Some sales tips - how to take control of the sales call

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Doing Grace, my favorite time of the week.

Thanks, man. Mine, too.

I love it. Wednesday calls, of course.

Fantastic. Thank you, sir.

How's the week been? Good. I had a demo call this morning, actually, and that's what I'm here for, get someone's advice, tell everything on it. So pretty much what happened was I didn't close her on the call, but I have a good feeling I'm going to. But can't count your chickens before they hatch. So pretty much what the situation was, it was a very long call. It was an hour and a half. It was really only supposed to be 30 to 45 minutes. And part of it was a little... She had some tech issues on her side. Her computer wasn't working and everything, so that was part of it. But for those longer calls, I guess my... And she's also a talker, which is good. She was telling me all about the business. She was talking herself into it. But I guess the question would be, how do you reframe the call when it starts getting so long? And then you're asking at that point of, oh, so what's the cost? But you don't want to just rush that end of the actual sales part of it where you actually tell them the cost because then you can't really deal with the objections and all that.

I could tell she had to go. I don't know if I should have... And she was asking what the cost was. So I don't know if I should have told her what the cost was and then rush that end part where I'm sure she'd have some objections. Or should you just not tell them the cost and say, Hey, let's schedule another call. It's awkward because they already got so far in the call. So that's where I'm ducking at it. It's coming to the time.

It's a juggle, isn't it? Sales is about that relationship and that trust between the two people. First thing first, anytime anybody asks you the price, never hide from it. You know as well as I do when you ask somebody the cost and they go, Oh, well, it depends. Like straight away, it's like, Dude, you're about to stiff me. I can completely feel that you're trying to weasel your way through this. Even that age old sales training line that goes, Before I tell you the cost, let me explain the value. No, dude, I sat in front. I remember this so clearly. My father, I grew up on a farm and my father was trying to buy a big tractor to work in the field. And we're talking $200,000 30 years ago. This is a serious, serious, serious transaction. And dad sitting in front of his tractor dealer, I'm sitting on his right-hand side and dad says to him, So with all of everything that we've lined out, how much is the cost? And the guy, he did say the cost, but then he did something stupid afterwards. He tried to justify it. And he said this, he goes, Oh, it's $212,000, Mr.

Baylor's. But let me tell you, and as soon as he did that, I immediately saw my father's trust go bottom out. So delivering the price to me is an important part of the transaction, and I feel like you need to do it in a specific way. So again, this is just opinion, not fact, Ethan, but that's what you come to the Wednesday calls for, right? This opinion, not fact. So when I deliver a price, I pre frame it with a special offer and I deliver the price clearly. So what do I mean by preframe it with a special offer? I always double the price and half it. So if we charge $300 a month, what I will literally every single time I will, anytime anybody asked me the price, I have it pre framed in my mind. Our price is normally $600 a month. We've actually got a special one at the moment which is 50 % off.


Straight up. So I'm able to deliver that every single time. And if you go to my website, it is the $600. And people will go there and see, Cool. I literally have that ready in my mind. So somebody says, What's the cost? Now, the other thing with that is always deliver it. Never skip around it. Again, for that dodgy reason. So the person says, How much is it? You want to say, Well, Josephine, thanks so much for asking the question. We're normally $1,000 a month at the moment. We're doing a $4.97 special and happy to send that through for you on an email, etc. So end of the call, Hey, I need to get this out. I would make sure I deliver it. And then I would follow it up with an email and a little personal video. So, Hey, Josephine, thanks so much for the call. It was really great to see you. We covered this, this and this. I feel like we can do this, this and this for the business. Just to reiterate, our price is normally $1,000 a month. We've got the special at $4.97. Let me know if you want to go ahead.

Again, to me, to have that... Whenever you're a trades person, you need your tools. And to me, being able to deliver the price in a confident manner is a tool that you need to have in your kit and you keep it sharp. And that's literally my every single time. Double it and half it and follow it up with a justification. So it's like, Josephine, thanks so much for the meeting. But again, so let me ask you, what did you do? Did you deliver the price or did you tell her you'll get back to it?

So I delivered the price. Well done. The other caveat too was that right before the call, I was looking through my just prepping and everything. And then I realized that I wanted to up my prices. So I came out with two packages. I said, There's the done for you. You just get the software, you write all the emails, you do it yourself. There's some training, of course. Or it's done for you, where I'm the one actually writing the emails, copywriting, making your landing pages and all that. And I just put that in last minute. So I didn't train myself on it enough to like, what's the difference between the two packages and all that? So I screwed myself a little bit on that side.

You never have, bro. You never have. So I still reckon the very best follow up is a personal video. You've never screwed yourself. Chuck on Loom, pop your website up on the page. Loom in the corner of the video and talk to her personally. Hey, Josephine, nice to see you. Thanks so much for the time. As you can see on the price, these are the packages. It was great to see you. I'd love your thoughts on which package you prefer so that you can I wouldn't say I recommend this package because whichever choice you make will be wrong. So I would invite her to choose her package. So I'd be saying, as you can see on the website in front of me here, we've got those two packages. I'd love to know your thoughts as to which one you prefer. As we mentioned on the call, it's a special offer that we've got right now or something like that. Even if you haven't said that, you can literally say it in the Loom follow up. The prices that we've got are obviously special offer right now and we'd love to get you in on this lower price before it goes up.

