Pricing Leads as a Service

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Me, but I remember John Logger was talking in the group and everything, and he was charging people, I think it was like 5,000 to 10,000 a month. But that was also for the lead Gen. So what is he doing that's different than what we'd be doing with the white labels?

He's going through the complete... He's qualifying the market? He's qualifying. Exactly right. So he's charging $5,000 to $7,000 a month, up to 10, I think. And he doesn't guarantee results, but he guarantees activity. I will talk to 100 people this month. I will nurture them, qualify them. I will make sure that they meet your criteria. I will find the people that you're looking for and I'll get them into your calendar. And then he gives them a report every month. So obviously you can't do that unless you're generating results. Even though he doesn't guarantee results, you can only run that for a month or two without putting people in the calendar before your contract gets canceled. So he will reach out. He uses the tool, does a lot of the cold email. When somebody's interested, he's got someone on the phone, he's talking to them, nurturing them, qualifying them, asking all of the questions that his clients outline. And that's a big part of John's process is what's important for you as a client? And he does that through qualification. That's where the value is. So you're going from lead gen as a trickle service to qualified appointment set in your calendar is a much higher value.

And that tells you off the agency thing is what Star was saying before is that could be part of it is really qualifying them further.

Massive value. Massive value. Guys, I'm going to jump om. Zoom. Com. Let's go and learn from Melissa Blair about onboarding and setting up GHL quickly. See you there, guys. Cometzoom. Com. Cheers, guys.

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