How to get better conversions on marketing funnels

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Hi, welcome.

Good to see you, Brad.

I started doing my email campaigns two weeks ago.


I was getting good stats, open rates were like 50 %, 60 %, and then click rates to my website were at around 12 %.


No one really followed through on the website. No one booked any appointment. Got it. Then I saw afterwards that I'm supposed to call the clicks. Then I started calling them and then they ended up not being interested, even though they clicked on the link, which would say that they showed some interest. I just wanted to know what I could do.

About that. May, this is a really great question because now we're starting to talk about optimizing that campaign. Let's look at the wins, first of all. You're getting 50 % to 60 % open rates. Amazing. Then you're getting great clicks. Amazing. So then what's stopping people taking action? And we can diagnose the steps that people take, and we can focus in on one specific area. So let me do this very quickly. And I'm going to subject you to my very talented whiteboard drawing skills. The different steps of a campaign that you can focus on really help you get your results to go better. So let me draw out a couple of boxes here and talk this through with you because now I started to talk really high level professional marketing and analysis. So okay, cool. What are the different areas of a campaign where a potential client can engage with us. The very first thing that we look at is our subject line. The next thing that we're looking at is the body of the email. Then we're looking at what we call the call to action. Then we're looking at the website itself, and probably more important than the website, if I phrase it right, is the offer on the page.

Finally, on that page, I'll almost do it as a sub set is the call to action on that page itself. Let me just break this down a little bit. Just to show the numbers here, what if we sent out 1,000 emails and we had a terrible open rate? What if our open rate was 10 %, for example? Let's base our numbers on 1,000 emails. Based on 1,000, emails. Okay, so if our open rate was at 10 %, that means that only 100 people are actually going to read what's in that email. Now, if our click rates are terrible... Sorry, the body of the email is terrible and people don't even click. The call to action really is the click. I should have put those two together. But if the clicks... So this is clicks. If the click rate is terrible, let's say 10 %, that means only 10 people click. And then of those 10 people that get to the page, if our opt in rate is terrible, we might only have one... Again, let's stick with 10 %. We could have 10 % opt in. That means we're getting literally one action taker from our 1,000 emails.

Where should we focus? Here's the professional way to approach this. The further up the funnel you can focus, the more results you'll have at the end. So example, if we really work on this call to action, this opt in rate. If we really focus here at the end and we increase this 10 % all the way up to 20 %, which 20 % on an opt in page, we're starting to get really good at that particular point, we still only literally add one extra person out of our 1,000 in the campaign. That's a lot of work to get one extra sale. And I'm not saying it's not worth it. If you're making $2,000 a sale, it's worth it. But optimizing at the end of the funnel has a small result. Optimizing at the top of the funnel has a massive result. If we put that same amount of effort into doubling our open rate, now we could have 200 readers, 20 clicks, and even here we're starting to get that flow on effect. So coming back to your comment there, Emilio, you've got amazing open rates. So 50 to 60 % open rates. This is awesome.

Literally, anything above 30 % is like top results. So awesome. What does that tell us? That tells us that what we're actually going out to people with is getting a response. They are interested in that subject line. Does that make them a lead? No, that just means that they're interested in that subject line. And it is 100 % the first thing that we should be looking at. In the case that you've just mentioned, your open rates are amazing. Keep that subject line, it's going great. Next, the body of the email and the call to click. So the reason people are reading and then a call to action, which is do this particular step because what I've just said is interesting enough for you to take action. So the body of the email and the call to action, again, you're mentioning that you've got 10 to 12 % here, which is again about middle ground. Above 20 % here is the top. Anything above 20 %, you're really nailing this middle section here. So what does this mean? If I get them interested in my subject line, the next hurdle I need to overcome is what am I saying to them and what am I getting them to take an action on to take that next step?

So you've got 10 to 12 % click through rates. You might want to just have a look at that. But from what you've told me, here's where the issue is. The issue is actually coming in with the offer. The issue is we are making an offer to these people and they're not responding. So that actually tells me that the subject line is awesome. The body and the call to action in the email itself is pretty good, but what they're seeing on the page doesn't resonate. They're getting to that page and just they're not interested. And then calling the clicks, that is the accelerator of this whole thing. So what we talk about with call the clicks is the superstar, the rock star level. Because 90 % of people will never do that. 90 % of people just will bang out emails and just hope that something falls into their hands. And it works often enough that it's a strategy. People can make a sale here and there and great, emails are running, sales are coming. What more could you wish for? The call, the clicks is that accelerator where you can really ramp up your results.

