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We don't really need a magic wand. Say that again. I think even actually for me, I've been with you guys for a couple of months now. I tried all the snapshots and going through. Having thousand leads, it's too much. And I'm getting back to what Avani and I were discussing during our classes. You have thousand leads that you want to pump through and do all that. And I did it several different ways and I'm doing it. But last couple of days ago, I went back to the cold manifesto. You just have to build the experience going through because this area is really new for me. Dora and everybody else has experience in doing this type of business. And when you hear other people... It made a lot of sense to me because like I think you mentioned, actually, when I saw it, I said, it's a great idea. I can find these leads and I'm doing it. I actually did it for a friend of mine that I was helping in marketing through the people search, right? Yeah. Lincoln. And every month I'm getting 200 engineers or electronics buyers. I'm just sending emails out to them.


And to see just basically a very simple line. I hope you're the right person. If not, please forward it. I sent them their PDF catalogue and some people don't. And it's my way of building the list.

I love it, man.

That's such.

A perfect way to go. And we saw somebody, one of our members, Cameron, come through this week and he said a very similar thing. It was like, A thousand leads is too much. So we actually gave him the idea. It was like, Well, how about getting your membership paid for by someone else? And he's like, What do you mean? And so we said, Why don't you approach a local business and say, I have this service that I normally charge $500 a month for, but I'd love to give you a discount. If you would like to sign up, I will do a 500 leads program for you for 150 a month. And the guy was like, Yeah, cool. Credit card. And I was like, Great. Now my white label suite membership was paid for. And he just used the new system in the leads tool where you can click on settings and you can put in a different API key for one campaign. So he literally just said, Okay, there's your account. There's your DHL account. I'm going to put 500 leads into that campaign for you every single month. So he had a client, he had a business paying $150 a month, which means he was basically getting his 500 leads for free.

Cameron just popped up in our support desk saying, Thanks so much. He's got his client, he's got somebody paying for his white label suite license now, and now he's free to carry on.

Actually, I'm going back to what Chris had said, I think a couple of weeks ago. He said that if he had to start all over again, he would do the lead generation type of business. Absolutely. I'm falling back into that because of the vastness and the power of the lead generation that we have. We can go everywhere.


Amazing. Yesterday, you don't keep talking. It dawned on me that my local backyard has plenty of people that need these leads.

Isn't that amazing?

Not everybody can take thousand. It's too much for them. I didn't realize it was just too much for them. Back to what you just suggested. I'm looking for a way to partial those out and to share. So you have to learn. You have to pay your price to learn.

Exactly. Unless you know, you don't know. My 12 year old daughter this week asked mom, How do you make an omelette? S he turned around and she said, How do you not know how to make an omelette? M y daughter said to her, Well, unless you know, you don't know. M om went, You're absolutely right. Unless you know, you don't know. It seems obvious. You crack the egg and you mix some milk and cream and put it like it's an omelette. But unless you know, you don't know. And, Mike, that's exactly right. It dawned on you that, hey, there are literally a thousand businesses within not just driving distance, but walking distance that would love to have 200 leads a month coming in. Because if you're thinking about, let's think about an accountant or a financial planner or even a realtor or someone like that, they don't need 1,000 leads this month. They need 20 good qualified leads. And as Chris said, if he had his time again, he would do a lead generation as a business because the value 99 % of businesses that we speak to just don't do lead generation at all.

I remember being in a business group like B&I but less formal. And I asked a question in one of the things. I said, there's 40 business owners, local business owners, just an electrician and a plumber and an accountant and a solar panel guy. It's just a local business group. And I said, how many of you are spending money on Facebook ads? None. How many of you are spending money on Google ads? None. How many of you get all of your business through word of mouth every time in the room? And I was like, It was such an eye opener for me because I was stunned that so many businesses rely on somebody else's goodwill to keep the wheels turning. And that's great. It's great that you can get referrals. And it's amazing. That's awesome. But you have no control over it. And just doing what we do, being able to put 200 people into an email funnel for a local dentist, brings in five inquiries for the month. And suddenly the business has a scalable, relational, dependable lead source coming in. There's a book called From impossible to Inevitable. It's the name of the book, From impossible to Inevitable.

And what it talks about is creating a dependable lead flow that you can dial up or down depending on how your business is looking. But it needs to be something that you can turn that dial. You need to be able to, Okay, I need 500 leads this month, or, Hey, I've got too many, drop it down. You need to be able to turn the dial. So having what we have in our hands is an amazing thing. A thousand leads is too many. Amazing. That's so good because that gives you the opportunity to actually make money from your cost of white label suite so simply, like just putting a payment button on the page that says, let us email 250 of your ideal clients every month and deliver you qualified leads for $97. And now you can have a smaller entry price. You can sell your service for $97. You can upsell GHL. You can upsell additional services and packages. Yeah, being able to do that. Awesome. So keep learning, Mike. Keep learning. Again, as I said to Dora, keep plugged in. We learn as much from you guys as you learn from us. So keep plugged in.

Keep asking questions and keep coming up with new ways. One of my mentors in the marketing space, a guy named A nick Singhala, once said, He who has the most buy buttons on the internet wins. Whoever can create the most ways for people to pay them money will win somehow, somewhere. If you've got an offer for $97 a month for 250 leads and an offer for $997 a month for your full CRM program and an offer for $497 to do marketing and automation and an offer for $297 to build websites. And he who has the most buy buttons on the internet will win. So it's not a bad philosophy. So good to see you, Mike. Thanks so much for staying tapped in, man. Let's jump back.

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