How do the two webhook videos help to create GHL licenses

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In Australia. Good afternoon, good evening in the rest of the world. Trey, what's going on, man? How can we help you? Let's see if we can get Trey unmuted there. There we go. Hey, there he is. Hey, bud, how.

Are you? Hey, doing all right. How are you doing?

I'm good, man. Real well, thanks for jumping in.

Got a quick question for you. In the training where you're setting up the web hooks, you have two videos, one after the other. The first one is to deliver the licensing, and it's a simple web hook that you set up inside your dashboard in order to get the license information and send the email to the client. Yes. Right after that, you have another one where you show it in something besides Zappier. It's Ghibli or something?

Pably. Yeah. Which is a Zappier alternative.

Pably. Okay. So and you're setting up another web hook that is used to, I think, update client information and assign a tag. Is that correct?

Yeah. So yes, there's two things there. The first is if you're selling the leads program on its own, so the scenario there would be, I've already got a client, they're already on GHL, they've been with me for two years. They just want to buy the leads program. They just want to update that. Great. Fantastic. In that case, we can use the web hook system within the program to create the license, obviously, that's done when the sale is made. And we can just send that out straight away by pushing that back into GHL, triggering a license email. So there's a client who's been with me for years. He's already in my database. He's just bought the leads program. So the first one is just tag that particular person on the way back in and send them the license email because they've already got everything else. Great. Perfect. The second scenario is where you bundle the leads program with GHL together. So it's like, This person is not on my database yet. They're a brand new customer that has never done anything. So what I'm going to need to do is I'm going to need to put their information into GHL, which is done with the web hook.

But I'm also going to need to create a GHL sub account for them. So I'm actually going to need to create a GHL account. And the only way we can do that is via either Zappier or Pably. So in that case, we use the GHL's own API web hook to create a sub account for that client, as well as put them in the database and send out the license email. So if you've already got the client in GHL, you just need to send out the license email. Great. If you haven't got them in GHL, as in they are not a GHL customer of yours, then we use the P ablio web hook to be able to create the sub account for them as well in the same step. So that way their purchase creates their account, creates their leads license, the sub account in GHL does all those steps as well.

Okay. So that's what wasn't clear because it looked like we were doing practically the same thing, but we may have been updating client information. So when you are using the client ID, which is your preference because sometimes clients don't have their email or don't use.


Is that because that's the part that it was checking and updating any other information it's giving? Correct. That's why you're using the client ID?

Exactly right. Yeah, you got it. Exactly right. The client ID just literally is a very unique identifier for that particular client. The reason we use that ID is because we want to add that tag that does the license email and does all that stuff. That's exactly why we use it.

Right. Then if it doesn't find the client ID, then it's creating the client.

Yeah, you got it. Exactly right.

Okay, that's perfect. Thank you.

Hey, no worries, man. That was a good one to start us off with. I appreciate it. Thanks for dropping in.

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