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First of all, welcome to White L evel 3, man. Great to have you with us.

Thank you. Appreciate it. So I had a quick question, more of a basic level question. I actually just got high level two weeks ago ish, I think. Heard about it through...

We just finished a whole big training course on getting started with Go High level. Do you want it? I'll happily give it to you if you need it.

I appreciate that. I would.

Love that. No worries at all. Give me 30 seconds. I'll add it to your account. Guys, do you want you guys want that as well, Sonny? Would that be helpful for anybody if you want some go high level training? So let me drop that in. Sure. Why not? Always a good thing. I think there is 100 hours of It's been my big project for the last 60 days, so I'll pop that in. So that's a high level training. I'll drop that into the account this morning for you guys. Cool. Sorry. Go for it, Richard.

Awesome. Yeah. So I was following... I actually heard about it through Jason Wardrop, and I've been following his course, planning on selling Go High Level. And then I heard about you and White Label Sweet through him. So I got all excited about that. But I was a little confused, and I'm still slightly confused on... Because I know in one of your videos, you said that you create high level accounts for your clients for free, whereas I was planning on selling it two different plans at different prices. Should I just completely forget about that and just give them accounts for free, or do they go hand in hand? Would they be paying both for the Legion software you have as well as the high level accounts?

Great question. When we were selling this as an agency point of view, we almost used high level as a bonus. We're like, Because we were bringing people in on leads because that is what we absolutely nailed down that business owners respond to without question. It doesn't matter whether they're in real estate as Jason's teaching, or whether they're in mortgage brokers, or whether they're a painter, a landscaper, an accountant. It doesn't matter what business they are. Every business needs leads. So we use the leads tool because it opens doors. We were literally go into the business and saying, Hey, would you like some free leads? And they go, Yeah, absolutely. And here's the thing. If you go to a business owner and you go, Cool, here's 500 names and email addresses. Get into it. They're going to look at you and go, What do I do with these? I don't even have a clue what to do with them. So what we used to say is, Well, if you want to get our leads tool, and it's $497 a month, we'll throw in for you this incredible system that will manage the leads, email the leads, follow them up, visualize it.

We'll give you like, we'll give you that for free. So the way high level itself is the incredible part of this whole thing. High level is just freaking amazing. It's so good. And if you watch the webinar, when we went to market just with high level and we were trying to sell a CRM program, businesses had one or two reactions. They were either, Yeah, we've already got active campaign or we've already got infusions. So after we've... Yeah, no, we're good. Thanks. Or they would say, Wow, that looks amazing. Yeah, no, it's too complicated for me. And we were struggling. We could not understand why businesses were so reluctant. But literally, as soon as we started going, Hey, we've got a system that generates leads for you. They'd go, Cool, great. And we'd line it up. They'd go, Oh, we've already got this infusion stuff thing. Don't worry about that. Just run the leads through this program. And when they become a confirmed hot qualified lead, we'll just use Zappier to push them across to your infusion soft. So run both together and like, Oh, great. Fantastic. So in terms of pricing, if you had an idea of what you were going to sell high level at, what value were you thinking to sell high level?

I had two plans. One was a essentials plan and one was a professional plan. The first one, it was like $1.99 a month. And then the second one was $3.99 a month.

Perfect. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. So I would create, in that case, four packages. I would have essentials, $1.99 a month. Essentials plus would be like... Hang on, let me add that together. So that would be like $1.99. Let's go for $4.99. So essentials, essentials plus, and that has the leads. And then I would have premium and premium plus, again, which has the leads. So then you would sell, you'd have those different options there. And your goal is obviously going to be to sell the premium plan all day long. Just thinking about from a marketing point of view, just try this out. Anything in marketing comes with the caveat of test this and get your data because data doesn't lie, whereas opinion has all kinds of emotional attachments to it. In my opinion, you could pitch the leads program at the 499, the basic plus price tag, and you could literally then just show it includes a free premium account or a free basic account. So you could be almost from a marketing point of view, you could pitch them against each other. If you buy the leads tool, we'll give you the basic account for free.

And so that way they see the value of it. So you could say to buy the basic account, you could pay $1.99 a month. But if you buy the leads program at $4.99 a month, we'll give you the basic account for free. It's like, Whoa, why wouldn't I do that? It just psychologically makes it... It already adds that value back into the system. But again, that would be me. I would have four packages or even... That's the way I would do it. Have a plus version which has your leads account in both of your options as well.

