How to Setup Multiple GHL Sub Accounts for Marketing

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Hello. Thanks for waiting.

Yeah, that's all right. That email blacklist may have something to do with LC because I've got the same blacklist as well. It's got the same IP address. Could that be related to LC email, maybe?

100 %, yeah, definitely. And if you think about it, it makes sense. Probably the team at GHL have bought 100 IP addresses from Mailgun or something like that, and are sending all their emails through them. So you imagine that you've got a million people sending a million mails. And we've seen some bad practitioners in the space talking about scraping emails and sending out hundred thousand a day thing. And that's happening on your same IP address. So if you're finding that it's affecting your deliverability, Caroline, first port of call is to contact GHL themselves and just say, Hey, guys, my LC email IP address is blacklisted. Can you help? And just see what their response is, because they might just say, Oh, I've reallocated you a new IP. You should be good. No worries. What you might find, though, Caroline, is that first one that we showed, that you see eProtect, the one that I said, it'll disappear over time. It may not affect your deliverability. If you do everything else right, if you've got your DMARC records and everything else in place, your deliverability might not be impacted. But if it is, definitely reach out to them.

What happens if they come back and say, Sorry, nothing we can do about it. If it's genuinely affecting your business, you might want to look at an alternate email platform, and there's many of them out there. Mail gun, of course, you can have your own account with mail gun. We use Postmark. So the reason for that is, before I started with DHL, I had built up a list, I think, of about 56,000 people, and we were emailing them on a regular basis and just found that Postmark had the best deliverability. But Postmark's not free. It costs 50 bucks a month. We use Postmark just because the deliverability was great. But again, there's a million other different services out there. There's Mail Gun, there's Mail Jet, there's Send In Blue, there's Postman.

I'll just move from Mail Gun. Okay. They'll see Google and see how it works.

I think that's the best way forward. Don't change anything unless you are being severely restricted in your emails. So do your tests, do your spam checks, all that stuff. And if the emails are hitting the inbox, no issues at all. If they're not, that's when to reach out to GHL and see if they can get it.

I've just got a few more questions. I'll just smash them very quickly. You said you're going to create a separate account for individual customers. What problems do you think might run into, if I just create a different pipeline inside their sub account? Because then obviously I can use the automation inside a high level rather than actually using Zephyr. I can't see how that will be a problem. Just having a separate pipeline and then obviously using the internal system and the workflows to do it that way.

Great question. The trouble comes with the email account, not with the pipelines or anything like that. The trouble comes with the email account. You've got a client and let's say that your client is abcengineering. Com. Let's say that this is the site, abcengineering. Com. The trouble is if we're doing marketing for them, if we're using the leads tool to send cold email for abcengineering. Com, that's where the trouble lies. That domain might get blacklisted. It might have email deliverability problems and you want to try and avoid that for the client.

Yeah, but in domains, I can add many different root domains into the same sub account.

Domains for showing the funnel, absolutely. But domains for sending email, you can add as many as you like, but only one domain will actually send, which is the first one. It's a bit of a trap with GHL. I've gone back and forth with them so many hours. What we set up is over here, there's nothing in terms of the automations and that stuff because you can install the same snapshots on the other subdomain as well. So if this is subdomain 1, we install the snapshots over here. So it's got all the automations and everything, but the links in the email links point to the main account.

Yeah, well, that's answered my question. I didn't realise you couldn't actually send out emails from different domains. But that makes sense. Okay, so I'll have to create two sub accounts for every customer, one for the marketing and one for the billing. But then I'm going to have to use an external, like Zephyr or something like that. I just want to avoid having to pay for that when high level actually has all of them.

No, you shouldn't need to use that yet.

Because if.

All we're doing is mailing from this one, so I send an email from this subdomain and I send it out to a prospect and I say, if you're interested, click here and get in contact with us. When they click, they're coming to the main account. So all of the automations and everything, you don't need to use Zappier at all because you're getting them to click into the main account. So everything is happening over here anyway. So I just send an email from here. Hey, Caroline, I've got this. And if you like it, come over here and buy it. You come over here and where you're actually transacting is the main account. So there's no need for Zappier. You don't have to push leads from one to the other. There's no connection needed.

Well, the way we actually have it set up is we have email campaigns and SMS campaigns. And when they actually respond to anything, we have a stop on response. So the actual... It comes back into the pipeline and the salespeople get the SMS and then they call them from that pipeline.


