Setting up snapshots and cloning campaigns with GHL

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The sites. Sorry, I just made sure we posted something. June 28th, I don't have anything here. So I'm assuming because that comes with two pages? Yeah. Or is it because I've already uploaded this snapshot in the past that it's not?

Because you've already uploaded it. So can you show me the steps that you were going through?

So I just basically copied that. Yeah.

So can you flip over to agency mode for me and go to imported snapshots?

Oh, not imported?

Is that correct? Yeah, up the top, go to imported snapshots. And we just make sure that we've got the comment leads basic. There it is.

All right. This is what I imported today. So I renamed it thinking, I don't know if there would be an issue.

No issue. But deploying it... So you've already got it. You've got it in your agency account there, which is great. Now, to deploy that into a sub account, have you got a demo account in your system? Is there any of those accounts that's a demo?


You don't have a sandbox account or anything like that that you've set up?

I haven't yet. I'll be honest with you.

No, that's okay.

I have my leads account. I just went here and I just said import. I did this, load snapshot, and it didn't load.

If you go that one there, click on proceed. Here's all the assets. Now, hang on, pause one second. This is saying this is everything that's included in this snapshot. Do you wish to bring this in? So click on proceed.


Now the next thing it's going to say is these are conflicts. There are a few conflicts. And if you open that up, click the little plus icon on the right-hand side there.

I'm in the wrong account.

It's going to say, Okay, so don't do anything if you're in the wrong account. Don't do anything. No, that's okay. And guys, just for everybody on the call, highly, highly, highly, highly recommend, because you can have unlimited sub accounts with DHL, it costs you nothing to do this, set up a Sandbox account, like a Sandbox or a demo account. Yeah, you.

Have that training and I definitely am going to do it. Every week I say I'm going to do it. I need to do it because I was going to ask you that too, because I've been doing demos. And sometimes when I pull those 20 leads, I'm actually pulling more than 20. And I'm like, How do I keep that to 20? But that's another question.

If you're doing demos, I'll show you. If you don't want to use your 1,000 leads a month in demo calls, that's why we've got demo mode available. Okay, cool. So here we go. This is saying there's a few conflicts here. All of these things are already in the account. It's actually showing you everything here on this list is already in your account. It won't bring it in again because it's all flagged as skip. I've already got it, so skip it. It's literally showing you that everything is already there.

Okay, so what I want to do is I want to build... We talked about the membership, so I want to do cold email to them for memberships. I was going to use that funnel that you have there, this one here, snapshot for that. But now I'm afraid because what if I've used it for something else? I don't even know.

But that's okay because you can set it up as many times as you want to do. Just walk me through, what's the one, two, three that you're looking to achieve? You want to bring leads in from the group and get them to...

No, this is from my cold email. So right now, I have a cold email for coaches offering them the 20 free leads, but now I want to offer the beauty professionals a low ticket membership.

Beautiful. Awesome. Awesome. So you can, in the same account, clone the campaign and just change the emails. So you've got one set of emails that's going out for the 23 leads. Great. Cool. You can literally just clone that entire automation if you want to and just change the emails.

Okay. I have to That makes sense. I just need to figure.

Out this one. Do you want me to show you?

No, I know how to do that, but I feel like... Let me see. Yeah, I'll go there real quick. I just need to know which one to clone, I guess.

Yeah, sure. So in the automation itself, if you go into that outreach 23 lead system.

Open up.

That one. Okay, so email series for 23 leads. If you clone that campaign, that will give you the email framework. Send an email, wait a day. Send an email, wait a day. Send an email, wait a day. That's what that is. You can literally clone that whole thing and just rename it. Call it email series for beauty salons.

What about these other ones here? If I want to track them in a different pipeline?

Yeah. Each one would need to be set up. I get where you're coming from.

Okay. So I can't clone them all, or I have to clone these individually.

You do. And the steps are easy. So let's say, for example, that you clone the email series. It's called email series for 23 leads. The next one there, emails opened. If you go to email opened, just open that actual automation up. So if you clone this one, it's going to say, Okay, I'm now tracking the opens, and the only thing you're going to need to change is in which workflow. Instead of being in the one called 20 free leads, you're going to change it to 23 leads for beauty salons. So just change the triggers in each of the automations to be the new one that you create and everything.

Will fall together. But I'm not offering them 23 leads, though. So is this.

The right order? That's okay. So you're going to need to rewrite the emails. Yeah, you're.

Going to need to. Okay, got you. Thank you so much. Very helpful.

No worries. Star, you know that we love you. Just reach out if you need a hand, we can steer you through. Yeah. All right, guys, I think we're just about wrapping. Yeah. So Doris just come back on the email side of things. I just checked your support about why I can't use my free email address as the SMTP. It's not that you can't. That article I've read through it, that article literally says you shouldn't. And the reason it says you shouldn't is because Gmail don't necessarily like it. But they also have a pretty high threshold. So it's not that you can't. It's that Gmail says you shouldn't. It's not that you can't. Run that as a test. Yeah. Michael, no, I didn't miss that. I've noted it. There's a step there about a missing training. So I've got a note of that in level three. How to run group sales goals. Yeah, that's me too. I promised to create a training on running group sales goals, but I haven't actually created it. So I should have just set that to draft. And accidentally, I've set it to live, so it's visible. But thank you, M ike, I appreciate you.

Hey, guys, amazing to hang out with you. Thank you so much for spending some time. Don't forget that our mission is to help you guys make sales. So if there's any way that we can help with that, let us know. If we can help with campaigns, advice, collateral, different ways of working stuff, just ask. Our goal is to help you guys make sales. Thank you so much for being part of our world. If there's anything we can do to help, drop into support, drop into the Facebook group, drop into a daily Q&A call. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. If you need a hand, ask and we will be there for you and with you. Thank you so much for joining me. I look forward to seeing you in the group and around. Thanks, everyone.

Thanks, Will.

Great to see you, Jenny. Thanks, everyone. Cheers.

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