Okay, that makes sense. Either way, though, the selling point really, when you're trying to sell a business on it would be.


Lead gen tool. Absolutely. It's like your main selling point. And then from there, it's more of also... Do you bundle it up all together? Because I feel like it'd be hard to sell someone on. Yeah, you pay this amount for the lead gen tool. Also, in order to use it, you also have to buy.

That's why we bundle it together. That's exactly why we bundle it together. As we built our agency, what we found is the leads tool itself, unless a business owner has a system in place, they don't know what to do with leads anyway. Like, legit. Unless they've got something running as in a specific program and process for dealing with these leads. And again, I'll give you an example. I have a client who runs a camping store franchise, so they do all kinds of outdoor camping stuff and whatever. He already had this incredible, massive automation system running with InfusionSoft, and he's got this really super entrenched lead system. Every lead that comes in, he's got 100 follow up things already built and that stuff. He wanted to buy the leads program standalone. So he already had something. He just literally took the leads from the program, pushed it straight into his existing systems. And he's actually been a client for more than three years. So he's just loving it. He keeps asking me for more, which is great. But that is the absolute rare exception. Most of the time, if you just literally went down to the accountant that lives close to you or has an office close to you and said, Here's 500 of your ideal client leads right here in this CSB spreadsheet, they're going to look at you with a glazed look.

They don't even know what to do. Do I get my receptionist to call them? I have no clue. So it's high level. It's the GL component that really delivers the ongoing value to that person. So I never sell them independently unless with that one very rare exception that somebody's already got a very great entrenched system of how to deal with their leads. In that case, cool, standalone, which, of course, you can do as well. But every other case is bundled together. Great question, man. Hey, so...

Yeah, that makes sense. Thank you.

Hey, you're welcome. Guys, let me just drop this in, this extra training. See, you get all kinds of goodies when you come on to the Q&A course. Let me do this. Ron knows that. That's why he comes. Hey, God. Hey, going. Nice to see you. Let me just do this, guys. I'll share my screen and create this login for this extra training for you guys. Let me show you what I'm about to give you, and then you can tell me if you want it. I think that was your account, Richard, the text message story. We weren't able to make the call. When's your onboarding booked, man? Have you got that already in place?

I actually just had it earlier this morning.

Cool. Awesome. How did you go? All good?

I'm still working through all the levels and the different steps.

Okay, man, no worries. Just let us know where we can help. You will find out that our only goal is to help you get set up and running. The reason why that's our evil plan is if we help you sell a lot of licenses, that's how we grow. Our literally public evil plan is to help all of our members sell a heck of a lot of licenses because that's how we win. Everything that we deliver and we give is designed to help you make money. That's it, which is great. It means you've got real partners in the system. So this training that we've just created, I'm proud of it because it's literally taken me two months to create. So we start with agency set up, which is literally C name branding, email and text creation, connecting up your Stripe account, all of that stuff. And then once you've got your agency side of things set up, then you've got this one, which is the boot camp. And the reason this branding is different is because we're actually giving you guys this as a snapshot. You can install for anybody you sell GHL to. Let me show you how many lessons are in here.

I'll just scroll down. This is pretty deep. This is really deep.

So this will be perfect. This will be for a DIY guy.

Yeah, exactly. So this is literally how to completely run the CRM of GHL, how to get to know the system. And then once you've got that in play, this product for sale challenge, this is designed to help you run through a practical exercise in maybe an hour, hour and a half. And it says, okay, create a funnel, create a product for sale, create an opt in form, create an automation that handles that lead. It's literally just step by step. Okay, by the end of this, you'll have an opt in form on a page, an automation that follows them up, a calendar booked in, a product for sale, and delivery email set up and ready to go. These modules are designed to help you when you're just getting started with GHL. So if you like, I'll drop into your account and you can use them straight away. Sonny's saying yes. Yeah, cool. Richard, all yours, man. Appreciate that.

Yeah, that'd be honest. No, no problems at all. That's great, man. Totally. I love it, Walt.

