How to Handle Exclusivity When Providing Local Business Services

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Is already giving you white email.

Yeah, I just had a quick question. Change of topics real quick, but is client exclus something that we should ever worry about? Because the niche I'm targeting is landscaping, and I ran an industry search earlier and tried sending it to the CRM. And I was thinking, if I'm trying to help all of these companies in my own area get better Google reviews or whatever so they can place higher up and I'm doing it for, again, multiple clients in the same area doing it for all of them. Is that something we should ever worry about?

Yeah, it's definitely going to be something that you get asked, man. So it's great to have an answer prepared. And what we used to do is we literally used to just run until we got asked it. When we got asked it, we said we're doing it for five. So it goes like this, run it, run it, run it, run it. The first person that pops up and says, Hey, if I sign up with you and my competitors sign up with you, where's the advantage? And we say, Actually, we put a cap on it. We're only doing this for five companies in the area. And that way, it's like you're either one of them or one of your competitors will be. Right. Okay. So you actually turn it to your advantage. Look, we are doing this for five lands. And keep your word. Keep your word. Right. If you get locked into an exclusivity on landscapers as an example, do it for five. Great. Fantastic. We've got five times $500 a month from the landscaping business. You can also then go next city and do it for five landscapers in the next city. Do it for five landscapers in the next city.

There's enough business doing it that way. But you can do for five landscapers, five accountants, five painters, five window cleaners, five roofing companies, five whatever. So that was our rule, which you come up with your own. But we used to run until we got asked that question. So we might have already done two or three clients by that time. And somebody says, Hey, what about some... I don't want everybody to do this. Then we're like, Okay, cool. We're literally tapping this at five. Five businesses in this area that we're doing this service for, and it's either going to be you or it's going to be one of your competitors. So you either get the advantage or they will have it. And that actually puts a bit of pressure on them to come back to you with it. So again, this is just sales stuff, like learning over a lifetime of studying sales. Having those answers in your toolkit helps you deliver that answer effectively and confidently. So know it before they ask you. Yeah, we're actually only doing this for five, and it's either you or it's one of your competitors. If you want that advantage, here's how to get started with us.

That makes sense. And also, like you said, gives them incentive to choose you over letting their competitors. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

Actually, I've been asked that question. I turn it into a close every time. It's like, but if I sign up with you and my competitor signs up with you, aren't we going to be up against each other? And I said, imagine if you don't and they do. So you want to get started? I suggest that you're here first and we want to get this underway for you because I'm going to them next. My meeting with them is in 30 minutes. So we want to go? Let's go. I have had people even in the last month, I have had people say, I'll start with you on the condition that you don't work with them. They name a specific competitor and I'll go, What if they ask me the same thing? And they said, Don't work with me because I'm coming to you. And their eyes go blank for a second and I go, Luckily, you're first. I'm happy to sign that off for you, but if you want me to do that, I'm going to lock you into a 12 month contract. I'm happy to do it for you. I'm happy to do it for you.

You're right. I'll sign it right now that I will not work with name said competitor. But you're costing me money by doing that, by putting that on me. So I'm going to lock you into a 12 month contract. Yeah? Cool. Great. Let's go.

What I've done in the past on that is, well, I'm losing another contract. So what I'll do for you is I'll give you, I will do that, but you're going to pay 50 % of what I would have made from then. So instead of 300 a month, you're 450 a month. And I'll be able to do it for you. And that gives you exclus in terms of that person.

Yeah, absolutely. Great way to go. Awesome, guys. Hey, Dwayne, I've just seen you pop in. Thanks so much for joining me, man. We're just wrapping up our Q&A. I am I've got to ask you... What snapshot were you talking about? Oh, cool. I just gifted to everybody that was here on the call. We just created a massive big training snapshot, and it's not officially released yet, but it's there in the chat if you want to grab it. There is just hours and hours and hours of training and tutorials then that you can actually deliver to your customers. You're more than welcome to grab it. That's a cool stuff. I don't see it in the chat. You don't see it in the chat?

Oh, sorry. I just said it. He's late, so he won't see anything that was put in the chat.

Before he got it. There you go. Let me go again. Done. Try it now.

Do you have to be logged in to see that?

No, you should be able to see it in Zoom chat. It should be right there for you guys.

Got it. Thank you. I see it in the Zoom chat, but when I click on it, it takes me to another crucial.

Tools video. Yeah, it's getting you to sign up for GHL. But underneath that, which Ron just showed us, there is a little button that says I already have GHL, and you should be able to click on that and log into your agency account and you should be good to go. So yes, you have to be logged into app. Gohigh level. Com to be able to import snapshots.

Right. I heard you said earlier, so I've got to change this because that takes me to a different client. Okay, that I've explained it.

You got it. Copy copy and paste it from the chat so you don't lose it when we close the Zoom room. Guys, that will be released to everybody in the white level suite crew. It'll be in your member's area probably within a week or so. But you guys get it first because you were here on the call. Hey, Dwayne, just super quick before I close it off for the day. I feel bad that you've jumped in and I haven't answered the question for you. Was there something specific I can help you with?

No, I was just wanting to learn.

Cool, man. Awesome.

I got a question for you all. Go for it, try it. I was going through part of the training and I got taken to a new page that says the training snapshot modules. Is that the same thing?

Hang on a second.

It took me off on the tangent and I could not get back. There was not a back button. There wasn't anything, but it took me to a page and I've actually got it open. Hold on a second, I'll.

Share it. Yeah, show me. From the link I just sent you?

No, this is from going through part of the training and it just popped up for me. I was like, Oh, this is the snapshot.

Great. Show me. Show me.

I'm trying. Hold on a second. I got 30 windows open. Let me figure out which one.

Only 30? Bro. I remember my first part time job. No, just kidding. You are going to be gone next week, correct? Or no Q&A next week, is that correct? Yeah, no Q&A next week. Next week is we have two weeks per year that we don't go live every day. So next week is that week. No Q&A next week. Got you. But we are on support. The support team is still there. And the Facebook group, of course, if you have any questions. But no live calls next week, only for one week. Did you find it, T ray?

Yeah, I'm trying to open the share right now.

Okay, cool.

Quick question. Is the support team active over the weekends, too? Yeah.

So we have five people full-time during the week and there's two that are working over the weekend. So it might be just a slightly longer turnaround time, but yes.

Are you seeing it?

Yeah, sure am.

Is that the tutorial as a snapshot? Is that the same thing or is this something different?

No, that's something different. So that is for the leads tool itself. So again, that's going to install a member's area. And that is the white label support videos for the leads tool.

For the leads tool. Okay.

All right, cool. So the gift that we're giving you guys this morning is training on GHL. That is the white label support videos of the leads tools. When you sell the leads tool, you give them all of those videos that you don't have to teach them. The video is already done.

Okay. All right. Cool.

If you're ever in this window and you get stuck, just click on the logo in the top left hand corner. That will take you back to the main menu. Awesome. Guys, thank you so much for jumping on. I love these Q&A's. I get to meet you guys and hang out a little bit. Don't forget that we do have that support desk fully manned. Ask any questions in the support group, in the Facebook group as well. Drop into the conversations tab. If you go to whitelablesuite. Com and just hit the GHL chat window in the bottom corner, you'll get one of us as well. If you need anything, ask us. Our job is to help you make sales. So let us do our job by helping you as much as we possibly can. And yeah, we're here to help and support. Thanks, guys. Have an amazing weekend ahead. I look forward to seeing everybody on the next calls in the group and around the campus. All right, guys. Great to see you. Thanks so much. Thanks for coming out. See you. Cheers.

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