Automations remove bookings from the follow up

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Through it. But once I created sorry. Once I created the calendar invite, it took me out of the leads.


Like, I'm not no longer in that funnel because I created exactly.


The way to get the leads is you're on the call with them and you're showing them the platform. 100% 20 leads.

Absolutely. So the hook of the campaign is, let me generate 20 free leads. Let me show you that I can do what I do by generating you 20 leads for free.

Right. Cool.

Who wants 20 free leads?


To get that 20 free leads, you need to book on my calendar.




Tuesday, 07:00. Awesome. See you there. As soon as they book, it takes them out of that follow up because you don't want to keep coming.


Come and book. Come and book if they've taken the action. So the way that we build that automation for you is as soon as they book, they're out of that follow up. Right. So when you get them on the call, that's exactly what we're doing. And so we just showed with Sufian, you're literally showing them the exact leads that they're looking for. You're generating them with them live on the call. And I've said this in demos before, Angela. I've literally said to people, now I can generate the 20 free leads and give it to you in a spreadsheet, but it almost has zero value unless you do something with them. Let me show you how our system will automate the entire process once I give you the leads, because the leads without a system basically worthless. I want to make sure you've got some value out of this call. Let me show you the system. Right, so you're showing them exactly how to generate the leads in their space. And I don't know if you caught the demo process that I built out with Sophie on there a few moments ago.

You did.

Okay, cool. So when I get on a demo call, I show them the system first. I show them GHL, I show them exactly how that works, and then I show them the leads, and I put the two together and I'm saying, okay, cool. Let's get started.


Yeah. So your two question was, when they book with me, are they out of the sequence? Yes, 100%. The automation is built to take them out of that follow up sequence. So they're not getting, hey, come and book, come and book. I've already booked.


So it's designed to take them out of the sequence, and yeah, when you get them on the call, you use the system to show them the exact leads that they were looking to generate. And at the end of the call, we have had people that have just said, yeah, that's all good. I just want my 20 free leads. Cool, man. Export CSV file. There you go. Promise fulfilled.

All right.

Most of the time, though, what we're going for not most of the time, 100% of the time, what we're going for is the person that says, oh, wow. Okay, well, sign me up for the system. Let's get this underway. And that's how our people are making sales in their first sort of 24.

Hours within the crew.

Well, where workflow?

Is it taking them out? Because I was looking for that.

Yeah, great question. Let me just grab it up on the screen and get that automation in play. Let me get that exact workflow. I might just pause for 1 second because we just had GHL royalty join us on the call. Sean Greenaway from Lead Dragon. One of the most prolific content creators in this GHL space. An absolute rock star and a legend. The man himself commands incredible respect in GHL. Dude, amazing to see you on the call.

Hey, what's up, Walt? Glad to be here, actually. Thanks for what you just said. That's awesome to bring me in like that here on the call. Obviously, I'm not the tech guy behind our scene here. I'm more of the sales and business development. So I do have a question. I could probably send it to support.

Stick around, man. Stick around. I've got one question in the line, which is Glenn after Angela, and then I'll jump straight across, man. I'll see if I can get that settled for you immediately.

Appreciate that.

Yeah. Amazing to see you, dude. Incredible. So, Dora, the answer to your question I've got on the screen. I didn't want to click around until I had that ready. So, in the 20 free lead system, this is the snapshot that we give you guys. So you've got three folders.

All right?

20 free leads bookings, 20 free leads email sequence, 20 free leads system. This is all of the automations that come with the snapshot that you install. And in this one, the 20 free lead system, this one that says step one, register and follow up. This one right here, as soon as they submit their form for, yes, I want my 20 free leads, it's removing them from the prospecting workflow.


So as soon as they say, yeah, I'm interested, they've given you, yes, I want my leads, they're straight away removed from the follow up. The next part of that is, Walt.

Just so you know, mine doesn't have that, and I did not modify it. That's how I got the snapshot.

I wonder if you've been with us for a little while. I wonder if that's added jump back.

I joined like three months ago now.


