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Sorry, I didn't realize my phone. My question is about that gift that you just dropped. I'm sorry, I'm going to hop off camera.

You're good. No, turn the camera off.

Okay. I just wanted to ask, that's more so like, say if I get an affiliate for Go High level or someone who wants to build an agency themselves, that training is more for that type of a client, right?

Yeah, great question. So we are giving the gift there. Abby's just asked, can I share the link for it again? Yeah, sure. There you go. We're giving the gift there for everybody that signed up with us. And there's two modules in there, Star, that are unbranded that you can use to train anyone that you sell go high level to. So you can literally give that entire training program to a brand new client of yours, and they can learn Go High Level. So it's designed for agencies. So there's seven modules in there in total, which will install for you. But then if you've got a new client, you've just signed up somebody and they're now using your branded version of Go High level, you can give them those two unbranded modules and they will have a learning program. They'll be able to learn the system. So what we're trying to give you guys is a way that you can onboard people, get them up to speed with using high level and take some of the work away from you guys for doing that. So yes, it's primarily designed for agencies. All seven modules are designed for a brand new GHL agency.

But if you're selling high level, there are two modules in there which you can give to a client that are unbranded. Unfortunately, it's voiced by some Australian guy. So you're going to have to put up with that. But we build all of the demos and everything in an account called the Agency Software, and we've got no branding. Even the logo is just a black square so that we walk through it. And one of the first things I say in that training is, Hey, everyone, you may see different branding. We may have changed the screens by the time you're watching this, but just wanted to give you the frameworks so that we can show you how everything works within the system. So it is a training that you can give to brand new clients as you sign them up as well.

Okay. So basically I would create this membership twice and delete some of the modules for the nonagency folks. Got it.

My suggestion is install the snapshot. And then when you want to create the one that you're giving to your clients, deploy the snapshot but only install the modules of those two. So import the snapshot into your agency and then create a brand new sub account just for my new GHL signups and just insert those two modules into there.

But is this not a membership course then or is it a funnel?

No, it's a membership course. It's a membership course.

Okay. I didn't see why it had a different sub account for it. I guess that threw me off a bit.

No, because what you're going to be able to do is imagine that you just signed up a GHL person, a brand new person in there into your agency. So they're now a sub account underneath you. You can install those modules in their sub account so they have a learning program.

Oh, okay. I thought I would just give them access to my membership course.

If you want to do that, too. But you can do that. You can do that. But you can also when they sign up for you, they've just got a brand new sub account. You can put the membership into their sub account if you want to. Got it.

Okay. I understand now. Thank you so much.

You're welcome.

I love the Australia accent because I can tell everybody my company is international.

Exactly. You can actually tell as soon as you sign up with us, you can say that you've got partners around the world because I think we've got nearly every continent covered. So we're getting there. We got most of it covered. Jay, I'm a bit late. Are there any new snapshots? Yeah, man, we're just releasing we're releasing a massive big GHL training ground. Let me just drop the link one more time. It's pretty much if you're brand new to GHL, if you're just getting started or you want a bit of a brush up, it's a whole big training program. I've given that snapshot as a gift this morning with the understanding that there are two modules still not yet complete. Those two modules are the white label training bit and a training on snapshots. But if you're happy with grabbing it before it starts, there's over 100 hours of training in there. It's a beast. So yeah, you're welcome. We are. I think we're going to be selling it. I don't know. But for you guys, we don't sell stuff like that to you. We want to train you and help you and help you make sales.

So yeah, there we go. I'll probably get in trouble for giving it out too early, but that's all right. I own the place. I can do whatever I like. All right, guys, I've got about 20 minutes left. I'm going to tell Yohan. Yeah, man. Yohan, I had a conversation with Yohan earlier this week, and he was saying something like, You know what? It'd be great if we had this, this, this, this, this, this, this. And I was like, Dude, I've already got that. And he's like, Really? And I'm like, Bro, I've been working over here. He's just like, Oh, this is great. This is so good. So yeah, super cool. Guys, we got about 20 minutes left. If there's anything I can cover for you, what can I do to help you sell your GL? How can I help you make sales this coming week? What can I do for you? If you've got a question, just raise your hand. I'm happy to answer. If not, I can go through some random stuff if you like. Whatever you feel is going to be most helpful.

She raised her hand again. Darn, I got it.

Go ahead, girl. Stars got it. She's got it. You're driving, so honestly, I'm.

Pulled over right now.

I went.

To pick up a package. Okay, so you talked about sales, right? So I'm running the 23 leads. I did get a booking. She was a no show yesterday, so I was like, I need to check my automations. And then I emailed her in live time, like, oh, I'm waiting for you. She still didn't show. So I was just wondering if I should try to implement, like, cold calling. We talked about LinkedIn. I used octopus for LinkedIn, and it flagged me as like, oh, you're using an automation. We don't allow this. I emailed the activists and they were like, oh, no, there's no way that they could detect this. And they sent me this long email of things to do. But then I got scared. So I was like, no, let me just not. So I was just wondering, what do you find people having success with? Is it like cold calling as a secondary thing to this cold?

Great question. And hang on, I should have stopped the.

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