Getting Help With B2C Questions and GHL training with White Label Suite

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There's a lot of time there. Okay, so obviously this thing's money for GHL agencies or B to B for mortgage looking for realtors or stuff, but if you're doing a service, plumbers, long, care guys, anything like that, how do you use this for B to C? I don't.

Great question. This is a question that we get asked a lot. So the easiest and quickest way I'm going to be able to answer that.

For you is to show you where.

To go to get the answers. So this is you're logged in. If you can see my screen right now, you're logged into our dashboard app whitelevel

Let me come back to what you see when you're logged in.

Here we go. So here we are. We're logged into the dashboard. Just come to training and resources down.

Here and then come across to the.

Bottom right hand corner where it says need a hand.

The little support chat option here. Open that need a hand box and just type the words B to C and hit enter.

And what you'll actually find is we've answered that question a bunch of times and there's a heap of training videos on it. So how can we create B to C lead opportunities. Click on that. There's a little video where we've answered that question previously and a transcription of.

That video if you'd prefer to read.

So that question has been answered. There finding B to C companies using B. Two B techniques. There's a lot of videos on that. And the other place that I'm going.

To direct you to is actually our Facebook group itself.

So if I bring across our Facebook group and again, I've got 60 seconds, so let me see if I can.

Get this as quick as I possibly can for you.

Come across to Facebook and come to.

The group and hit the search bar.

And again, type those three letters b.

To C. Hit this little search icon here. Type the words B to C. All right.

And what you'll find is there's a bunch of posts in here specifically about B to C, and we've answered that question quite a few times.

So there's one of this post, and it's this one. I'm going to drop the link here into our group chat where we are. This particular thread.

There's three videos in that thread specifically talking about that. So that should give you some ideas.

It sweet.

Yeah. I didn't think it actually be possible. So good to know. I'll definitely do some research.

Awesome. Guys, I've got to jump. I've got 30 seconds to get into our other zoom room. Our masterclass starting now. for our masterclass. Thank you all so much for jumping on our Q and A. If you have a question and I didn't get to you, please drop into support and we'll make sure that that's available for you. right now for our masterclass. See you there.

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