How Does Ringless VoiceMail work in GHL - An Influencers Strategy

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Daryl's question, how does the ringless voicemail work? Do you do one at a time? Can you do them in bulk? Let me tell you a story. You can do it in bulk, but be aware and have caution. The story is we have a client who is a bit of a celebrity. She's an influencer. She has a very, very large following. And she was excited to do the ringless voicemail because of who she is, she has a little bit of a wow factor when the phone rings and it's this particular person on the other end of the call, the reaction is, I got a call from this person. It's amazing. And so she had 230 something, 235,000 people on her database. Not that she sent the ringless voicemail to them all, but she segregated and she ended up with her A clients. And it was amazing for us to see this process, by the way. So her A clients were companies that were doing 10 million and above. And she ended up with 260 clients in her database that were doing 10 million and above. Pretty amazing to be even able to reach those people. So we set up a campaign and did an automated voicemail to 260 people.

Not 260,000, 260. But what happened next was a massive lesson because 260 people got a ringless voicemail now instantly. But the ringless voicemail is not technically ringless. What actually happens is it calls the number and hangs up straight away and then calls the number back immediately. And because that number is still dealing with the last call, the second time it automatically diverts to voicemail. So you know yourself, if you call a friend, if you call someone and you hang up straight away and then you call them back immediately, it'll go to voicemail. It's not technically ringless. What it's designed to do is hang up before that first actual ring. But people who are in the room... Well, I guess anybody who's got their phone on hand and sees a missed call, that's technically what happens is that their phone goes and they look and it says missed call. They're like, Man, I didn't even hear that. Meanwhile, the voicemail is leaving the message. But what happened was human nature, and something that we didn't count on, is that people called it back immediately. People called that number back. And those 260 people, immediately, not all of them, but I think of 40 or 50 people, immediately hit the call back.

And so her phone went nuts, absolutely crazy. And she was overloaded with callbacks with people calling back. So yes, you can do it in bulk, but I strongly suggest that you have a process in place to handle bulk callbacks. So whether it's just switch your phone off and it's a voicemail that says, Hey, thanks so much for calling us back. We're excited to work with you. Please fill in your details on this website or whatever it might be. Have a process in place to deal with callbacks because the ringless voicemail is absolutely amazing. It's not technically ringless. You can do it in bulk, but human nature is people call back a missed call, which we didn't count on. I guess that's the easiest answer, Darrell. Make sure you've got a process in place for if people hit that call back button. So yes, you can do it in bulk, but make sure you've got something there to catch that influx as it comes in. Cool. Awesome. That was an interesting campaign to watch it unfold. So as I said, our client, I can't tell you her name, but she's an influencer. She does stage presentation.

She's got millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook and LinkedIn and every other platform you can imagine. So when she waves the flag, there's a lot of people that come in. And so that ringless voicemail was it was an amazing campaign to see it. And the second time she ran up, which was like a month later, we had that in place where the message was a very simple call to action. It was, Hey, thanks so much for calling. Now you've got this number in your phone, send a text message, send this word as a key word to this number as a text message, and we'll ship you a free gift, which was cool. So it was like, the call went out. It's a celebrity voice. People call back the number that they missed, hoping to speak to the celebrity person. And the voicemail was like, Hey, thanks so much for calling back. Now you've got our number in your phone. We can have a great relationship. If you text the word gift to this number, we'll ship you a free gift. So then that was amazing because people now had the number they could text to that number that they just called.

They texted the word gift. She sent them a PDF and a video of the next thing, and the PDF had a QR code on it, and that was leading into her coaching program. Amazing to see that work and put it together. That text, the word gift turned into her stage presentation as well. Because it worked so well, she was able to stand up on stage and say to people, Have you got your cell phone in your pocket? Great. Take your phone out, take a photo. While you got your phone in your hand, text the word gift to this number and I'll ship you a free gift. And the text, this word to this number and we set up the automation. So the automation, the trigger was when customer replies and keyword includes gift, send this, which was again a PDF with a QR code and whatever, and worked exceptionally well. Long answer to a short question. Darrell, yes, you can do it in bulk. Make sure you've got something ready to handle the callbacks. Cool question, man. Thank you so much. Hey, guys, we've got.

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