Getting Started With GHL - What to Sell to Make Money Quickly

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Are you doing, Todd?

I'm super new to all this, to high level, and you guys, not even a month in. So I've been using the time to rack my brain and learn. Of course, there's so much in GHL. But I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking that it would be better for my brain and also maybe better for business to focus on a few tools within GHL and also your lead gen tools. I'm wondering, since you guys have experience, Dora and Mike, and you, of course, Walt, too, what do you think would be the most, I guess, lucrative or best services to start out with, just taking a few and focusing on them for local businesses specifically?

I'm going to ask you to do 30 minutes more of knowledge plugging in because in our Facebook group was a call with a GHL legend, a guy named Matt DeSano. I will grab that link if I can and see if I can send you that link in our group. It was only about three or four weeks ago, so it might have been just as you were getting started or before. There I go. I've got the link. I'm going to grab you the link right here.

While you're getting that, I just wanted to share with Sonny, for me, learning this tool, the first thing I did was just have a website with a Twilio phone number on it and then create a workflow to manage when calls were answered and not. I did that for a period of time and then I expanded into other things. But for me, just having a phone number was.

The first step. So tell me about it. So you set up a service where somebody calls a number and you had an automation in the back end that answered that or messaged that number, took an inquiry, qualified a person whether they want to quote or something like that, and you were selling that as a service.

We lost you for a moment there.

Oh, I'm sorry.

That's okay. What I was doing was I had what's called a rank and rank site. It's literally just like a local SEO. It was for concrete in a specific town near me, concrete contractors. I had a GMB and it was ranking high in Google and started getting a lot of calls. It was actually a WordPress website. A ll I did was put a Twilio phone number on it and then track it in my version of GHL, which is Leadific. And just with that one phone number, I then started feeling more comfortable and creating automations. I was tracking when calls came in when they were picked up because I was working with the contractor when they were picked up and then when they weren't. And then I created a pipeline to track initial call, whether or not the call was scheduled, when it was time for me to invoice, because in my journey, I ended up creating an opportunity where the contractor was paying me 5 % of each job that I gave him. He wanted more customers. He was willing to drive traffic. I was clueless about concrete, but that didn't matter. I was able to, and actually I still have the relationship with the customer, so I'm still sending him clients.

I'm now having a virtual receptionist involved. Lovely. Wow, that's so cool. But that's how I did it. It was simple with just a phone number.

That is amazing. When GHL launched, the only feature they had was the missed text call back. That was when they launched. That was what they launched with. They launched with, you've got a phone number and you're a contractor and you're on a job and somebody calls you. And if you don't pick up that call, you missed that job. And they literally launched with missed text call back. The phone rings, nobody answers. And then the media text, Hey, sorry, I missed your call. How can I help you? And that door is amazing to hear that that's where you generate it. That link that I just put in the chat there, Sonny, that's Matt DeSano. Now, Matt runs HL ProT ools, which is an amazing support system for anybody running high level. But one of the things he said on the call was that he makes a ton more money from his GLH agency than it does from HL ProT ools. He's got 3,000 paying monthly members of his GLH account, which puts him into super star status. Wow, you get 3,000 people paying you 300 bucks a month. It's nearly a million dollars a month in residual income.

So it puts you into superstar status. What he talks about in that interview, it's 35, 40 minutes. He gives four key features of GHL. And he said, don't go to business just with anything outside of the things that these four programs can do. And I'll see if I can remember them off the top of my head, but Mystic's call back is one of them. So he goes to market and says, For $2.97 a month, when your phone rings, I'll do this. I'll message them, I'll see if they want a quote or service call, and I'll route that call to the best person. That's service number one. Service number two, when we connect your Google My Business to an instant chat system, Google gives you a bump. Because you've now got live chat enabled on your GMB, Google will actually push your listing up because you've got that instant response functionality and that's what Google wants to promote. So for 297, I'll do the mist text call back. I'll connect up live chat to your GMB and I'll automate the response on that. I'll set up an automated review system. So when a customer comes through your door, two days after, we'll send them a review request.

So I'll help you get more reviews. And the fourth thing I think he said was... Trying to remember this. It was four main things. Mystic's call back, GMB chat, automated reputation boost, and something like... It might have even just been keep all your contacts and one database. I can't remember the fourth one, but watch that video. So he built 500 businesses at 297 a month just with those four things, without websites, without funnels, without anything other than those four things. And when you're getting started, Sonny, it's so easy to go, Oh, my God. This is too much. I can't even get my head around where to start. And so that interview with Matt was fascinating because it was like, we all make things too difficult. Businesses just want one thing. They want more business through the doors, which is why our leads tool resonates so well. Don't complicate it. Just if you can offer those four things and you can have the simplest, ugliest website in the world that just says for $2.97, I will do these four things all day, every day. And take some of the testimonials from the Facebook group and just say, I always say when you get started, you can use borrowed authority.

The testimonials are not yours, but you can say something like stories from customers that have used these services. Stories from customers that have used these services. Facebook, go into the high level group and just look for that couple of frames. Stories from customers who have used these services. And then somebody says, oh, can I speak to such and such? So you've got your testimony. You'll say it's actually a colleague of mine that we run the same system together. They're not my client, but they're using the same services. Be honest, make sure you've got that. But 297, these are the four things we can do for your business, storage, and customers using this service, contact us for more information and keep it simple. You don't need to change the CRM. You don't need to get them to move their website from WordPress to you. You don't need to run their Facebook ads or do anything else. If you just set up those four core services, that is worth $2.97 to a business all day, every day, and it's very low support for you. Give it a shot. Beautiful.

Thank you.

Awesome, man. Hey, guys, thank you so much. Thanks for jumping on and for dealing with Chris and Johan at the beginning, and they were covering me for not being able to be here right on the hour. Guys, it's Friday, the second of June 2023. What are you going to do in the next seven days to make your business grow? Keep in touch, keep plugged in, let us know how we can help. Don't forget, we have Q&A's every weekday. We have onboarding three times a week. If you're struggling with getting started, get into an onboarding call. We have our master classes once a week. We have our Facebook group, which is an incredible group of 1,400 GHL agency owners. And the sharing in there is great. Ask questions. If there's anything I've learned in life, it's the fact that there are smarter people than me. And if I have the ability to ask a question of somebody who's done it before me, then I can accelerate my growth rapidly. So get into the group, be involved, meet people. There's incredible people there and spread the word. Let us know how we can help you guys out.

Have a great weekend ahead.

Before you.

Go, what was that website? What was that group? The Facebook group? Anna, are you not in our Facebook group? Oh, my Lord. Jump in. I don't think so. Wow. This is our Facebook. Com groups white label suite. There it is. Okay. Jump on in. That's also in our members area. If you're watching this on a replay that's in our members area, click up the top. It says join our Facebook group. That will take you straight to there. And get involved. We'd love to see you guys. All right. Have a great day, everyone. Okay. Bye now. Great to see you. Bye. See you, everyone.

Cheers. Thanks, guys.

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