Selling White Label Suite for Your Own Markup and Margin

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White label suite, what's the price and what's the commissions and all that stuff? Great question. If you are selling to other GHL agency owners, you can do one of two things. You can be an affiliate for us, which is partners. Whitelablesuite. Com. Partners. Whitelablesuite. Com. You can say, Hey, Mr. Ghl agency owner, these guys are white label suite doing a great job. Go and get signed up and you'll earn a 20 % recurring commission forever and on. And we thank you for that. But of course, this is a white label tool. So if you're talking about selling this package to your own customers, this becomes your program, your markup, your margin. It's not a commission. It's literally what you want to be able to sell it to them for. And we have the licensing package system set up in such a way. So this is our licensing dashboard right here. So you can come in here and say, Okay, cool. Thanks, I'll jump onto that in just a sec. I want to be able to sell it for $4.97 a month. Okay, cool. So I can come in here and create a package, and I can have a package called Carolines Leads & System.

And lead program, whatever it might be, I'm going to use the 1,000 searches, which your price is the 150. By the way, that's about to come massively down, guys. We're about to release next week that your price is going to be massively reduced, which is great. But this is your price, but you want to sell it at 497. In USD, you can add a set up fee and all that stuff, but I'm setting my own price right now. Now, what happens is you get a stripe link, somebody will buy this from you. Okay, so here's my Caroline's lead system. Get my link. You might want to put in a thank you page. So when somebody buys from you, the next page they see is, Hey, thanks for your purchase. I really appreciate it. Whatever. That gives you a link and that stripe link, you can now Now, people can buy this from you. And when they click on that link, so you can put that on a button on your website. When they click on the link, they see your price and they can buy it immediately from you. Now, what happens to that 150?

As soon as this transaction goes through, the license fee is paid to us instantly. Now we've got $347 left. The $347 is in your Stripe account now. It's instant. It's literally a profit split. You can set whatever price you want. We just charge the license fee. So you get to keep 100 % of the margin.

That makes sense. So if that's the case, it's not going to come off my... If I've only got 1,000 searches, it's not going to come off my 1,000. It's going to create a second account.

It's going to create an account specifically for your customer. They're buying 1,000 searches off you, which is awesome. So you get to charge whatever you want. Actually, that flows nicely into Jack's question there. So I'll answer that one as well. Thanks. And Caroline, it's nearly 1 o'clock in the morning for you, isn't it?

No, it's 8.41 in the morning.

It's 8.41 in the morning. Okay, great.

Where are you based? Saturday morning. Saturday morning. Where are you based? That's where I head. Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Okay, I'm Gold Coast. I'm just down the road from you. Cool.

Are you in the Gold Coast? Yeah, I live in Miami.

Next to Belle. Nice. My first house was in Miami. My first little two bedroom unit near Miami, my school there.

Yeah, it was next to Brian's outdoors, that petrol station.

Nice. Have you been there lately, man? That area has changed massively. It's become the trendy spot. So e just talked about the fact that you get to set your own margin. You get to keep 100 % of the margin when you sell the white label tool as a white label program. But Jack says, We're just getting started. And we're curious how most people have successfully used their monthly credits. We've had 1,000 credits a month, and we're assuming that sending out 20 free leads is cold emails comes out of our monthly total. My question is, do most people use 500 leads for themselves a month and give away the other 500 for free? The answer is yes. So, Jack, when you give 20 free leads away, you're taking it out of your quota. So that's like, I guess, a leads cost for generating that demonstration. But I also want to share with you that there's demo mode within the platform now. So let me just make sure I'm sharing the right screen. Inside the leads tool itself is demo mode. So leads, let me just jump in. When you create a campaign, you can create a campaign.

So let's do this one, jack demo. And it's an industry or people search, we know all this. But you can also take this. It's demo, it's a demo account. Now, what it says is demo campaigns work with limited data. It's only for testing and demonstrations, and it doesn't count towards your limits. Now, what that means is I can get on a call with someone and I've got this demo account now and you can see that if it's a demo, it says demo. So you can see specifically which one it is. Damn it, I'm in a customer's account. I need to jump out of here. Let me delete that. Delete. I'm like, Why is my screen different? There we go. Let me jump back into my account. There we go. Now we're talking. Okay, demo, demo, demo. Yep, cool. Demo, demo, demo. Great. Let me create that again. Jack, demo. Demo. All right. And create. Here we go. So a demo account is limited data. What does that mean? When I'm doing a search, you'll notice that in a demo account, I've got only a specific set of drop downs. I can't type something here. I can't look for builders, or I can't look for cabinet makers, or lawn care people.

In demo mode, I've just got a few different industries that I can choose from. So I could demonstrate business coaches in Chicago, and I can hit go. Now, the data you get back is real, but because we're not actually searching for that data, we've actually packaged that data up and we put it into a certain space. You can run as many demo searches as you like with those. So I've got business coaches in Chicago. Amazing. Look, here's all their data. I've got their information. I've got their contact details. You can demo the whole thing. And you can run as many searches as you like with these limited choices. So now I want construction workers in Miami, right? And I can do that. So I've got these demo searches already preset that I can use again and again and again and again and again and again and again. And it does not take any from my credit account every month. Okay? So that's a way that you can demo on a call as much as you like. Now, the client says to you, Well, that's all good, but I need to use... I want to get my 20 free leads and I want roofing companies in London.

So okay, cool. That's going to use my 20. But easy enough to do, it is going to come from my credit score. But again, I'm going to put it into a different campaign. So let me go, New search, campaign that's not a demo. Now I can do roofing company in London. All right, there we go. And I can run my search and that will take my or use my credits. So there's my roofing companies in London. But the demo mode means that you can show and show and show and show and show and show and show without reducing any of your credits. But yes, when you want to generate genuine leads for that prospective customer, it comes from your 1,000. So how do most people use it? In my experience, most people allocate a certain amount of leads for their demos. So if you're thinking, I'll do 10 demos a month. Cool. Allocate yourself 250 or 300 leads out of your thousand and use your other 700 to go and make your actual get your leads into your own pipeline and do it that way. So cool. Hopefully that's helpful for you, J ack. So yeah, demo mode just really allows you to show and show and show and show without needing to be worried about reducing from your 1,000.

But when it comes to actually giving a specific set of leads, if it's not some of those demo industries that we've shown there, then yes, it will come out from the 1,000. So allocate a certain amount for demos during your month. All right. Guys, hopefully that's helpful. I'm sorry, I'm a little bit over time. My wife's just popped in and reminded me that it's my daughter's birthday today. I'm going to go and sing happy birthday and do presents and all that stuff. Caroline, you're welcome. Guys, great to see you. I always finish with this. Guys, just because this Q&A call is finished doesn't mean our support has finished. Support desk is always open. Thank you so much, Vanessa. Support desk is always open. Facebook group is there. Ask questions in the group. There's 1,400 and something agency owners in the group. Who are all really engaged and super helpful in there. The team is on stand by on Support Desk. We are live Q&A five days a week and always here to help in any way that we possibly can. Thank you so much for joining me. Have a great weekend ahead for those who are Saturday already and for those whose Friday, work hard, kick some goals before the wine gets poured and look forward to seeing you guys on the next call.

Okay. Bye. Thanks, everyone. Cheers.

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