20 Free Leads - Missing 5th Custom Value and Stop Sending on Reply

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Good to see you.

Good. How are you doing? Well, good to see you too.

Thanks so much for jumping on, man.

Thank you. I was going through the set up yesterday for the funnels, and I was going through the custom values that we had to configure in the beginning. On the video, it has five steps for those custom values that you need to fill out. I had the snapshot imported and everything like that, and it's missing the fifth step. I don't know if that was just something that is...

Is that the opt out link?

Yeah, the unsubcribed global.

Yeah. So what's happened? The good thing there is that GHL updated that for us. So when we created that snapshot, and let me just shoot across to our GHL account. When we created that snapshot, GHL didn't have an opt out link or an opt out option. And so to stay compliant, we put that on everybody's snapshot. We were like, if you're going to send out emails, you absolutely need to have an opt out link for compliance and all that stuff. So we put that on everybody's snapshot. But a couple of months ago, GHL themselves released an update that includes that on every sub account. So now when you have your your GL options, if you come down... So this is our primary account. This is my Comet Suite account. Come down to Settings, and in your business settings on the right-hand side is one that says something like, unless they've moved it, somewhere is... They may have even removed it as an option now because it is needed.

I know what you're talking about. I think it might be under my profile or something like that.

Maybe it's a company billing somewhere there. Somewhere is an option. It might even be under your agency settings. I know I've seen it. We've got it turned on, but I can't remember where it is. Somewhere here is opt out. I can't find it. I can't put my finger on it. But I think they might have even just made it compulsory for every email that goes out. The reason, Jack, is that we put it in there so everybody could stay compliant, and then GHL added it as a blanket thing. So it's like, Cool, don't need that one anymore. Happiness, skip that one on your custom values.

Got you. My got a second part to that. I was also setting up the the automations for the 23 leads emails and stuff like that. I was just curious. They didn't have anything in there for if the potential client responded. It looks like it just has the email day one, way today, email mail day two. And I was just wondering why that is or if something else would be taking those clients out of the workflow.

Really great question. Absolutely. So the reason that's there, and this is our 23 Leads sub account, the one that we created that snapshot from, in the automations themselves. So if we come into the automations and we come here, here's the email series that we're talking about. So this email series, email, wait a day, email, way today, email, wait a day opt out. In the settings, and this is a default thing in every automation, in the settings of that automation, this is ticked by default. So literally, whenever you start a new automation, this one is already in place. Stop on response. So what that means is if anybody replies, the automation will just stop. Got you. That one is part of the native settings of the automations. You can turn that off, of course, if you want people to continue to get the emails, but that is set up by default.

Got you. Awesome. Thank you so much.

Great So good to see you, man. And again, Jack, awesome to have you with us on a call. Make sure to come on to as many Q&A's as you ever need. We're live every day, so happy to help in every way. Guys, we often say this on webinars. Our entire business depends on your success. So we are literally, the entire team, we've got 20 staff now, which makes my eyes water when we see our monthly wage bill. But our entire team is dedicated to your success. We only win if you do. So come on to Q&A's, ask as many questions as you like. We are here to help you guys make sales. Why does that work? The more successful you are, the more successful we are. If you're making sales and you're making sales of White Label Suite and the licenses, we're making sales along with that. So our team is there to help and guide and support in any way that we possibly can. Use the resource. We love to be part of what you guys are doing. So cool. Thank you, Jack. Great to have you with us, man. Thank you.

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