I wonder if there's been an update. I know that you've got to get your lead if it guys to import it. Do you want to just jump back into the members area so members y level Jump back in here, do Ray? Yes, of course you can. So Ray asks, can we change the number of 20 free leads yeah, absolutely. Man give as many as you like.

Walt I was going to say I could take a screenshot of it and then just build it myself.

Yeah, definitely. No problems at all. If you wanted, like, whatever's easier for you if you come back in here and you can literally redownload the 20 free leads snapshot, which is here. There we go. If you want to, you can redownload, give them the link, get them to update it. Or let me just open it back up again for you.

Did I have it on a different tab? I did.

Let me see. Apologies. Go, go. One more. Okay, there we are. So this is it. It is in the here we go. Step one, register and follow up. This particular one right here. And it is literally once they've booked in, add the tag and remove them from the prospecting workflow.

Okay, hold it there 1 second. Take a quick picture.

No problems.

Let me take a screenshot for you and I'll send you the link.

I got it. Thank you.

No problem. That's probably quicker, actually, to do it like it's just one step to add in a sequence. Right. Angela does that help with the question?

One more question kind of leading into that. So with the leads, when you're pulling them up for them on the screen, obviously there's going to be more than 20. How do you pick the 20 that you give them? Is it like the first 20 on the screen? Is it just any random 20?

I don't give that choice. I literally like, this is a client and a demo. My purpose is to get them set up and running. So I'll run the search. Now, it's probably a little bit arrogant because I own the system, I can kind of give as many leads as I want. I know that you guys have got a thousand and you're kind of like working within that space, but if I run that search and some of the times clients will ask us, why do I need to keep clicking on that Load More button? Why can't I just get like, everybody in the same space? Because if you sell this to your client and they run one search and they've burned their thousand leads and they're like, oh, I didn't quite get the ones that they're going to be angry with you. So we slow down the results deliberately. You'll find that when you're in a demo, Angela, that first search will give you around 15 or 16, but there's probably multiple emails in those 15 or 16. You probably ended up with 30 just from that one click. Now, that can be a straight export.

You've given them more than you promised. This is genuinely what I do in a demo. I will run two searches, which gives me kind of 41 peak search, which gives me another ten. So I'm promising 20 free leads and giving 50. But I don't go through and say now which ones do you want? I literally go select all export.

Okay, that answers my question. Thank you so much.

You're welcome. And just before you get off that topic as well, guys, what we just released in the software only a few weeks ago with the new version is that we now have demo mode as well. So being very conscious of the fact that you guys are working within a 1000 leads per month, I want to keep some for myself. I want to do my demos, I want to give away my 20 free leads. We do have what we call demo mode now as well. So I don't know if you've seen that, but when you create a new campaign, you can tick this box that says demo mode. As it says, the demo campaigns work with limited data, but this is enough to show on a screen without burning your own credits. So I can say, for example, I've got Mike on my demo call, I might set up a campaign specific so I can show him that it's his own demo that we're creating. And now I've got my campaign here, but you can see it says Demo when I've got a demo campaign and I click, I've only got limited options, I can't type my own thing in here, I can't type solar leads.

I get to say, oh, let me show you realtors. In London, I've got a choice of five industries, the five most common searches that we get asked for, and five locations spread between us and the rest of the world, london and Australia as well, so I can show data and it doesn't burn my credits. I can literally run as many of these demo searches as I want to run and my credits do not diminish. So demo mode is there Angela as well, that you can jump into. You've got both demo module in People and industry search as well. So in the people search in demo campaigns, I've only got CEOs, sales managers, property investors, female founder, tech startups, and again, I've done these specifically so I can talk about the fact that you can find very specific people and that kind of stuff, but you can find specific data, but you don't burn your credits. So demo mode is a great way to kind of show and show and show and show and show without getting all of your credits consumed as well.

If you export your leads under the demo, it's just a limited amount of information.

Yeah, exactly right. It's just literally so you can show and tell.

Okay, sounds good.

Awesome grab.

We could help you.

You are welcome. You're welcome. So, Sean, I'll grab your question after Glenn's. Let me just make sure I told Glenn he had to wait in line, so now I have to tell Sean the same thing.


Even though Sean's royalty, that's okay, even royalty has to wait so hang on.

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