Cool. To get them to do it in the first place is difficult to get them to actually manage the pipeline correctly. They just add things manually and it basically goes around the actual workflows. It's a really hard thing to get them. But do you actually use the pipeline the way it's meant to be used? I've got a lot of solar companies and it's probably one of the biggest challenges, getting them to actually do that. So if I introduced a second sub account and the emails was stopping because we don't send them through a funnel, we don't send them in the ad. All we do is we just send out, click yes, if you're interested. And then if the customer clicks yes, then it comes back into the pipeline and the salesperson gets an SMS and then they call that customer. If it's in a different sub account, then it's just not going to work. So I'll have to work out how to do it in the same sub account somehow. You can definitely do it. I might just use a different what do you call it? Subdomain somehow.

Okay. Yeah, absolutely. Give it a shot. What you want it to do is when they click on click yes, if you're interested, you want them to pop up in the pipeline and the sales team to call them.

Yeah. Obviously, that was a difference. Sorry.

Go ahead. No, that's okay. So you're using a trigger link to make that happen?

No, the actual workflow has a thing for stop on. So what I do is, if someone isn't quite ready, we'll drop them into Abandoned and that triggers a workflow. And then we'll have a stop on response option. And when they reply to an SMS or emails, it actually takes them away from Abandoned, drops them into a different stage in the pipeline and then sends the salesperson an SMS. They log in and then call the customer straight away.

Okay, cool. Yeah. Good process, great process. And I can hear what you're saying, getting them to even do that is hard.

Yeah, it would be too hard.

It's so interesting. It's frustrating. You've got leads and they're like, I didn't know it. Come on. So I hear what you're saying.

Yeah, I know.

Keeping them in the same sub account is super important. Okay, so in that case, use the domain slowly and carefully. And if you're going to use the primary account, like the main domain to send out marketing emails, don't go crazy with it. The very worst thing to do is get 1,000 leads and hit send to them all at once. Make sure you're doing it slow, make sure you're dripping it, make sure you've got...

Well, it's actually people who've actually... Every single person in there is someone who was actually filled out a form and asked us to call them. Amazing. When I said, Yeah, so it's all hot, all warm.

Oh, Caroline. Oh, that's completely different. Oh, that's perfect. If all of the leads that you're sending to have opted in, then the key keep it in the same account. I'm only talking about completely cold email when you need a separate account.

Now, if.

Everybody that you've got is filled in a form, they are opted in 100 % compliant, you keep that in the same account. There's no need for a separate sub account with that. The only time you need that separate sub account is if you're doing cold email to unqualified prospects.

That makes sense. Basically, if they want to do buy the white label suite, then I will create a second sub account for that. Correct. And then then if someone was interested, what I could do is set up a workflow. And how would they get those leads in their original sub account? Would I have to use their PO to do that?

No, not at all. Use a form in the original account. So if you want to get them into that account, you want them to say that they're interested. So it's literally, yes, Caroline, sounds great. Send me more details. Click here. And it's a form in the original account. So let me come back to that little whiteboard that I had there before. So in that case, if we're using white label suite to send cold emails. So let me just be specific. This is cold email with the leads tool. We set up this account, we send all the emails to cold prospects that have never heard from us before. This is on a new domain name, again, to protect the main one. But what we're getting them to do, how do we get them into the main account? When they click, we want them to fill in a form. We want them to say, Yes, I'm interested. That form is over here on the main account. So you don't need to zip them in. You're literally getting them to fill in the form on this account so that they're going into all the right workflows and all the right follow ups and everything from there.

When they actually raise their hand and say, Yes, I'm interested, by filling in a form or by clicking a button that says, Yes, send me more details, all of that action happens in the main account so that then all of the automations follow up from that.

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Yeah, that's quite easy to do. I can do that in no The.

Only reason to use the sub account and the subdomain is if it's cold prospects and let's just keep those separate from. But if they feel in a form, do all your mailing and everything else from your main account.

Okay, that sounds great. You've got a custom account with Comet. Is there somewhere where we can actually pay to get custom design?

Yeah, definitely. We use team from... They're called Pimp My GHL.


Is the offer. So pimpmyg hl. White labelsuite. Com pimpmyg hl. They've done a bit of a special deal for white label suite clients. We get a commission from that as a referrer, but they've knocked down the price of it big time. So you can get a full on customized design that makes it not look like white label, like GHL at all.

Yeah, it looks a lot nicer. I quite like the design. That's awesome. And that works right across all of the sub accounts.

Yeah, absolutely. And you can get your own custom dashboards and everything designed. It looks really amazing.

