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Do you want to share screen or do you want me to show you from this end? If you want to share screen, I can help you steer it all the way through.

Okay. All right. Let me...

Don't feel you have to. Anna, if you'd rather that I can send you a Loom video, we can do it via support. But if you'd like me to do it, I can do it with you right now.

Yeah. Probably if you send me the Loom video. I'm not really prepared.

It takes me a while just to try to navigate.

I understand. Let me.

Record this. It's frustrating for me.

I get it. Don't forget that our entire team are there to help. So dropping in a support ticket, the guys will always send the Looms through or jump on a call with you if need be. So I'll just show you just briefly and then drop into support and ask the specific question and we'll get there. So let me just do a quick screen share. Once you've installed the snapshot, so if you bought a snapshot, the first thing first thing that you need to do is import that snapshot into your own... I've done that. That I did. Yeah, perfect. I'll just run through that very quickly for anybody that's watching this as a recording. I'll just quickly show you that step, even though I know that you've done it. I'm going to grab a snapshot from a spreadsheet that I've got here. Here's one right here. Okay, cool. So you guys can see my screen, right?


Okay, cool. So making sure that you're logged into the GHL agency dashboard. When I log into my own account, I log into a C name redirect, CometSuite. Central. C ometsuite. Com. But you need to make sure that you're logged into the GHL window, which is always app. G hl, I believe. No, it is your own name, your own name, your own business name. Gohhigh level or high level.

I thought it was app.

Gohhigh level. You are right. My memory is killing me. App. High level. Typing. High level. App. High level. Com. Let's go. No, app. Go high level. Com. App. Go high level. There it is. Memory failing me. What's going on? Memorial Day weekend. Sorry. Memorial Day weekend. I didn't realize that it cancels the memory. So make sure that you're logged into app. Gohigh level. Com. Once you're logged in, you can see I'm logged in here, when you click on a snapshot link, so somebody just gave you a snapshot, you're going to be able to open up that link and it's going to give you a window that looks like this. And it's going to literally say, do you wish to import this snapshot? And we say, yes. If you're not logged in to the app. Go high level and you click on a snapshot link, you're going to see this. Hey, make sure you sign up for high level. Dude, I already own high level. Well, you need to be logged in. That's our first step. So once you've logged in and you import the snapshot, that's where you're up to, Anna. So you've imported the snapshot into your agency account.

Great. How do I now use that snapshot and get it into my client's account or set it up? There's two ways. So once you've imported it, you will then see all of your snapshots here. So where are we? We're in the agency dashboard. In settings, you will see snapshots right here and you will see all of your snapshot. It takes a few seconds to load. Here's all your snapshots. Here's all of the snapshots you've imported. It takes a few seconds to load. Waiting, there they all are. Here's all of the default ones. Here's all of the snapshots across the screen here. I've imported it. Great. What do I do now? If you've got a brand new a new account, somebody just signing up with you. So it's, Hey, welcome on board and nice to see you. Let me set up your account. This is the first way to install a snapshot. So we go down to sub accounts. So again, we're in the agency view. We go down to sub accounts and we come over here and we say, Create a sub account. And when you do that, the first thing it asks you is, when I create this sub account, do you want me to install a snapshot at the same time?

So you can then find, if you've imported the snapshot, you'll find them here. So you've got the ones that GHL provide, the own ones that you've created, and any that you've imported. So now I can say, yes, I want this particular snapshot installed in this account when I first set it up. So that's the first way of getting a snapshot into an account. When you first create the sub account, the screen that they show you is, do you want to create the sub account with a snapshot already installed? And you can choose one and install it from there. But what if you've already got this client on the books and this is something that you've sold them? So for example, with the business coaching system, Anna, you've got a business coach, they're already a client of yours. And we've now said, Hey, I've got this great new system. If you pay me $500, I'll install it in your account and it's pre done templates and everything ready to go. If you've already got the client in your sub account list already, and let me find one that I've got here. Let's say that this is my client.

This is the client that I want to install a snapshot on their account. What I do in that example is I find them in my sub account's list. Here they are. And in the bottom right-hand corner are these little three dots. And these three dots, one of the options here is Manage Client. And if I click on that, it's going to open up a new screen, which is this one, which tells us that we can offer WordPress and we can turn them on to SaaS mode and we can do a few other things and bits and pieces here. So once you're in this screen, up in the top right-hand corner under the Actions button is an action that says, Load the snapshot. And I can load the snapshot right here. Now I get to choose from my list of any snapshots that I've imported. So these are all of the snapshots that I've got. And you can see again that they're categorized. So I've got imported, I scroll down a fair bit and I've got the own. These are snapshots I've built. And then I think these are the snapshots that GHL make available as well.

So I'm in my sub account, I've said, install the snapshot, and now I can choose the snapshot and click on proceed. The next thing it says is, okay, when I installed this snapshot, here's everything that's going to insert. It's going to give a calendar, it's got custom fields, it's got all of this stuff that's going to insert here when I run this. And I might say, That's okay, but I really don't want to import this calendar because I'm already running a calendar. So I choose to skip that. And funnels and websites, that's great. The pipeline is okay, but I don't need the review settings. So I might choose to skip the review section. So I can choose which assets are going to be installed and which ones I want to skip. For 90 % of the time, you're literally just going to say, get everything. I bought the snapshot for a reason. Give me everything. So now we're going to say, yeah, install everything. All of these assets, I want them. So we say, okay, let's go. And then it's going to say, okay, before you install of these assets, let me just double check that you're not going to override anything.

And it says there are a few conflicts. Which ones do we want to overwrite? And I can click this button and I can say, it's that damn review settings. Every time it's the same, any snapshot you insert, always the review settings are going to need to be overwritten. So I can just choose, you know what, skip or overwrite. I would choose skip. Don't overwrite anything that's existing, just skip it. And then that's the last step, you click on proceed. So again, in steps, we're in the agency dashboard, we come to our sub accounts list. So from our sub accounts, we search for the one that we want to use. We find the account that we're talking about. The bottom three dots in the right-hand corner, we choose Manage Client. And from the Manage Client screen, which is this one, we go to the Actions button and we say, Load the snapshot. And then we choose the snapshot from the list, let that load. We just go through the wizard and choose install everything, double check for conflicts and proceed as the last step there. Is that helpful, Anna?

Yes, it is. Still dropping the support to you. That makes it a little bit easier. But from what I understand, looking at the things in the store, you also will do my Twilio. You also do all that other stuff, too, right?


Yeah, absolutely. But this did help because it gets very confusing.

I know. It's so much.

To take in. You know what I'm saying?

I was lucky enough. Let me click on... So hopefully that's a good little lesson on deployment. 

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