Good job. We have so many people come into White L evel Suite. A lot of our partners, like Jason, like Dominic, who's out there, who's Bridget, who's the guys who are bringing in lots of new GHL accounts. People are coming into WhiteL evel Suite L evel Suite because our partners, Dominic and Jason and all these guys, are super excited about White Label Suite. So this is one of the first things that they tell the new GHL member, go and get WhiteL evel Suite. So we have so many people coming into our world that... Ghl is brand new. We're talking to them about, Come on, set up your automations, get your email campaigns up and running. And they're going, What is a C name redirect? What do you mean an opportunity board? So that's why we said this is an important thing. So let me just get this into your account. I will turn this into a snapshot and pop that into whoever's account. I'll give you guys the link for it right about now.

So let me just go there. So this is like an extended competitor?

No, not too much. Extendly has that live help functionality. So the extended lead crew... There we go, snapshot. The extended lead crew have worked super hard to have all of the help docs and everything. This is more like a... I know they have a knowledge base as well, but this is more like... Yes, it is, but I don't really want to say it because we work really well with.

Extended lead as well. No, it's great because we all need different sorts of content to help us digest Koa high level because it is, like you said, very big.


A lot of things you can do.

It took me so long. I'm a tech guy and it took me months to get to know it. I met a couple of guys in Hey, Mike, great to see you, man. I met a couple of guys in Dallas last year when we went up there. And it was amazing. One of the guys I met, he was saying that when he started, DHL only had the text, mist text call back. That was it. They launched into the world with mist text call back. That was their whole thing. And he said it was really great because they just learned that. And then three months later, they launched the Google My Business chat thing. And so they had three months to learn each module as GHL released it. Now when you come in, it's like...

A fire hydrant full.

Blast on. It is like a fire hydrant, exactly. There we go. That says training frown instead of training ground. Sorry, let me just fix that up. Training ground, there we go. I think now it's so big that it's sometimes just overwhelming in terms of everything there. Guys, I'm trying to set this up. I want to make sure I get all of the right modules in there for you.

If you need someone to talk for you while you're doing this, you can do both things at the same time. I'll be happy to.

Do that. Yeah, you can do that. That'd be great. I just probably need 60 seconds to take this... Actually, you know what, guys? I'll give you this complete. There's two modules that aren't finished. But if you're happy with that, I'll give it to you right now. The two modules that aren't finished are the white label leads program anyway, so it's not going to affect you. But I'll give you everything that's there anyway. There we go. You can have all of this training right now. I'll pop that into the chat. This is like a training right here, watching you do this. To create a snapshot.

Creating a snapshot. It's awesome, man. Once you figure that stuff out, it's like, boom.

Good stuff. I can't believe you nearly swore on my call there, Ron. Once you finish that stuff, I am like...

I once did that with diabetes too when Trey was on the phone this week.

Oh, yeah. I always try and keep it off, but sometimes I get too excited. There we go. So guys, that snapshot will have all of that training in it. It'll install as a membership area, and you can just then go through that. Might grab that as well if you'd like. That's the whole training ground of learning GHL, getting to know it. So definitely, if you start with the agency set up, then you get into the... Then go through the actual GHL piece itself and do the product challenge. Once you've got that up, you'll have a really good understanding of most of the areas of the program. And what I was going to say was... What I was going to say was... I think it's actually in that training. Because there's so much in GLH, it gets overwhelming. And Matt DeSano from HL ProT ools did an amazing training with us. And he talked about, he's got three and a half thousand sub accounts. That's how to build a business. He built that entire business on just four elements of the program. So even now, with the program as big as it is, when he's talking to a business, he does not go into the depth of everything it can do because a business just has no clue on how to get that up and going.

So I think in that one that I just gave you in the trusted partners for growth, is it? Yes, it is, I think. Hl ProT ools. I'm trying to remember where it is. Where did I put it? Introduction, start getting inquiries, GHL agency, snapshots. Here, it's in the fast wins. My apologies. There we go. In that snapshot I just gave you guys, in the module called Fast Wins, getting an ROI before your trial ends, in that module, there's this one called Part 3A, Selling These Wins for Easy Systems. This is Matt DeSano right here. Matt, in 30 minutes, just talks about the four things he focuses on to make sales to agencies quickly. It's really worth watching because it takes away a lot of the confusion of how do I sell this? How do I position it? What things can I do for a client? And Matt's done it three and a half thousand times to the point where he's built up, I think, close to a million dollars a month in residual income from doing so. Yeah, worth listening to. That's part of your training modular as well. So that's the Fast W inds Module 3A, selling these systems for an easy win.