But here's the key. If your offer is no good or not resonating, even if you call them, they're not interested. So calling the clicks is that accelerator, but only if what we're offering is good enough for them to have an interest. So of all of this analysis, Emilio, what I'm hearing is that the offer isn't resonating. Now, if you're mailing out the 23 leads, I'll give you an example. Actually, it was in the insurance space. It wasn't Ron, but one of our other members had a similar issue, though. My question was, What's your offer? And they said, Dude, we're using your 20 free leads snapshot. That's the offer. We're offering people 20 free leads. I'm not getting the results. And I said, What's the industry? They said, It's an insurance industry. I said, Okay, let's try this. On the landing page itself, remembering that when we've given you guys a snapshot, we've tried to be as generic as we can. We just literally said 20 free leads. Try this on the landing page, go in there and just say 20 free leads for insurance agents. And immediately they saw an 8 % increase in their opt in rate by adding four insurance agents on that landing page.

It can be something as small as that. But guys, I did a training a little while ago on creating an offer. Creating an offer. And an offer for yourself and for your businesses, an offer is not what you do. Let me be very clear. Making an offer to the marketplace is not saying I'm a window cleaner or I'm a marketing agency. It's not saying I'm open for business. And let me give you the example. Two restaurants side by side. You're standing outside of the restaurant, you can see both restaurants. Both of them have a menu in the window and a sign that says open for lunch. And as you're standing there looking at these two restaurants, you notice that one of them has a chalkboard out the front that says, get a free glass of wine with your meal. And you go, Let me ask you guys, which restaurant would you go into? If you're standing outside of both and one of them says, Here's our menu, and the other one says, Get a free glass of wine with lunch, which one are you going for? You go for the one that makes the offer.

It's just human nature. It's like, Well, that's better than the alternative. I'm going there. Now, an offer. What if the other restaurant owner ran out and said, We'll give you a free glass of wine, too. It's too late. Mentally, I've already chosen because my response has been, Oh, something for me. Great. I'll go and get it. So how do we turn being open for business into making an offer to the client? So example, Emilio, if we're offering 20 free leads and we're not getting that result, what if we change the offer just slightly to see if we can get that better result? What if we change that offer to be 20 free leads for insurance agents? What if we change the offer to be 10 minutes with me and we'll guarantee you 20 leads that you can action in the next 30 days? Same thing. It's just changing the wording just a little bit to make it appealing for the person who's looking at it. So when we do that analysis of your funnel right now, we know that whatever you're saying in that subject line is getting attention. That's amazing. That's great. Step one, tick.

Great. We're looking at the email, we're saying it's not bad. It's pretty good. Like middle ground. It's not on fire. I need to fix this thing. But they're getting to the page and they're going, meh. And unfortunately, in today's society, if you get the result that goes meh, you get nothing. Because there's a million people vying for that attention. And unless you've got the free glass of wine, people will just go meh. You need them to go, Whoa. And if you've read the book by Alex Mosy called 100 Million Offers, and if you haven't, go and get it. All of my team, keep this at hand. Go and get it. Get it on A udible. Get it in hardcopy. Read it a million times, live it, eat it, sleep it, breathe it. It is one of the best books in this industry about creating an opener, an offer that brings in business. And it can literally be the difference between a business succeeding and failing. It's super, super, super important. Make an offer so good that people feel dumb saying no to it. It's like, Dude, you got 20 free leads for me as an insurance agent with no catch.

Why would I say no? So if you're looking at amazing open rates, not bad actions from that email, but they're getting to the page and going, The offer is not good enough. And if the offer is good, so good that people feel dumb saying no, when you call them back and you say, Hey, just a quick follow up call, making sure that you saw we're offering a free glass of wine with your meal. If the offer is so good that people feel dumb saying no, you'll see your results skyroking out. So of all of the things that we ever do in marketing, the most important thing is to make the offer so good that people feel dumb saying no. Now, there's a lot of elements to that in the book. They talk about the actual offer itself, risk reversal, which is guarantees. They talk about how to structure that offer, how to separate yourself out from the crowd? So if everybody's doing this, how do you make your results stand out? There's a lot of techniques to it. But if you remember the overarching theme, make the offer so good that people feel dumb saying no to it, then you'll see the results increase.

So, Emilio, does that help?

Yeah, that was perfect response. Thank you. And also, the recording of the question I just asked, is it going to be posted?

Yes, absolutely. And we'll pop it up into our YouTube channel. It'll be there live within usually the same day as we run our Q&A. So our YouTube channel, guys, by the way, is whitelegal suite. Com YouTube. You can jump in there and hit the subscribe button and get notifications when we upload all of our Q&A s. Bookmark it as a resource because we get asked the same question a lot of times. You might have a question and it's midnight and you're trying to put something together, shoot across to your YouTube and just go, I don't know, how to craft an offer or something like that. And you'll find a bunch of times that we've answered that. So yeah, we'll have it up on YouTube shortly. And dude, great question. In terms of marketing, in terms of getting results, that question, how can I make my offer so good that people feel dumb saying no? It doesn't matter what space you go into. If you've got that question as the pinnacle or the pillar on which you build whatever else you do, it doesn't matter the industry that you're in. You'll be able to move that industry forward.

So cool question, man. I love it. Thank you so much. All righty.

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