How to create unique programs with lead generation and GHL

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Let's see if.

I'm doing well. I'll call you right back, then. Okay. Thanks. Yeah, I'm doing well.

And yourself? I'm great, man. I'm great. For those of you who don't know TD Wells, the man, the legend who has built an incredible business around the automotive space. Great to have you with us, bro.

How's business? I'm trying to be like you, man. True rock star.

Oh, come on, man.

Yeah. So, okay, I have... I mean, there are some actually, I appreciate all those questions because those were good. They answered some. My thing is that I want to be able to... I set up an appointment with the dealer just within three weeks from now because I want to make sure that I have my stuff together before I go there. Ultimately, what I wanted to do is I wanted to have that storefront feel. I don't necessarily want to do a presentation inside of GHL because then that gives them no options to choose from. And so I want to have that front end look, and that's what I'm looking to do. So I've been trying to figure that out. I just haven't had time to plug in, but I know I use namecheap, so I can use the A name record and all that. And so it'll still say white label suite, or it will say my company name.

It'll say your company name. Yeah, it'll say your.

Company name. I would prefer that way because it's easier. And like I said, if you can give them more selection, I noticed that people always pick the highest package.

Truth. And that's why you put multiple packages on the page.

Yeah, because that's the best way to do it. And like I said, I'd rather do it that way then... So how do I get that set up? That's number one. And then I'm just reading from here. And then also, when you said to send out the email set up right through... Let me start my cars a little five here. Give me a second.

Yeah, cool, Matt.

So basically, when you said to send out the land pages, hey, this is for insurance company. Would I clone those two... I'm sorry, would I clone that to basically send out for multiple industries or are the industries that I work in?

I would. Everything that you do that increases the personalisation will give you a bumpy result. As marketers and as entrepreneurs, we're all busy, we're all doing stuff, and we're all like, Just get it out. Do as much as we can. And that's awesome. It's about creating as many opportunities as we can. But taking that small step, I've got one page for automotive, one page for insurance, one page for real estate, one page for financial planners. It takes literally 60 seconds or less to clone that page. So it's like whatever your website is. Com financial planners, clone. Whatever your website is. Com real estate agent. And then if you run your campaign to a financial planner and they land on the financial planner...

Wait, repeat that last part, hyphen.

Yeah. So just setting up the URL. So clone the page and just change the word. So I'll.

Show you. Oh, I see what you mean. Like the funnel page. Right.

Exactly. Absolutely. Got it. The value you get from that, man, I can't stress it highly enough. If you come into... Let me just grab a funnel here. And you're exactly right, you got it. Just clone the page, just put it on a different URL and put the industry on that URL. So it's like my website, I've got cometsuite. Com. And if I'm going after the automotive industry, I wanted to say my front shop page... Ghl just running slowly for me. I wanted to say comet suite. Com automotive specialist. And then on the page, Welcome to our automotive lead generation system. Straight away I go, These guys know what they're talking about. They're talking to my industry. And the cool thing is, of course, as we know with GHL, you can clone a page in a second.

Right, that's true. Yeah.

The value of doing that, if we've got... I had this loaded up now. I've got, just as an example, 23 leads funnels for Realtors. You can see that I've done this demo before. Now I've got 23 leads for Realtors. If I've got somebody who's a Realtor, I want them to land on a page that says 20 free leads for Realtors. Let me just let that load up. Cool. This is my Realtor's page. All right, that's great. Let me clone this. I'm going to clone the funnel in this location. I want mortgages.


Example. For mortgages, you got it exactly right.

The value.

Of that literally cannot be understated because you want that initial... The person who lands on my page to go, TD is a specialist in this industry. I'm a specialist in the automotive industry. This is how we generate leads for the automotive industry. And you do the same thing for the real estate and for the whatever and whatever, you have that immediate bump in conversions. It's so worth it to do. So that would be 100 % my suggestion. If you want to build out that shop front, then just clone it. Clone it, clone it, clone it. Different industries that you're going for and run your campaigns to the specific pages.

Okay. So that first question, how do I actually make the website look like mine? The white label, how do a white label that? Just go in the A name record.

And do it that way. Just do the A name record and then that way. It is unbranded at that point. So it doesn't have a logo or anything like that. It is logo less, but they will come to... What's your website, man? What's your actual...

It's wellsmediacorp.

Com. Wellsmediacorp. Com, perfect. You might have, when they get to log in, you just set up a subdomain leads. Wellsmediacorp. Com. That's where they're going to come to log in. You just set up that A name record and you're done.

Oh, I see. Okay, I see. Then the other thing is I was wondering, maybe there should be just a suggestion. It would be great to just pay it because I paid an annual plan. I don't like recurring billing. Yeah, understood. I'm selling recurring stuff, but I don't like them. But basically I'll come back to that. Ultimately, I wanted to find out, can you create a framework for, say, somebody that paid extra to go, Look, if you frame it out like this, here is... I don't have to worry about doing... I can just plug and play like a franchise. Hey, this is the framework, and this is how I would build it out. I know you do that already, but it would be great if I had... Because it would speed up the process for me, at least, in my image for me.

