What are the ways you can use lead generation to create offers for clients

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How are you doing?

What's going on? Good to see you, man. It's like a celebrity at this point.

Hey, dude, it's amazing to see you.

Thank you so much for talking to me. You, Ron and Dora, you guys are celebrities.

Oh, man, thank you. Appreciate that. We're doing what we can.

A lot of white label videos on long rides, trust me. Cool. Awesome. First call. I'm probably going to just stick to two questions and then let you get to other people and swing around because I'm listed out over here. Just give you a heads up.

We're live every single day. So it's not always me, but people from the team, we are literally here every day. There's no limit on questions. And as I said to Kathleen before, the only way we win as a company is to help you. If we help you make sales, then we make sales as a result. You're making sales of white label products. So we are here to help. There's no limit on questions. There's no limit on the amount of times you can come in and ask. Dude, ask as much as you ever want to. We're here for you.

Roger that. All right. So I guess my most important question on here because I do have to get this launch out on Monday.

Is there a way because of my irresistible offer, to do three months as a package in there?

So here's the upfront investment. It's 2,500, but they're going to get three months included of the white label suite along with a bunch of other stuff. But basically, I don't want the charges to start directly to them for three months.

Got it. Yes.

So I built the package out the way it would be monthly already inside a white label suite.


So it can automatically start up after the three months.

Got it. Okay, cool. So you're chatting $2,500 upfront investment. It's 90 days. You're going to run it out. If they want to keep going after that, then you want them to be paying as you go.

Yes. I want the subscription to kick in.

All right, cool. How many leads are you running in that $2,500 package?

I am actually going to be fishing for this one. I have about seven different groups that I will be presenting in over the next two weeks.

Cool. So somebody says, Yeah, Michael, sign me up, man. $2,500 is my money. How many leads are you going to give them when they sign up for you? Every month for those three months, you're giving them $1,000.

You're giving them $2,000. I'm going to give them $1,000. Yeah.

All right, cool. So probably the easiest way that I would suggest you could do that is be the wholesaler retailer thing. So in other words, when you get that sale, so somebody says, Michael, dude, I'm all in. Let's sign me up. What the best thing for you to do probably is to come over and upsize your package with us. So in other words...

At the right time?

Yeah, exactly.

Yeah, I thought about that whole piece.

Because that way you're covering it and you're getting it at wholesale rates. So it's actually like the super cheapest that you'll ever be able to buy those leads is if you're buying it wholesale in a larger package. So you come in and upgrade, upsize your package to the 5,000, and then you can divvy out those thousand a month to your people without any additional costs. So then you can get them in, you can set up a campaign with them, you can be pushing the leads for them, you can connect their API key to each individual campaign. So again, let me literally show you and make sure I walk this through with you. So let's say, for example, you've got that 5,000 package, you're picking that up at wholesale, and you're selling that then to them at retail. So I've just signed up a guy, his name is Roger. So Roger's campaign. Roger's campaign. Now, Roger, what I want to do is I want to go and get Roger's API key. Roger's got his own GHL account. We're running the whole thing for him. He's paying me my 2,500 bucks a month. Part of that is setting up GHL.

Cool. I've just set up Roger. Let me go and grab my test account here, agency app. Theagency software. So here's my pretend play GHL. I've just created a new account for Roger. Let's hope that GHL loads up pretty quick. If it doesn't, I'll grab my own Comet Suite one. Looks like it's going to take a while. Here we go. Okay, cool. So here's GHL. I just created a new account for Roger. So let's go over here. Here's Roger's account. Once I've got Roger's account set up in my GHL, I'm going to come down to Settings. I'm going to grab Rogers' API key, which is right here. Let me it again. Hopefully, this comes through. Come on, let's go. I'll grab Brianna's demo. She won't mind. See if I can get my API key to load up. You guys know where I am anyway. I'm in GHL. I'm in a sub account. I've gone to settings. I'm getting the API key. I'm just waiting. I'll use my common tweet one as an example. I'm going to come into Rogers' brand new sub account. Man, it looks like GHL is just going slow for me. All right, come on.

Nobody's loading up. Okay, I'm going to stop share, hopefully. Sometimes the Zoom.

You want to walk it out with me? Yeah, man. You can do a visual for.

The video. I just want to make sure I show you what's going on here. My internet is just not loading GHL quickly at all. Man. Okay, there we go. Okay, I've got something coming up. Great. Cool. So I've got Roger's account. I've got my API key right here. There it is. Here's my API right here. So I'm in Roger's account. I'm in settings. I've got my API. I copy that to the clipboard. Now, I come back across to my leads program. I've got Roger over here ready to go. I want to make sure that I've got Roger's API key set in place. So I come up and I go integrations. I come up here and I go, Okay, let's add Roger account up here. Let's paste in that API key that I just copied. Great. So now I've got Roger's account connected. The last step is to make sure that Roger's campaign is set to send to Roger's sub account. So Roger's campaign, come to settings, and I turn off my default CRM and I turn on Roger's CRM. Cool. So now every time I run leads for Roger's campaign, it's going to go into Roger's CRM.

