn. Now I've got 15 first name fields. And which one does it actually look at when I'm looking at my custom values? The cleanest and easiest way is to literally create a sub account, drop the snapshot in so you can explore it. I have a demo account which I am completely full of trash. It's just everything gets in there just to check it out and see what's going on. I would suggest putting it into a separate sub account. In terms of the 23 Leads campaign, there's a few snapshots that go together. I would install from the members area, the 23 Leads, the Client Fulfillment snapshot, and the Fast Sales snapshot, the Bonus Fast Sales Snapshot, can all go into your agency account because they work together. 23 Leads has that initial outreach. The Client Fulfillment Snapshot will then allow you to create an email campaign to go out to leads that come in. And the Fast Sales Snapshot has got a landing page and a splash page for your leads program.

Those three can go in together. But all of the others, yeah, pop them into sub account so you can check them out. Otherwise, it just gets full of mess.

Right. And by multiple offerings, I mean, I've got different offerings than WLS. So the agency SNAP snapshot. And then there's some other things I got for my affiliate. So if we've got a main sub account as the agency, if those other snapshots are in separate sub accounts, can I just create basically the agency again? Is that going to work or do I have to create a new number and all that stuff for things to work?

No, you can use the same one. So you can create multiple sub accounts and connect the same number, connect the same email system, connect.

The same.

Okay, great.

Yeah, no problem. Great. Okay. Question number two real quick. So I've got leads. C omments suite. Com, and then I've got leads.myagency. Com. So I've created two, I guess, from the training you say to start off with the Comet suite, but I really don't need that anymore, right? It's just going to be our basic.

No, exactly. If you've got your own A name record on your own domain and brand, you're good. Nothing else needed.

Okay, cool. Next one with the cold email. Would you advise, as you ramp up, to create maybe two or three domains, almost like an instantly does to send out 50 emails per domain per day, eventually?

100 %. So Star's question, following up from her conversation before, was, what's the maximum? And I replied, 100 ever per domain. So we internally, as a company, we send from five different domains right now. So we are sending multiple domains, but we're sending them to the same landing page. So we're sending from... What do we got? Cometsuite Connection. Com, CometSuiteMail. Com, CometSuitePartners. Com, CometSuite commentsuite. Io, CometSuite. Co. So we are sending from multiple domains because when you're getting started, it's like, does this work? And then as you're getting results, you're going, Wow, this works. Okay, cool. How can I scale this up? And the temptation is to just go, Well, let's just turn the dial up to 100 per date. No. Businesses, business emails, we want to seem natural. Businesses don't send that volume. Now, what I said before was, after you've been doing it for a while, you want to do a broadcast out to your 10,000 customers or your 10,000 people on your on your newsletter list? No problems at all. But if you try and do that from a cold system, you're going to get blacklisted. So we send from five different domains, personally, internally.

And for our larger clients, that's part of the setup that we do with them. So when we're selling a larger package... So let me start. When we sell 1,000 leads a month, we sell that with one domain, one account, one set up, away we go. But when we get up to 2,000 and 5,000 leads when we're selling them to businesses, we include as part of the value stack on the sales page, this includes three separate domains that we'll be sending your marketing emails from. So we do that for our larger clients. We invite you to do that for yourself as well. To ramp up the volume, the best and safest way is to have multiple sending domains. Got you.

And then so each domain is going to be a separate sub account, basically.

Correct. Yes, absolutely. Now, all of those separate sub accounts all point back to the same landing page. So the emails in every single sub account, they all go back to my central hub where I really want my customers to come into and get the follow ups and the sales teams on the call. They all point back to a central landing page, but we send them from the spokes of the wheel, if that makes sense.

Got it. Okay. And real quick, last question. Is there a way to adjust the color on your platform? Right now it's purple. Are we able to do some trickery or CSS to change that to match your brand?

Not at the moment. We were blue and white and we've tried to be neutral as much as we can. We are looking at a set, at a color system, but at the moment it is what it is, but we are working on it.

Perfect. Thanks for your help, Walt.

Love and. No worries, Jamie. Great to see you, man. I hope you feel better soon. Thank you so much for.

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