So tell me how it can work because I'd love to help. A done for you landing page, done for you.

No, I wrote it down to frame it out, you were talking about... I guess there really isn't any way to really frame it out because... But you could say, because you have to think about, Okay, I'm going to clone it. I'd have to think about, Okay, cloning all these. But if there was a way, like if I was coming in and I was focusing on bringing... Where did I write down? Let's see. Building out a specific niche. So if you're in this niche, you should do A, B, C. So you got a main and then you got a bunch of subdomains underneath that to go, Okay, these are your subs. And then this is exactly how I would lay it out in a format like you did when you created the white label for GHL. Yeah, I like it. Because what if people don't need... What if I'm not signing up people underneath my GHL account? What if it's just separate underneath my business?


Cool. Then that way I can actually give them those videos and go, Hey, look, you can follow these videos even though I'm going to hire somebody to have one week of coaching with you guys and onboarding. I have that now. So that's one of the things that I would like to see if I could. Absolutely. That way I could have just run with it quicker.

So, so, Michael's just popped up and said, I can do it. If you want to work with Michael, he can help you build out the funnels and that stuff. That's a great point as well. There's 1,400 agencies in our Facebook group and all of them have skills. If you come and say, Hey, guys, I don't have time, I need a system that looks like this and I'm happy to pay some money, who can build this for me? You'll have so many people that will build it. We also have a done for you service as well. There's a white levelsuite. Com store. You can buy some of our stuff if you want a funnel set up or pages built or that stuff, we can do it for you as well. But yeah, as Michael said, tap into the skills that is in the group. There's some great things there. But I appreciate what you said and I've listed that down because if we can give you done for you templates, this is how to have a standalone sales page. This is how to have a consulting page. This is if you're in a real estate, go like this page.

I've listed that out. That's interesting. It's something that I would love to be able to do. It's going to be completely dependent on everybody's business. But if you can give me a map of what that looks like, then I would love to start to build that out for the crew.

But the thing about it, like a franchise store, right? It's just the model. And it's like, okay, this is the model of the franchise. And we know that this is actually made our business because obviously you're probably going to test it. I don't know. I'm just using it as an example. If it made 100 grand, you could say, Well, this model made 100,000. If you follow it, it's $5,000 value.

That's exactly what we did with the 20 Free Leads. Literally for us, that 20 free Leads framework made us $180,000 in 90 days. It was incredible.

Just listen to the name, just changing the content and cloning it like that. That was going to be my other question.

Going out to market and offering 20 free leads, that's what made us famous. We went from struggling to make sales. That was our franchise model. It was like, Offer the market 20 free leads because it freaking works. We built the franchise landing page, offers 20 free leads. Step two of the funnel is get them booked into an account. Step three is present the system. Step four, sign them up and deploy. That was our franchise. That's what made us famous and literally $180,000 in 90 days. It sounds so simple, but that's what we packaged up into that 23 Leets snapshot. Offering the market 20 free leads is what made us famous.

When you say the market, you mean each niche that you cloned, right? Yeah. And then did you drip the campaigns out at 15 and a half at a time. That's what the part is fuzzy for me.

Yeah, I got it. So step one, obviously, install the final 20 free leads. Step two, bring the leads in from the tool, and step three, drip them out. Exactly. So we focused on the business coach niche. That was our sweet spot. That's where we found. But it's the same process. If you're going after business coaches, that's exactly what we did. Brad Elliott in our group, he went after window cleaners, but he did the same thing. 23 leads, bring in the leads, drip out the campaign and just offer the window cleaners 23 leads. Amazing. Kurtis, who made a fortune going after Med Spas, did exactly the same thing. 23 leads, bring in the Med Spas, drip out the campaigns. Theresa Sage, who pops up on the...

And he said the Med Spas, like you said, right? You had all of the ending like this forward slash Med Spas. And then do you guys recommend having a video or do you recommend just doing it exactly how you have it? The formula you already have set up?

Beauty of a franchise model, right? We had success with exactly the framework that we've got in the system. But...

Got it.

Let me have a caveat. But... So we've had success and we've said, this works, this works, this works. We've had people come through our system that said, It doesn't work for me. In the insurance agency, as a real actual example, somebody said, I ran the 20 free Leads program and it didn't work for me. And that's where we said, Did you put insurance agencies on the landing page? They went, No, we won't go back and do that. Just make that tiny change to the template. And suddenly the results took off. It's like, Wow, the difference is incredible. But the framework is the same. 23 Leads, bring in the leads using the tool, and drip out the campaign to the landing page. And that was it. That is one, two, three. As simple as we... That's the success that we had. Offer 20 free leads. Use the tool to actually find my target market and drip out that campaign with 23 leads all day, every day. We're still running it in the background for us right now. We literally run three accounts, 50 emails a day, all day, every day, because that's what created us an income stream.