Beautiful. So now what I can do is I've got my $5,000 wholesale package. Roger's just paid me $2,500. I can run three months of leads for Roger without any troubles whatsoever. So every single month, I can be pushing leads into Roger's account for him. He's going to have that, and you can just run leads for him. The API is connected. Every lead search you run is going to go into Roger's account. Everybody's winning. At the end of that three months, you've done this work with Roger and Roger says, Yeah, man, I want to continue on. Cool. Now what you do is you come and create a subscription package, send him a buy link and get him to subscribe to the system and make sure he's set up on his own account. That would be my suggestion, Michael. That's going to be your cheapest way to make sure that you're not exposed, having to buy a license and then cancel it after three months or anything like that. You're going to have leads that you can control, so you know how many that you've sent across to Roger at any point in time. You don't have any risk in terms of getting charged for months that you're not there.

That would be the best suggestion, I would think. And then again, at the end of that three months, they've come to the end of the $2,500 package that you put together. Hey, Roger, if you want to continue on, man, here's the subscription link and get them to purchase their own package from that point.

Roger that.

Good way to go, man.

Yeah, okay. That just added one day of work for me, but that's okay. It's working. Hopefully it's a one day of work. Because I'm going to have to do empathy mapping and ideal client profiling with them for me to be able to note tate what leads to throw in their system. So I'll just do a master class on it and it's all right.

Get them to fill in a form. Yeah, do your master class, get them to fill in a form. The alternative for that is to get them their own subscription and cancel it after three months. Now, you can do that as well, dude. You could come in, you could put the account into their system and run down that path. If you wanted to go that path... So that's the other way to do it, right? So you come in, you buy a license for them. If you're charging them $2,500, maybe you want to come and purchase the license manually yourself. So you've got it. But it's going to hit your credit card. So you're going to be charged for three months at 150, and you're going to have to set a reminder at the end of that three months to cancel it if they don't continue. That is the other path. So the other path is you create a license manually, you come into the licensing dashboard, you say, Okay, cool. I just sold to Roger for $2,500. I want to come into my licensing program here. I want to come and create a package. I can't get him to subscribe to something because he's paying me that $2,500 one-off.

But I can come down and create a package manually. So I can literally come in here and I can say, Okay, cool. I'm going to go and buy another license for 150 a month. And this will just open up a credit card checkout form. So I can literally come in here and say, Okay, I'm buying this for Roger. So I can purchase that license manually separately for Roger. Roger is then going to have his own leads account. He's going to have his own username and password. He's going to have that there. You're just going to need to remember to cancel that at the three-month point if he doesn't decide to go on. So there's the two paths. Either do it wholesale and do it for him at a per campaign basis, or create a license manually and just cancel that subscription after three months if they don't continue. Okay.

Option one seems a little bit more streamlined. On the back end connection and integration with Stripe, would I not just be able to activate the package because it has a Stripe code manually in the back end without even having to send them another buy link.

Yeah, no, you could definitely do that. 100 %. Okay. Appreciate it.

So you're rolling this out on Monday, yeah? Yeah.

Brilliant. I'm doing a lot of transitioning right now. A couple of the biggest life stressors for a male on top of retiring from the army for the last 21 years. I'm actually going to start a new agency just to see if this works. I have my little gimmick and theme.

Can I give you a success point? Dude, I have met and worked with a ton of retired service people, and you guys are freaking phenomenal. You're a tight knit community, you're disciplined and driven, you're focused on service. The community itself is absolutely phenomenal. I've seen a bunch of friends learn and teach and make a ton of money by doing it. So in other words, you get this running for yourself. And one of the most impressive things I've ever seen in the retired servicemen community is when you get something working, all of your colleagues are like, Dude, what did you do? There's this tight knit, Man, we all succeed together. I've got so many good friends, colleagues, customers, and clients that have been with me for so long and guys that I've worked with that find something that works. And then they literally open up almost like a closed door community and they invite other people in. So just map that out. Get this running. Open up a group that says, Hey, if you're a retired service person and you're looking for the next thing in business, do these three things. Go and get a GHL account.

Give them your affiliate link. So now you're earning a recurring income from their GHL sign up. Number one, go and get a GHL account. Number two, go and plug in this white label suite thing. Number three, run this campaign out to these people and you coach the community you provided as a service. Join my community every month. I'm going to help you. So you do it first and then teach and you actually increase your income by bringing in this closed circle of colleagues, retired service people that everybody gets out and they're like, What do I do? I've got skills, I've got leadership, I've got discipline, I just don't know where to focus. And so many people, so many good friends of mine, I've seen create something good for themselves and then teach that in a community of colleagues and retired servicemen, vets, and literally just grow massively as a result of being part of a bigger wheel. So, dude, get this working and then take it into a coaching scenario because your colleagues will really love you for it.

I love the way you think, well, it already exists. It's called here at a mobile. It's how I built my business coaching network.


Our program is actually called the Corporate Cavalry.