Okay. One other question. Basically, what angle do you use? I'm focusing in the solar niche because I used to own a solar company for eight years. When I approach a lot of these customers, a lot of them over the years use a CRM like Podium or Zoho or something like that. And a lot of the time is like, Fuck, I wish I actually had an actual list of what everything that Monday doesn't do and what Podium doesn't do where I could basically say, Oh, I see you use Monday, but Monday doesn't do this. If I obviously identify that's the pain point in their business. Just a chart of what the other CRM s don't do.

Let me just do a quick Google because there's sometimes you might find high level versus Monday versus Monday. Sometimes you might find people have already done that comparison. High level versus Monday, here we go. What I googled to get here was high level versus Monday, or high level versus podium, or high level versus whoever. Sometimes you can find comparisons like this.

Yeah. And just go through and build my own chart, maybe. Because the Salesforce is a lot out there people use. And yeah, we spent two years building this up. When you come along and you say, Yeah, well, we can use high level. We can do it in a week. I know. We just haven't looked into one to switch over because I spent so much energy and time building this CRM for that business.

That's one of the biggest objections that we ever came across. And somebody who's just spent, I don't know, $100,000 on Salesforce as an example, you're not going to get them to switch. No matter how good GLGL is, they're like, I'm already invested. It's done. What we did was Sean Clark. So we caught up with Sean in Dallas last year, and we were talking about comparing to Zoho and comparing to Salesforce and comparing to all of these other ones out there. The only win that we were able to have, Caroline, is that we set up our service as a pre CRM. So what we said to Salesforce, ActiveC ampaign, InfusionSoft, these clients, the biggest win that you have with GHL over those ones is that they are a contact tiered pricing. Meaning, if you're with InfusionSoft or K eep, I think they're called now. Every time you add a new contact, your price goes up. So up to 5,000 contacts is this amount per month. Once you go over 5,000, it's this amount per month. And that was our big win because we were able to say, Keep your InfusionSoft account, keep your active account, keep your Salesforce account.

I want you to keep it. What we're going to do is run marketing through a pre CRM. And when we get a qualified prospect, that's when we use Zappier or another tool, and we take that qualified prospect and we'll put them into your InfusionSoft system. So we do all of the marketing in this pre CRM. And then once we go through the pipeline and they're a hot lead, that's when we're going to zip them across to your Salesforce or Zoho. The only way that we could get people to open the door to us is by telling them to keep their system. And what we went through with Sean last year was that we had many times where people have been using... Infusionsoft was a great one. People have been using Infusionsoft for years. And once we showed them that we got it running as a pre CRM, we got them using it, and they said things like, Could I do this that I do in InfusionSoft over here? It took ages for them to actually say, Oh, man, I could save myself $1,000 a month. But up until that we'd proven the point at a first approach that it was a flat no.

Absolutely not. I'm not changing. My team used this. This is what we've built our systems on. No, I'm not changing. Cool. I don't want you to. I want you to run the marketing through this one because it's not going to cost you anymore. And then when we get interested prospects, we'll put them in here and that way your systems stay the same. That was the only way we got to open the door.

Yeah, that's what I found as well. I've been marketing high level as an actual sales CRM. So what we do is we actually use this to make sales. And then once you've got the sales, we can pass them over to you Monday for the actual install.



Great way to go.

Yeah, definitely. But I couldn't even get some people to use high level. One of the hardest things I find is actually getting the owners of the business to actually get the salespeople on training calls to actually do it because they just keep making the same mistakes over and over again. It's like just doing a few sales calls. It only takes four over the next month or five, and we'll get everyone up and running and it's just like salespeople are nightmare to deal with. They're just like, Yeah, we'll get around to it. Nothing ever happens. So that's one of the hardest things I found. I completely agree with you.

I can't give you a magic bullet. I was looking at a Forbes magazine article a little while ago that said 83 % of all genuine sales leads never get a single follow up. We all work so bloody hard to get a lead through the door and 83 % of them are not even getting followed up. I think there's no magic bullet. It's just going to come from the CEO.

Yeah, well, there was a Harvard University study that basically said that if you call them after one hour, they're seven times less likely to get in touch with them. As soon as that text message comes through, call them within two minutes.

It's got to be within minutes. It's got to be within minutes.

Yeah. Or else they're doing something else and they don't want to speak about it. But all right, it's been very helpful. Thanks, Walt. I really.

Appreciate it. Carolyn, great to see you. Thank you so.

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