Please let me know how you'd like to go ahead thing. Good job, man. Well done. You've got an opportunity to close that sale. That's awesome.

I definitely think it's going to go well. Of course, I don't want to count my tickets before they hatch. But I also her.

Time the.

Question of the Yeah. And it wasn't really a question of a yes or no. It's really which package she wants to do. And she's doing TV ads or something, too. So she needs to figure out her budget of which one she wants to go with. So is there any way to... I can't really collect a deposit or something or anything like that. Is there any way to solidify her on the call without her going to another call of.


Package you're able to do?

Yeah, absolutely. So I do recommend putting a timeline on it, scarcity. So as you mentioned, you are going to double your prices on the site. Great, fantastic. Do a clone page in GHL. Make sure you've got the special offer page with... Even with us, we've got fast track is free. But if you go to or sorry, Fast Track is free. Sorry, Fast Track is $2.97, but if you go to Fast Track Secret, it's free. So make sure you clone the page and have your reduced price on a hidden link so that you can show people that. But is there any way of solidifying it without another call? Absolutely. Client's name, I keep using Josephine. I hope that insert client's name here. That works. Hey, Josephine, so great to spend the time with you on the call. These are our two packages, as we mentioned. I'd love to lock you in on this price before our price rise goes through next week. If you'd like to do that, we can secure that with $100 deposit. Here's my Stripe link for that $100, and then you can tell us which way you want to go from there. Definitely scarcity is probably the markete r's oldest trick, and there's nothing worse than false scarcity.

Our prices are going up next week, and then, hey, Presto, guess what? They didn't. You shoot yourself in the foot for anything else you want to do in the future. But if you are genuinely planning on putting your prices up anyway and do that clone page thing, make it known. Just say we have got a price rise coming through end of May. If you want to lock in the lower price now, we can definitely hold that for you with $100 deposit, fully refundable if you don't go ahead or something like that. Take the risk away.

Okay, that definitely makes sense. Then the last part is the timing. If I could have a feeling it's coming up on that end of time, they've got another meeting or it's dragging on a little bit, would you recommend... At what point is it like, Let's just get another call, then we can finish off, or is it... Because I don't want to get rushed towards the end.

Yeah, Ron, go for it.

The very beginning.

That was going to be my comment too.

We both are very busy people. We scheduled this time for an hour. I hope you can appreciate my time as much as I appreciate your time. So if we can't get it done in an hour, we could revisit. But that way there, she knows or he knows that you're going to stop it. But again, if you're talking and they're asking a lot of questions and you're engaged, you can still control that because you gave her that hour. But at hour and five minutes, you can then say, Hey, you're asking great questions and you can stop it, or whatever. That's just my two cents.

No, absolutely. I think I can almost hear Ethan's fear in his voice. I don't want to get back on another one and a half hour call with a person and not be able to close them. So I would literally make sure that that's known in your follow up. So again, hey, Joseph, it's great to spend the time with you. I know you had a bunch of questions. This is our offer. If you've got any further questions, please reply to this email and I'll make sure that I detail those out. If you'd like to go ahead, please let me know when we can schedule a call to actually get started. Don't jump back on another call without setting the expectation that the next call is to get started. It's a starting meeting. So it would be like, please let me know if you've got any other questions. We'd love to do business with you. If you're keen to go ahead, that's fantastic. We can schedule in your kick off call. What date suits for you? Again, assumptions closed, right? What date suits for you for our kick off call? So the next call is the call that we're going to have to actually start your project.

It's not another Q&A session.

Okay. This might be a little bit situational, too. But like Ron was saying, we had the time, 45 minutes. Towards the end, I told her, I was like, Oh, we only got a couple more minutes in the call. But then she started asking questions and then we started jiving a little bit and it just kept going. I look at the clock again and it's like an hour later.


Was like, It's good. It's going. It's going. But it just keeps going and keeps going. And then I guess even I think I lost control during the call of keeping the time.

Frame as well. It's a really great point. How do you get control in a sales meeting? The person who asks the questions has the control. So if you feel at any time, if you feel like you're losing control on a sales call, ask a question. So even if they ask you a question and they're coming back to you with this and then this and then this and then this, ask the question, how does that impact your business? I want to ask them a question to literally get that control back. They're telling me this, this, this, this, this. How does that impact your business? Is that something that you come across often? Is that a problem that you regularly come across? Something that takes that question back. And so, dude, again, this is just years of practice that comes with it. But the person who asked the question has the control. And always I find that the best question to ask are interested questions. In other words, what they just said, I'm interested in that. Tell me more about that.

And they're going to close themselves by asking those questions. They're going to get back to them. They're going to self close it.

