Targeting Leads by Gender and Lead Generation with Two Level Campaigns

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Good to see you. Thanks for.

Jumping in. Excited to be here. First week, so lovely answers. So far, I've enjoyed totally.


Quick question, though. So far, I've been working with coaches and consultants. I'm looking to get into local businesses as well. But with coaches specifically, what's the angle? Let's say relationship coaches, is there a specific angle you would recommend how to approach women with the relationship issues or couples with relationship issues and stuff?

Great question. We actually had a coach in the UK, and she was a specialist empowering females as a coach. That was her course, her teaching. So she would work with women in business and she would help them overcome some of the blocks that they face. So we created the campaign driven specifically to that market. So there was two ways that we did that. Number one, we talked about... So we created this level one, level two campaign. Level one, a female in business is exactly the right person, we know that we've absolutely hit that mark. And how did we create that? We actually came into the people search and specifically looked for keywords. So I'm going to grab a people search here. Let me grab that one there. And this is the search that we did. You can actually still see it in my history. Female founders of tech startups. And in fact, we were looking in London. And we go, okay, female founders of tech startups. Now we have Julia, Christina, Gabriella, Iria, Anishka, Amali. We're in the right space. We're hitting the females. How else can we do this? This is what we call the level one campaign.

And in fact, we do this with CEOs as well. So I can come into the people search and I can look for CEOs and I can find the CEOs. I know that I'm hitting the right people. That's level one. Right people, right industries, gold level campaign hits in. But what if I wanted to be more broad in the way that I'm doing that? Specifically, if I'm looking for in the female space or looking for a gender specifically, and again, I don't want to get into gender arguments on the call. I'm looking for either predominantly females or predominantly males. I have to think about which industries are naturally attracted to that gender. So if we're looking for females, I always think about retail, I think about childcare, I think about schools and nurses. So I'm trying to think about how can I reach a higher chance of getting to the female demographic by choosing those industries. And this is what we call a level two or B level campaign. So level one, I know my client, I've got my client on the screen, I can see exactly who I'm going to reach out to. Boom, gold, level one.

But my level two is a little bit different. So we go level two, I'm looking for retail, as the example was Sonny. So I'm looking for retailers. Again, I'm going to stick with Phoenix because it's on my screen. Let's find anybody who's in retail because, again, I know that I've got a good chance of that being the better demographic. So now I've got retail, Desert Sky Mall, outlets, North Phoenix, Nile or Never, Phoenix General, Last Chance Clearance Store, Shops at Naterra. I've got retailers. Now, if I send my campaign out, will I get to a female in business? Well, maybe, maybe not. So this is what we call the level two campaign. So now what I need to do is invite whoever receives this email to forward it on to the right person. And again, if you're trying to reach the CEO or you're trying to reach the CMO, the marketing officer, or you're trying to reach someone specific, I can use my people search and I can say, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, level one. These are my right people. And then I come across to my industry search and I go, Okay, whoever gets this email may or may not be the right person, so I need to invite them to forward it.

So this is how this campaign looks. To the team at outlets, North Phoenix. Nortphenicetlets. Com. I'm trying to reach your CEO founder. My name is and I specialize in relationship coaching for business owners. Could you please forward this on to the right person? And then this is the key that worked for me. Again, please test this. But when we've done this campaign before, this next phrase really helped. In the email, I said, Please forward this on to you. And in brackets, what I said was, They will thank you for it. Now, psychologically, what happens is somebody gets this email and you're saying, can you please forward this on? And the person who's getting that is an entry level worker. They're just like, yeah, cool, whatever. I send it on. But somebody who's a receptionist might go, I'm not going to forward this on. That little phrase, they will thank you for it. They go, I'll get praise. It's a psychological thing that just caused a bump in our response. So take it, use it. So for a relationship coach, number one, I would target their most successful case studies. In other words, I'm a relationship coach.

Amazing. Tell me about the last three people that you worked with. Oh, well, the last one, he was a finance planner and busy at work. Whatever. Amazing. So now I'm going to create a campaign for finance planners talking about the stress that that job creates in relationships and such in my case study. Who was your next one? Well, they were a first responder working shift work and the strain on the relationship. Cool. Let's go out, do a campaign to first responders. So whenever I've got a tough, how do I find find the clients for this specific person question in front of me? I always revert to who was the last person you worked with? Tell me, take the last 5, 10 people that you worked with, let me create campaigns that touch that Avatar. Because if you can tell me that your last client was a first responder, guess what? My next campaign is going to be all about first responders. If you can tell me that your last campaign was your last successful client that you worked with and happened to be a roof painter, then cool, I'm going to do home services and I'm going to reach out to that Avatar.

If you can work with a client and you're struggling to think, how will I get leads for this client? The very best question you can ask is, tell me about your last customer. Tell me about your last client and they'll tell you, Great, write it down. Who else have you worked with? Tell me about your most successful customer. Who's the best success story that you've ever had, Mr. Business Coach? Oh, the best success story was this guy. He worked in finance. Go ahead. Let's build a campaign all around that specific industry and niche. And that way, you can really target in. As a coach, the comment you're going to come up against, Ganesh, is I work with everyone. I'm a relationship coach. Everyone's got relationships. Cool, that may well be true. But if we focus on your successes in the past, then A, you've got an easy way to reach those people, and B, you already can tell the story. If I try to reach everyone, then my stories might just bounce off the surface. But if I have a story about a roof painter whose business stress caused problems about the relationship, then the window cleaner and the landscaper are going to relate to that.

So f you can tell me who your success stories are, I'll build campaigns reaching forward to duplicate that into your next group. Does that help, Kanesh?

Certainly. That was really helpful. Thank you.

Awesome. Great. You're welcome. Follow up question? Go for it, man.

I've set up my leads. Authorityz en. Com, the white level thing. It's showing insecure. I am sure I may have missed something.

Where do you set up your DNA records? Have you got it on Cloudflare or are you using GoDaddy or Namecheap or something like that?

It's just my DSL host.

Okay, cool. That's the reason. You need... If you use Cloudflare to manage your DNA names, which is free, Cloudflare automatically assigns a secure certificate on subdomains as well. But if you haven't got Cloudflare, you need to get an SSL certificate from your host specifically that mentions that subdomain. It's not expensive. I think it's like, I don't know, 10 or 20 bucks for the year or something like that. But you need to get an SSL certificate specifically that includes that subdomain. We use Cloudflare because it's included and it's free. That's just a simpler way to go. But if you're using your own hosting system, you'll need to get an SSL certificate set up and installed that includes that subdomain. Thank you so much, Jonny. You're welcome, guys. You're welcome. All right, guys, I'm going to wrap our Q&A for Wednesday. Thank you so much for joining me. Don't forget that just because this call ends doesn't mean our help ends. Support. Whitelablesuite. Com, whitelablesuite. Com support. We'll get you to our support desk. The team is on stand by all the time. The group is there to ask questions. The Q&As are on every single day and we love working with you guys.

I'm going to head across to the Master class, which is whitelablesuite. Com master class. We're about halfway through, but of course, that's being recorded as well. I look forward to seeing you guys on our next call. Thanks so much for joining me, everyone. Thanks for taking the extra time out. Hey, no worries. Great to see you. Thanks, honey. Cheers. Bye.

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