Fantastic. I love it.

It's so good. I'm just going to be transitioning them into this lane as well.

Beautiful. So make sure to get them signed up on GHL under your account. Show them how to get them using it. There's so many wins there and everybody's getting those same opportunities that you've got in front of you right now, which is awesome. So good, man. Awesome. You said you had two questions.

I had two partnerships.

Yeah, man, me too. Makes the world go round.

I guess the next couple are just really just quick zingers for things you've mentioned in the past. One, have you changed your stance on LC email yet? Are you still doing mail gun?

No, 100 % LC email. My answer there is LC email all the way. Why? Because GHL are invested in it. Ghl are supporting it. They've made the delivery. My big hesitation at the beginning was the deliverability. They added that quickly. I'm all in on LC email. I want GHL to make a ton of money because we've built our house on this rock. And we get a cheaper email delivery service with LC email, even though it's mail gun in the background, like, we know that. But GHL make 0.01 cent for every email that gets sent out through that program. That's amazing. I want a billion emails going out through LC. So GHL make a fortune. Why do I want GHL to make a fortune? Because I'm building my house on this rock. And if they are profitable and successful, then I've got a business that's going to last me for the next 20 years. Amazing. So LC email is now delivering well. They've got all of the support in the world. They're actively building it out. And I get it cheaper anyway. It's actually cheaper than going direct to mail gun. So LCE, man, all the way.

So best practice for that would be using.

Dedicated.100 %. Okay.100 %. 100 %. Again, that gives you the control to turn it on and off. You get a black mark against one, turn it off, go the next one. Okay.

I don't know if it was last week's video or the week before. I do see the updates in the portal. Step two, boot camp. There was a link you gave out before about a snapshot being able to put that into our client tells.

Yeah. Do you want the link?

Yeah, absolutely.

So what we did there, guys, was we actually... Damn, it took me a hundred plus hours. What we were finding was that most of the people coming in, the biggest struggle they had was not only learning GHL, but then teaching their people GHL. So we created, I'll give you the link, and I will. So I'm putting the link in the chat box right here. You guys can get this as a snapshot and let me show you what it is. That snapshot is actually one of the training modules that we've created for you guys. So let me grab it here. In your training and resources now, when you log in, we had white level suite member one, two, and three. We had the fast sales snapshot, we had the JVs and affiliates. We gave you the million dollars snapshot, the master class, the get leads, get sales. And what we just added was all of this GHL training. So now we have GHL agency set up product for sale challenge, GHL fast wins. There's a whole bunch of stuff that we've added. The one that we just gave you the snapshot for is this one. And you'll notice that the branding is different.

The branding is different because it has nothing to do with white label suite. It does not mention our agency, it does not mention GHL. Whenever we talk about the system in this entire training video series, we talk about your CRM. So let's learn your CRM. You can now grab this as a snapshot, which means you get this entire training module that when you sell GHL, you can now give access to your brand new customer to this entire training sequence, and they can learn GHL start to finish. So that particular one, let's learn your CRM. And the other one in that sequence as well, which is the product for sale challenge. The product for sale challenge gets people to take action quickly. So get a funnel set up, get an opt in form on a page, create an opportunity board, connect up your social media, create trigger links, send out emails, sales pages, and then deliver. It's a two hour course where people can start from nothing. This is a brand new person that you just signed up to GHL and you can say, Okay, do this course. And by the end of the course, they know how to create a form, they know how to create a funnel, they know how to put a landing page together, they know how to make a product for sale, they know how to send out an email.

This course is welcome to my new CRM program. Start to finish. Let's get you up and running. Those two courses are yours in that snapshot that I just shared in the link. And yes, they come in as a training program so that you can then just... Sorry, as a membership course, and then you just give access to that course to your brand new person. White label suite, GHL training ground is the name of the snapshot after import. Yes, that's exactly right. Then it installs unbranded and you're good to go. Grab that one, Michael.

Yes, I'm already loaded up and everything is already in there.

I love it. You can now give access to people, anyone that you sign up, that just helps you teach and on board and keep your customers sticky and using the program.

Yeah. Okay. If we do not want this question, it will be less than a 30 second answer.

I promise you. All right, go for it, bro. We'll see.

How it goes. We can't beat traditional wall on this one.


Is it a bad idea to grab the upgrade to the business coaching snapshot in order to use it to sell first before buying the snapshot, the actual snapshot? Because the upgrade had the prospecting and sales portion of it.

Right. Okay. So the upgrade it makes sense to do it in reverse. The upgrade is how to sell this. You can go to business coaches with a done for you landing page and sequence and go, come and buy this from me. And then when somebody buys it from you, that's when you can buy the actual snapshot to fulfill for them if you want to.

Yeah, that was exactly the game plan. I was just making sure I made sense.

Okay. Good man. Awesome. I'll see you in.

Less than 30 seconds. I promise you I'll save the other three for tomorrow.

Michael, I love it, man. Thank you so much for coming on and I'm looking forward to having you on more calls, too. Thank you so much. Great questions.

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