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Pretty good. Thank you. I think I just have a couple of short answer questions. Myself and my agency business partner, we brand new white label clients, and we jumped on the onboarding, but it was a few steps further than what we had set up and whatnot. So I guess one short answer, the first question is short answer, any quick guidance on where I should start? And then the second, which I think you can just handle right after that is, we both thought we had seen from where we would purchase that there were snapshots that came as part of the... But when I got in there, logged in and started looking around, it looked like they were all for purchase. So could you just clear that up for me then too?

Thank you. Yeah, definitely. Dr. Matthew, did you pick up the annual package with us during our special offer there?

I think so. If that was the recent promotion, that's real recently we just got it. He handled the actual transaction, so maybe...

Okay, we can check that out for you. But let's answer those questions. I've just dropped two links into the chat. Take a note of those links and I'm just going to open those up. First of all, welcome. I know that it's overwhelming. I know that it's a lot, but there's a real simple one, two, three process for making this work. Step number one, so before I do the share screen thing here, guys, it's one, two, three. One, get leads for yourself. Get them coming into your system. Bring those in, create activity in your business. That's step number one. So bring leads in for yourself is step one. Step two, use those leads to then reach out to your ideal clients and make them an offer to get them interested in doing business with you. And the offer that we put in front of you is 20 free leads. That's the one that blew up our agency. When we started offering people 20 free leads, our calendars just booked out. So we make that available as a snapshot. So that's what we're inviting you to offer out to your clients. Hey, Mr. Client, come and get 20 free leads.

Great. Get on my calendar. Now I can present to you and do the thing. So step one, get your leads. Step two, make an offer. Now, we suggest the 20 free leads, but it doesn't have to be. If you're an SEO agency or you're doing Facebook advertising or you're doing web design, whatever it is that you do, and that's your offer, great. So get your leads, make an offer. And step three, fulfill. What do I mean by fulfill? If somebody wants to buy from you, then fulfill that promise. Makes sense, right? What we talk about is, if they have 20 free leads, we present to them, we show them GHL, we show them the lead generation system, and then we fulfill. We deliver that with a sub account, we deliver that with a leads account, and we deliver that with a snapshot so that they've got their whole mailing system set up. So that's the one, two, three. There's a lot to it, but don't overcomplicate it. Those are the three steps to get up and running. And those are the three steps that we do for every client as an agency. We get them leads, we use those leads to make an offer out to the public, and then once we have the sale, we fulfill and we deliver what our business does best.

This is the one, two, three. Then I want to show you what I just put into the chat group there. Let me share my screen again. That first link is the one you would have seen directly after purchase. So this is whitelablesuite. Com next steps. Good looking guy on this page, really welcomes you there. Don't know who that guy is, but I'm just mashing guy. No, just kidding. So this is just welcome to the page. And then it says, your next steps, 10 minutes to complete, and we click on each step to open. So this is the fast way of getting started. Number one, connect your lead system to the GHR. And you can see as I open that up, it's literally talking about you've got your leads program, how to get it connected, how to make sure that that's bringing in leads for your system. Next, connect the API key. So cool. Once you've got the leads program in your GHL dashboard, then we want the API program, which means now I'm searching and my leads are showing up in my GHL account. Great. Happy days. Set up a test campaign and run a search.

How to use the leads program. And then let's get your sales coming in immediately is a social media post that you can use that a lot of our members have used this exact post to go out and get bookings in their calendar before they've even learned the system. What we want to do is help you make sales. Remember that. That's the only reason we're here. So we want you to take this social media post which you can download and you can post it up onto your socials. Hey, I've got a new leads tool. Come and get 20 leads for free. Ask me how. And so that's step four. And then step five, jump into the members area and register for an onboarding. Okay, that's where I want to take you next because that's the second link that I just dropped for you guys there. So the next steps has got those five immediate ways to get using the program. Get it up and running, get it connected, run a search, and start some appointments being booked into your calendar. Cool. The next thing is our members area. So when we go into our members area, which is that second link that I just posted there for you, it will take you into our dashboard here.

Actually, I just just drop the members, which will take you to the screen that looks like this one. You can access from both places. So let me drop the other one in there as well. It's app. Whitelablesuite. Com. And this is where you'll also have your access this. Let me grab that and post that here as well. App. White label suite. Com. And yes, I can see those questions in the chat box there. So you'll be here in this members area. And your question then, Dr. Matthew was, Quick start. How do I get going? How do I get using it? Well, after you've done those next steps, your training and resources section is your best friend. Training and resources section. In here, you will find members area level 1. In level 1 is the first snapshot of our offering. So this is getting started, getting connected, walking you through some basics, getting you connected with the software, connecting your API key, getting those searches done, and the 20 free leads snapshot. That's in here, talks about how to set it up and how to get yourself up and running. So that's snapshot number one is in level one.

Snapshot number two is in level two. And I think snapshot number three is here as well. So also in here is how to do a demo, how to present this system to a customer. You're a client. Launching your campaigns, conducting a sales call, delivering to the client. And guess what? In the delivery is the client snapshot as well. So here's snapshot number two, installing the client snapshot. So once they buy from you, remember I said there's only three steps, get leads, make an offer and fulfill. This is the fulfillment. So this is the client snapshot is here. And there's another snapshot, which is your tutorial videos. So once you sell this program to someone one, the easiest way to support it is give them all the tutorial videos so that they can get in and learn the program for themselves. And all of those tutorial videos are right here in a snapshot as well. So what's the fastest way to get started with this program? Follow those next steps. Get in, get using it, get yourself connected and start running leads. Get the snapshots from level one, level two. Level one helps you make the offer.

It's 20 free leads. You can drive people to those pages. The tutorials there show you exactly how to set up that snapshot, what's included, etc. So get your leads, get them coming into a special offer. And then once you've made a sale, how to fulfill. All the other levels here have got different bonuses and nice cool stuff is there as well. So level three talks like advanced sales training, cold email techniques, lots of cool stuff in there. There's the bonus fast sales snapshot, that one's there as well. So that would actually help you get up and running quickly. And there's a whole bunch more in this system as well. So jump in here and you'll find all of the tools. But next steps, get leads, get them in, make an offer and fulfill. That's our step one, two, three program. Dr. Matthew, does that help?

Thank you. It does.

All right, man. Cool. And don't forget, guys, we do have live Q&A five days a week, not weekends, but you can always jump on a Q&A. And this page is worth bookmarking. This is white labelsuite. Com office hours, like that, office hours. Whitelablesuite. Com office hours. Bookmark that page. When you come to that page, you'll see, this is the page here, you'll see all of the times for our Q&A calls. And you can grab the links at any stage. It also says book in. Now, you don't need to book to come and attend the Q&A. But if you do book, you get the benefit of going and goes into your calendar, sends you a reminder, all of that cool stuff that stops us forgetting things. So you don't need to book if you've just got this and it's Tuesday, you're like, oh, when's today's Q&A? Just come to the page, jump onto the Tuesday call. Sweet and happy. Anytime you can attend as many Q&A's as you want to. So yeah, bookmark that one. And again, I mentioned this before, but it's a really important point to mention. From a white label sweet point of view, we only win as a company when you do.

We help you make sales, that helps us. That grows our business. So all of our team is here and in place to specifically help you guys make sales. Come and ask us questions, attend the master classes, get into the group. Yeah, we're just excited to work with you guys. So Dr. Matthew, thanks, man. I appreciate the question. Awesome. All right, let me click on.

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