All is there. Good stuff. You guys have got the first iteration of this training, so enjoy.

Hopefully it's helpful for you. Thank you very much. It's awesome.

You're welcome. Let me just click on that. Thanks, Paul. Really, really quick. That snapshot, we downloaded into that's like it downloads into the main agency account, right? Then we have to go to the sub account and separately download it. Great question, Sonny. Great question. When you've got a snapshot, when you import a snapshot, something happens. So you need to be logged in to the GHL version of your account, not your own branded version, the actual GHL version. If you're not logged in and you click on a snapshot link, you see this. It says, Hey, come and sign up for high level. And you're like, Wait.

You're not showing the screen. You need to share the screen.

Yeah, cool. Thank you. Appreciate it. What do you mean? I'm already signed up for high level. Why are you asking me to sign up again? I'm doing an importer snapshot. So that's what you're going to see. Wait a second. So you need to be logged into the actual GHL system itself. So it'll be your brand name. No, it'll be app. Gohhigh level. Yep, always remember app. G oolhigh level. Com. Not your branded version. So we call our branded version Comet Suite, not your branded version. It needs to be the app. G oolhigh level account. And when you're logged in to that and you click on a snapshot link, it shows you this and says, Hey, do you want to import it? Do you want to import this snapshot? Once you've imported this snapshot, and you can see I'm doing demo for E DST right now. Once you've imported this snapshot, then you can import it first to your agency, then you can deploy it out to all of your sub accounts. So to deploy it to your sub accounts from agency view, all you need to do is find the sub account you want to put it into.

So let's say I've got my demo account here. Demo account, demo account, there we are. So I want that snapshot to be loaded into this sub account. Cool. I come down to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You can see the three dots, and I go to Manage Client. Once I'm in the Manage Client screen, up the top right in the actions bar, I go, Load Snapshot. From here, pretty easy just walking through a wizard, I'm going to say, let's drop this in. There we go. No one there. Proceed. And then it says, this is what's going to install. Are you happy with that? And you can say, Oh, actually, all of these custom fields, we've already got them. I can skip them. Yeah, great. I don't need that. I can skip that. You choose what you want. And then it says, Okay, cool. I've checked for conflicts. There's no conflicts. Great. Proceed. And that's it. Now it loads into the sub account. So the two steps to load up a snapshot are first import it into your agency. And then from agency view in your sub account's list, pick the sub account you want to deploy it into and just go down to that Manage Client and deploy from here using the Load snapshot in the top right-hand corner.

Once it loads up, now it's going slow.

Hey, Walt, when you share the web page where it says buy a high level account and you already have a high level account, on the very bottom there, it says you already have it.


You pick that, then it takes it right into it so you don't have to go into.

The app. People are complaining about it. Hang on. By Comet Suite.

You don't have to go into the apps that go into.

High level. This one, member login.

Well, you're not showing the screen again.

Man, sorry. I keep clicking the button. There we go. This is the I'm not logged in version.

Yeah, right all the way down.

Already, I... No, go back up, right under the green button, so start your free trial.

I'm already a high level user.

At that point.

Where does it take me?

It takes you there. You just have to remember it. Then you log into your system.

Nice. Do you know what? How long has that been there? Because every time I answer that question and I have not ever seen it.

I'm not going to embarrass you with that.

Do you know what? There are so many areas that there are still... There are so much stuff. I will have to remember that response for future questions. I love it. That's a really good one. That's great. There are still buttons I have not clicked on in this system, and we are deep into DGHL.

But they're changing it all the time, too. So you don't know what's new, what's old, and what's...

I tried actually when we started, and sorry, I can see that I've got questions there, so I'll never address that. When we started, my job in the company was to keep up to date with all the updates. So it was like, Okay, well, whenever they release a new update, you've got to get that information out to our members and do all that stuff. I went, Yeah, cool, great. And then it's like, Buy a adrant. It's like, New Featured, New Thread. And I'm just going, Oh, my God. And eventually, I just gave up on it. I said, Okay, when something new happens and I find that button for the first time, I'll click on it. Even just creating I don't know. What was it the other day? Creating new automations. And of course, they've changed the screen, creating new custom fields, they've changed the screen, creating new social accounts. Oh, there's AI in there. When I got into the email marketing campaigns, it's like, Okay, add your AI content here. It's like, Man, these guys are just moving so fast. It's very hard. They are. It's awesome.

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