Just digressing for one minute. So going back to that whole process of being able to plug people in from the front end of your white label suite, white labeling that. Ultimately, I think that for me, if I sell it that way, then I can say, Well, also, it can be integrated.


However, you can feel them out, I guess. But I think just being able to upgrade them on that package.

100 %. So the way that we sold and the way that we sell is... I'm just showing you TD, if you come into the training and resources section and you come down to step one, sorry, level one, step one, the actual software, setting up that A name record is right here. This is like the... It's a six minute tutorial. I'll show you how to get it done. This is exactly how we sold it. Exactly what you just said. We sold people the leads. And then when they're going, Wow, that's amazing. Then the next logical step in our demo was now you've got the leads, I can give them to you right now. What are you going to do with them? Well, I don't know. I'm going to call them, I guess. Good luck with that. Why don't you integrate into this program that we've got over here that will follow them up for you? It'll email them 3 to 6 times. It'll alert you when they're interested. It'll send you a text message to your salespeople, and it'll book them as a qualified lead into your calendar. Would that be a better way to go?

Yeah. Cool. So we hook people in by showing them how easy it is to get targeted leads. But then we lock people in with the GHL system that has an entire program behind that. So it's like, what makes people want to do business? Man, free leads. That's what gets people. That's what gets the calendar popping. It's like, Dude, can you get me free leads? Yeah. Jump on a calendar with me. I'll show you how. So show them. This is how we can generate leads. Whoa, that's amazing. Now, I also have an integrated platform at the back that will take those leads and follow them up for you and show you all the way through. And TD, just if you've got eight minutes, come into this training, come into level two, the level two part of this training and come down to the section that says how to prepare a demo, which is launching your campaign that's adding the leads and dripping them out, monitoring your conversations, conducting a sales call. Prepare and create a sales demo. This one right here, I think it's eight minutes. Let me just check my...

Yeah, I watched it. I watched that one already.

Hi, everyone. This is Walt. Sorry, 15 minutes. My apologies. This one literally talks through that exact process. It's like, what we show people when we get them on a demo is how to generate leads because that's what they're there for. But then what we're selling them is that there's this whole system that when we generate the leads for you now, we're going to follow them up. We're going to get them into a calendar, we've got an optimized funnel system, all of the cool stuff about GHL. The hook is the free leads. But the state that...

Yeah, that's great. Yeah, I get it. Believe me, because I was just talking to somebody else and I did a presentation for him because he knows a lot of people. And he's like, Yeah, somebody came in and did a full presentation on Apollo. Com, which is exactly what we're talking about right now. I actually know him because he has a car dealership in New Jersey. He actually is an auto guy. And so basically he started Apollo. Com or Apollo. And it's like, I think, $1,500 or something like that for 18,000 or something.


This would be a similar process. That's how most Zoom info and all the other guys do it.

Absolutely. And you're in the same space. The cool thing is that you can differentiate. So if I had that client, my cash register bells are ringing right now. If I had that client, I'd be like, You know what? This is amazing. Why don't you and I work together and I'm going to do you a deal. If you work with me, I'm going to build out the campaigns, the landing pages, the follow ups, the funnels. You map it with me, I build it for you at a discounted price. Because what that would allow me to do, TD, is I would literally turn that into a snapshot. Like I just said to Sonny a few moments ago for the MedSpray industry, if I worked with an automotive dealer who already knew what they were doing with Apollo, I would say, Oh, my God. Come with me. Let me build it with you. I'm going to literally create this for you. I'm going to give you 1,000 or 2,000 leads a month. We're going to have these follow up systems in place. I'm going to build that for this one automotive dealer, and I'm going to do it for him at a discounted rate, maybe $5,000.

Cool. Let's get that underway. And then when I build that for that automotive dealer, I'm going to turn that into a snapshot. And then I'm going to go automotive dealer to automotive dealer to automotive dealer, and I'm going to go, here's the framework, leads, follow ups, campaigns. And now when I build that collateral one time and I can turn that into a duplicatable snapshot, I can then go niche. Every single automotive dealer that I can possibly get hold of, I've got a framework that takes me one second to deploy. Once I build it into a snapshot, one second to deploy and maybe two days to configure, individualize for each one. But I can charge $10,000 again and again and again and again and again for that. When you build it with somebody in the industry and you work with them to create something special, then you can turn it into a snapshot and deploy it again and again and again.

Yeah, perfect. Okay, that's it. That's all I had today. Love it, man. I got a lot out of it. Thank you.

I appreciate that. Great to see you, dude. I love it when you come onto our calls, T d, because you're thinking about the market, the niche. You've got the people that you're approaching and then the specific scenarios. Man, I love having you as part of the crew. Thank you so much, man.

I like being a part of the crew. Great to see.

You, dude. Thank you. Let us know how you go. All right, guys, I'm over time. But, Tora, I know you've got your hand up there and I had one extra question from Jeannie, which I'll jump into as.

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