Don't forget that it's always, what are you doing currently? How much is it worth you to do business with me? Let's make sure that we have a very clear understanding of that. So if we've got they're talking and talking and talking and talking and talking, we want to be able to go... And so if we added this into the mix, would that help you? Again, I've inserted my proposition into there what they've just said, Oh, you're telling me all of this stuff and you've got staff problems and this happened, and then your dog died, and then, Wow, that's really interesting. If I inserted this into your business, would that help? Just to take that control back, making sure that we always coming back into that situation. As Ron said, if they're asking a lot of how does this work questions, that means they're interested. That definitely is a sign that this is an interested party. So again, you need to be able to work that towards a close. That's a fantastic question. We've done this time and time again, and we have a very specific process that we go through with somebody. We'd love to make that work for you as well.

Is that something that you're prepared to do? Did you guys hear my maximum investment close, maximum risk close last week? We had somebody on the call. So anytime that you've got somebody that's a little bit hesitant, my maximum risk close last week was like this. You know what? This is what we do. Your maximum risk is $150. Or your maximum risk is $1,000. At the end of that, even if we don't continue to do business, your maximum risk is $1,000. And what you'll have for that $1,000 is this. You'll have a game plan, you'll have a thousand leads in your database, you'll have an outline of exactly this, this, and this. So your maximum risk is $1,000 and you'll have this as a result. And hopefully that makes sense to you from a business sense to move forward. Like being able to just say this is not a life altering decision right now. Your maximum risk is $1,000 at the end of which you're going to have this anyway. If you like what we've done in that first month, we're going to be able to continue on. But if you don't, there's no obligation to continue on.

Taking that fear of doing business away. Again, all kinds of things that you can just keep in your toolkit.

Yeah, I like that a lot. I think also it's more the opposite side of things where I guess the way I think of my lost control was I did ask the questions, but she goes on and on and on on the answer. So she'll be like, Oscar, what are you doing for marketing? And then she'll start talking and talking and talking and she'd go, Oh, we're running TV ads. Actually, did you know that my cousin ran TV ads too? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I think that's where I lost the control. She just talks too much and tells me too much details that have nothing to even do at the point. Just gives us down a rabbit hole.

I love it. And again, dude, every sales environment, I love that. How do I tell you that? Just, wow, that's so fascinating. That's amazing. Are we adding this into the mix. If you're just at the point of just, come on, are we doing business or not? Just keep asking. Oh, wow. Cool. So in addition to those TV ads, are we getting started for you on this one as well? Do we want to run these in tandem. Does that leave you enough budget to be able to work with me as well? Constantly a closing question. Constantly a closing question. Wow, that sounds so fascinating. So your sister's in ballet dance? Wow, cool. Do you fund that? No? Oh, cool. So you've still got budget for me? Anything that you can possibly do just to bring that back into a closing sequence. Hey, this is getting out of control. Are we doing business or not? But in a nice enough way.

I would love to see that. I would just love to see you do that.

There was.

Something on the YouTube that had a financial advisor and his buddy, their call center. And this guy says, Okay, this guy is on the phone. He's going to close this guy and he's going to have to say everything I tell him. So this guy's over here talking to the client, whatever he's selling or whatever he's selling. And this guy over here says, Banana. He's like, Okay, so the stock is going to go up and it's going to be this. And then when the bananas come down, then you got to go do do do do. He keeps throwing words and I would be fun to see you do that.

I'd love to do it. I'd love to do it just for fun, just to see. Actually, we were having a strategy call the other day and we were saying, How can we help our partners more? And Chris, we're just brain dumb and everything that we could possibly think of. And Chris is like, Open up your calendar world, let you do the sales calls for people. And I was like, I'm not going to shut you down because this is a brain dumbing session, but bananas. I'm going to shut that down. It's not possible, but it's fun. And again, you got to also value your time as well. It's like, Is this somebody? Is this a client I want to work with? And if you're getting to that point of, Oh, Jesus, I'm actually a little bit scared. Don't be afraid to lose it. Just say, Look, Josephine, amazing. I love the story about how your grass is growing. It's really actually incredible. I want to know, are we doing business or not? And you might be completely scared of losing the call at that point. But if you're at the point of going, I don't know if this is going to come to a conclusion, your closing questions, you just get harder and harder and harder.

Love you. Amazing. Great story. Are we doing business today? I just need to know because I'm jumping off like five minutes time and just want to see if we're on the same page. At the same time, you're like, yeah, cool. That's really fascinating. Amazing. So good. How does that fit with what we've talked about? Just come back to that closing question all the time. But, dude, keep going. Keep shopping in the axis, they say.

Yeah, appreciate it. I'll keep you updated on how it goes. Please do, man.

I would love to hear it. And definitely do that video follow up with the scarcity. So, Josephine, amazing to see you. As you can see, we've got our two packages. Curious as to which one we're walking forward with you. If you've got any questions, hit reply. The next meeting we can have can be our kick off meeting and we can get started on whichever one of these you choose is the right way to go for you.


Thanks again, Walt. You're a legend, man. Great to see you.

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