Manually creating license sales for leads software with White Label Suite

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Me. David, how are you doing, man? David, unmute and say hi and tell us where we find you today.

What up, peeps? How are you doing?

Good to see you, man.

Yeah, you too. I'm very new to White Label Suite. I'm fairly new to high level. But I had a question for you, a couple of questions real quick. First off, I know this is set up to be the primary entry point for the leads, and you've got 20 free leads and all that, which is awesome. That's great. But sometimes it works better for some industries and others and all that. What I want the ability to do is add this as a reoccurring add on. So far all I've seen is it's like a manual thing where I have to do it every month and then email you guys and say, hey, can you add this? Is there any way that I can sell this and then be like, hey, okay, I want to add this to this client later on in the process and then just have it as a reoccurring subscription. So then you guys just bill me once a month for that stuff account.

100 %. Yeah, definitely. That's exactly why we've built the program the way we have. So the way that this works, there's no manual interaction needed. Let me share my screen and I'll show you exactly the steps to go through. So you log into your licensing dashboard, which is app. Whitelablesuite. Com. And from within the licensing dashboard, so this is what you'll be looking at here, make sure your stripe account is connected. So just jump into the stripe section here, make sure your stripe is connected. And then over here on the left, you create a package for sale that you then sell onto your client. So we go to packages and you can see I've got a ton of them already created, lots of demo ones and that stuff. So we create a package. So let's say, for example... David, what's your agency? What's your business name?


Sorry, Bearhug?

Bearhug. Yeah.

Great. So we might call the package Bearhug Lead Gen System, and the description would be 1,000 leads per month, plus the CRM if you're including the GHL, just the leads on its own if you're not. Okay, cool. So we want to create a package that's all around the 1,000 leads program. Great. So our cost is 150. So now we can set our price. Now I can't set a price anything less than that. If I go 140, it must be greater than the total price. I can't lose money on this transaction. So I can say, Okay, well, I want to sell this for 297 a month. Okay, cool. Any currency that we like. We can also add a one time price. So it might be, I want to charge a set up fee. So a $500 set up fee. Yeah, cool. So we say, okay, I want a one time price. So my price is CRM set up and content build, whatever it might be. I'll just take that same into the description, and that's $500 one time. Okay, cool. So now what I've just done is I've created a package for sale for $297 a month with a $500 set up fee.

Once I've done that, I've only got one more step left to go, and that's to create a thank you page. So after somebody makes the transaction, what page do they see? It's just a Thanks for your business. Keep an eye on your email. It's a thank you page in the system. So when I select get link, I need to just pop that thank you page in there. I'll just use comments because I've already got it done. And that's it. I've now created a subscription stripe link, and I can go and put that on a web page somewhere. I can send that to someone in an email. I can get them signed up on a subscription. And here we go. So now it's $797 month one, and then it's $297 per month. And I can see the breakdown. It's the CRM set up and content bill for 500 plus the Bearhug lead scan system for 297. That payment goes immediately into your Stripe account and every month rebuilds. And then the 150 a month is automatically paid by the client. So as soon as that transaction goes through, the 150 is paid to us, you get the profit every month coming directly into your Stripe account and done.

What will happen is as you then have customers in the system, you'll see your customers listed here, you'll see all of their subscription information here. So if they contact you and say, Hey, stop my subscription, you'll be able to do that from the Stripe subscription link here. And done and done. You've now got a regular rebuild payment. The client has got their access and you're up and away.

Sure. So totally appreciate you going through all that. That's awesome. But what I'm more meaning is if I want to run everything through high level first or even build them in Stripe and then just add that in where you're billing me. So it's not going through your system per se like that. You know what I'm saying? You have it set up to where I can add a GHL sub account to that. But if I already have that sub account or I want to use the free tier system at high level and then just add that in and you just bill me and then let me.

Worry about my billing. Perfect question. Again, we're in the same place. We're in our app licensing dashboard. We come to packages. This top section here is what I just ran through. But if we come down just a little bit, it's the manual license creation. This is again your wholesale price. You can come and say, Okay, hey, I just bought a new subscription for John Smith. Great. I'll pay for it. So bill me. So you're literally creating an account here. Now, what happens at that point, and just make sure that we're aware of this, put your own email address in here because the receipt will go to whatever email address.


Put your own email address in but their name. So it's John Smith as the name, but my email address. The account's created. And then what will happen is, again, they'll show up in your customer's and Stripe subscriptions. You can go in and change their email address then so that they can have their own logins and everything is ready to go. So that's exactly the way to do it. You do truly just create or add an additional license manually. It bills to you every month. You'll still be able to manage that client from your customers and strip subscriptions areas here.

Okay, so that's awesome. Just to clarify then, the initial purchase, you put your email for the billing, but even if you go and switch out their login information post that, it'll still bill, send the receipts to me, but they'll have login information for them.

You got 100 % exactly right. Oh, dude, I don't.

Know why your people couldn't explain that. They're like, no, you can't do that. Talk to me all on Wednesday. I was like, All right, I guess I will. Yeah, I.

Was sorry, brother. I was there too, man. I couldn't figure it out either. Here's one more complexity to this that has the same question, though. What if I wanted to use this instead of Stripe? I have a Stripe account, but can I create a description that does not buy a white label suite lead system?

No, not at the moment. Not at the moment. For that, I would use GHL itself. Sorry, I'm just taking a screenshot here. Clearly, we need to make this more easier to understand. No, we're not set up to be just as a random transaction. At the moment, it is creating that license. So if you want to create a transaction for something, for anything at all, either use Stripe directly or use GHL to create. But David, does that help in terms of your manual license creation?

That's 100 %. So now basically you can set it up however you want. I was under the impression based on previous conversations that you were locked in to go through that specific lead white label suite system. And also this is perfect. So now existing clients are the clients I have later on if I want to add that or however I want to do it, I have the freedom to. I just want to make sure on that. Okay, cool.

You're exactly right. W e've got clients that some of our guys, they're on $5,000 a month. T he last thing you want to do is like, Dude, I need you to resubcribe. I just want to include a 1,000 leads in the back for them. So that's exactly what.

That's good for.

Okay, perfect. Yeah. So clearly, we need to put some text on that page to make that a little bit easier to understand, and we'll make sure we do that.

I would. And even your own people, yeah, that way they're all fully versed on that. But second is having actually just got started up, started testing it out. And I'm seeing, if you want, let me just share my screen.

Yeah, let me just do a quick stop start so we get a new topic.

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