All the snapshots with White Label Suite and How They Fit

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It just like we're about to do for Sonny. Hey, Sonny. Thanks so much for joining us, man.

How are you doing?

I'm great, man. I'm great. Where are you joining us from?

I am from California, Bay Area, across the Bay from San Francisco.


Amazing. It's been cloudy here, but it gets.

Cleared up. Beautiful. We're with a name like Sonny, I'm sure, that doesn't bother you too much. So it should be good to go. What's that say again? I said with a name like sunny, a cloudy day shouldn't bother you too much. Good to see you, man. How can I help you?

I just recently saw, I don't know if it was on your YouTube channel or one of your videos or something, I saw you mentioned something about million dollars snapshot. I just didn't... If you could just briefly explain what that is. Yeah, sure. What it costs, or if it costs.

It costs nothing. Let me just make a note there. Okay, cool. Yeah. So you've joined us with white label suite. You've got four, I think, or maybe even five now, snapshots in the members area. So sometimes it gets a little bit confusing as to which one do we use and how do they all fit together. Let me apologize in advance and subject you to my very talented whiteboard drawing skills. So can you guys see my whiteboard right now? There are a bunch of snapshots in the members area, and so let me just draw out what they're for and how best to use them. So we start with the 23 Leads snapshot. That is the one that made us famous, and that's the one that we suggest everybody gets up and going quickly. So the 23 Leads snapshot is designed to bring in inquiry. So you can go to market and offer people 23 leads. You've got a way for them to opt in. You can then follow them up. You can get people on a demo. This is the one that is designed to fill your calendar. The million dollars snapshot is more of a million dollars snapshot is designed to set up your agency.

So agency set up. This is for businesses. If you're just getting started, you haven't really got your branding together yet. You haven't put up a site for advertising your business. What this is designed to do is have a short intro video and then a longer seven minute demo of the lead system. And it's not a placeholder, but I guess it's an agency site. So it has follow ups behind it. It's got an email sequence that's there, but it's literally designed to be a website. So when somebody says, Have you got a website? You can say, Yeah, and you can point them to a landing page, get them to opt in when they watch a video. Again, it's got the principles of somebody lands on my page, I want to capture their data, I want to get them into my sequence. And it's a little bit more generic than the 23 Leads. 23 Leads is specific, come and get leads from me. I'll show you how. The million dollars like, I've got an agency, this is what I do opt in to get more info thing. The other snapshots in the system are, if I go here, the other snapshots are a client set up snapshot.

Once you have a client, you can install and this has got the email sequences and the automations and stuff like that that drive the cold email. So you can install that lead system for them. And as I count, we've got two more. So you've got two more snapshots in your kit. The next one is the fast sales snapshot. This is a cool one. If you've already got existing clients, existing GATL clients, this is designed for you to intro the new leads tool that you've got. So you've got already existing clients, you can just bang out some quick, Hey guys, great. Thanks so much for being a customer. Come and check out our new leads tool. The cool thing here is also you've got a splash page. What's a splash page? What we teach in our onboarding is put a custom menu link in. So anybody that's a customer will see that you've got your leads tool. What the splash page is designed to be is, if they aren't a customer of the leads tool, they see a page that actually lets them buy it. That splash page in the fast sales bonus fast sales snapshot is a really great idea.

So put your splash page in, put your custom menu link in. And when somebody clicks on lead generation, if they're not already a client, you can literally get them to put their credit card in. So that's a good one to have. And then the last snapshot there is our tutorials. So the tutorials, and I've spelt that badly, forgive me, tutorials. The tutorial snapshot is so that you can one click install the white label tutorial videos into your own members area. So then when somebody buys the links program off you, all you need to do is give them access to that members area, and they've got all of the tutorials for the Leads tools. So designed to help set up and support. So yeah, the million dollar agency, the million dollars snapshot doesn't cost anything. It's in your members area. If I jump in there, let me just see if I can point it out where you might find that. And it should be in level two, I think. 23 leads snapshot is in level one. Level two has got It's either level two or level three. Level two has got There's the client delivery snapshot. That's the second one there.

Sorry, there's the client snapshot there. There's the tutorial snapshot. So the million dollars snapshot might be in level three. Let me push it back. There's the bonus snapshot. You should have that one as well. That's the one that's got the splash page in it. So that's the one. If you've already got existing GHL clients, it's got a good landing page, introducing the lead system and a splash page. Level 3, let me just see if the million dollars snapshot is here. Call the clicks, better presentation. A million dollars snapshot, there it is right there. Again, it's got how does it work? What's it for? Setting up your custom values. How do the automations all come together? That's in level 3, Sonny.

In level 3? Okay, perfect.

No charge for that one. Just jump on in. Our job is to help you make sales. We've got, I guess, a ton of just material that you can use to get in there and promote yourself, get some leads in your calendar. So yeah, go and grab them all, man.

Beautiful. Appreciate it.

No worries, man. No worries. Thanks so much for jumping on. Absolutely. So guys, we've got about 27 minutes left of our call. If there's ways that I can help you, let me know, and I'm more than happy to run through anything. As we covered off with Darrell, sometimes we don't have the answer, and then it's a race to see if we can find the answer for you. So if you've got any questions, let us know. Dora, lovely to see you. How's life with your system with Leadific as a rebranded version of GHL? How are you doing over there?

Oh, excellent. I'm actually just wrapping up my day job, so that's why I'm not on camera yet.

Okay, no problems. What's your day job?

I'm an IT project manager.

Oh, cool. Amazing. And you're building out an agency just to be that extra side hustle gig?

No, I would consider it more than a side hustle. I have large goals, let's just say. Nice. Yeah. So.

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