Breakthrough! Lead Generation for Go High Level Agencies

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So I'll just shoot this up on YouTube. I was talking to my business partner Chris last night, and we were saying that the 23 Leads, what we talk about with our system is obviously use the Leads tool to run the leads, offer leads, and get people booked into your calendar. And when we looked back at our history, what we also did was we used the Leads tool to create custom audiences on Facebook. And we ran the same thing. So we emailed out, of course. And also took the leads that we generated from our targeted search and then we created a custom audience on Facebook. And then I think it was like eight or nine dollars a day, we were also offering that 20 free leads to that custom audience on Facebook. And the combination of the two people getting the email and seeing the ad, the calendar bookings were going straight from a Facebook ad into a lead form booking into the calendar. That was our massive pivot. So yeah, offering 20 free leads to businesses, I can't think of a business on the planet that doesn't need more customers. That's what businesses are for.

And for us, the 20 free leads was definitely the big hook that worked.

That's brilliant. I'm going to definitely integrate the follow up sequence that you mentioned through retargeting once I get the first few clients underway, but Yeah. Fantastic. But that's something I'm definitely going to do. So thank you for reminding me about that. And then I promise I'm not going to monopolize this call, but I just have a quick question.

Go for it.

And that is, I remember a while back you were saying you were offering, before you guys got super busy that you were going to do a custom white label demo video for the agency. I don't know whether you're still doing that.

We do, but it's a charge service now. So we offered that when we're literally just opening the doors and getting a few people through the doors and we got a little bit swamped with it. I think I ended up doing 100 custom videos in the first two weeks. And at that point, we went, Okay, this is something there. So we have a white label... We actually... Am I still sharing my screen? No. We have a white label sales demo video. So I'm just trying to think where it is. White label sales video is... It's either level one or level two. I think it's level two. So there is a... I think it's a six or seven minute video. There we go. White label sales demo. So this video is something that you can just simply put onto your page. It's completely unbranded. It talks through the process. So the process of what the system does generates leads, emails, follows up, that stuff. So it's a really nicely packaged video. So it's non branded, but it works for everyone. If you do want your own custom branded video, you can go to whitelablesuite. Com store, and we do offer that as a paid service.

So you can come down and do... One of mine is done for you. Here we go. Custom branded sales video. So we can actually do one in your brand if you want to. So we either do a short hype video, which is just a 60 second, Hey, everyone, this is how it works. This is what we do. The branded sales video, which is in your dashboard, in your frame. Or we can do a full on webinar, 60 minute presentation with your colors, with your team, all that stuff as well. So that's available. But there's also the white label video already in the members area for you as well, Greg.

Fantastic. That gives me what I need. Thank you very much, Walt.

You're welcome. And please, man, pop on to as many Q&A's as you want to. We are live with Q&A's every single work day, so love to see and love to help. Thanks so much for jumping on, man. Great to see you.

All right. Great to appreciate.


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