B2B vs B2c and an Education Long Game

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Let me click on this one. For some reason, I can't stream to Facebook, which is going to be interesting in the way that we normally have a bunch of people jumping in to Facebook. And I'm just curious as to why it won't let me do that this morning. But anyway, hopefully because we were talking.

About what we're talking about and we're going to that business away from them. Well, maybe.

You never know who's listening, right? You never know who's sorry, guys, I'm looking at the other monitor, but I'm trying to get Facebook up and running here. Let me just do this one more time and see if I can go live now that I'm logged into everything.

And see how we go. No, still doesn't give me permission. Okay, one more time. Let's try this.

The reason I'm hesitating is because most of the people who join our call.

Will do so from the Facebook post. So if I can, it would be good to be live in there and then we can welcome everybody else in. So let's see what happens when I do that. Let's just go with that and see. Yes.

Okay, cool. Hooray. All right, we are live streaming in the group. Thank you for your patience as I clicked many, many buttons to make that happen. So, guys, welcome to the Friday Q and A. If you're watching this on Facebook, we tend not to monitor questions on Facebook, but click on the link that I just posted above this video and come on in and join us. Ron and I were just talking about data, privacy laws, use of data, how to be compliant, all that kind of stuff. And I've got an idea. Ron, I just wanted to bounce back to you. So we were talking about ron asked, why did we go down the beta B path when so many people are asking about B to C? And my answer was very clear. Initially, when we started developing this software programme, creating opportunities in the B, two B space was easier. So that was the low hanging fruit and we just went, Great, that's where we're going to focus. As we've dug into it more and more, we've realised two additional things. Number one, B to B relationships are a lot more lucrative. If you're getting commercial engagement from business to business, you've got a lot more money exchanging hands and therefore it makes the value a lot higher.

But the the third part, and probably more prevalent in these later days, is the legal aspect of data in terms of a commercial engagement. If a business reaches out to a business, on a business level, with a business engagement that seems to be, at the moment in terms of privacy laws, something that's allowed, obviously, you need to be compliant in your own individual territories. And this is not legal advice. And anybody that follows my advice is sure to die within 1000 years. But the reality is that business to consumer data is very, very much protected and is increasingly so. If you've got that person's personal email address and phone number and you know their age, sex, demographic, income level and and children's numbers, then you are very, very much at a higher level of compliance. So again, you just need to be aware, reaching out on a business to business level. I'm a business, you're a business. I'm approaching you because I believe that we have some synergy here and I'd love to have a conversation. Again, seems to be okay. There are territories, there are regions around the world that even discourage that, australia included, California included, Canada included, where you need to be compliant in the way that you're communicating.

But Ron so those data questions were probably that there are reasonings and that's how we came to b to B is the way to go. And in terms of creating B to C opportunities, we've talked about that a lot in the group and there's ways that you can reach out to a business in order to reach the consumer, but you do it on a business level. And I give the example where a yoga studio as an example, might reach out to a childcare centre and say, hey, we're a local yoga studio, you're a local childcare centre. I'd love to offer your mothers and parents a free or discounted class because I know that new mothers need a little bit of posture and whatever and relaxation and stretching and all the things and benefits that yoga gives. If you'd like to drop our name into your newsletter, we're happy to give a 10% discount off to your parents. You can do that at a business level. You're asking the business to reach their members. You're reaching out on a business level, which is, again, that level of compliance is important just to finish that off. And then we'll get into Q and A.

Ron so Ron specifically working with an insurance organisation, and one of the things that Ron is looking to do is reach more insurance agents and bring them into my company. So in other words, I'm an insurance agency and what I'm really looking for are gun insurance guys. I want more people in my team. Recruiting is actually a really big part of real estate insurance, financial planning. Like getting gun people to come into the fray is an important part of a growth strategy. What I was going to say, mate, was if you become known as the educator in the space, right? So let me front this to you. There's five insurance agencies in the city that are at a decent level and you put on a conference. And that conference is a one day event with the best and latest sales strategies. It's the best insurance training day of all time, right? And you do it in an unbranded, unsolicited, non recruitment style. You are not there to promote a company. You are there to promote sales training and prospecting. And it's the best insurance training agency training day that you've ever possibly encountered. You can go to the competitors, you can go to real estate agents and financial planners and bring them into this same consultative Selling training course.

And then on the training stage, you're handing out little pamphlets to say, great to see you. Amazing to see you. Drop in your name and email for some follow up material, right? And that follow up material is then the opportunity for you to say, hey, so how long have you been with such and such? Have you ever thought about moving? What can we do to entice you over? You got to have something so good that your competitors are happy to send their people to under the persuasion of training them at a high level. And it's a long game. It's the long game. You're not standing on stage saying, hey, by the way, if you'd like to switch your companies, because as soon as you do that, you're dead. You'll never be able to run that event again. But if you're building that database of talented individuals in the city, then the long game is six months, twelve months down the path when that guy's looking to move, you're the first person they speak to because you've just continually been the best trainer, the best opportunity creator, the best information provider out there. And the long game then is that you get that talented pool of individuals that you start to farm on a long term.

It's not like, hey, welcome aboard. Great to see you in our sales training, by the way. I'm really here to see if I can convince you to come and work for me. You're creating a training environment where that becomes a natural progression.

So that's some great nuggets because the FMO that we're working with is our Comet hat we're recruiting for right now at Fair Minute. It's all about them. So taking that step back and just offering training, sales, coaching, whatever the case may be, I think that's solid.

What about, like, it costs you less than $1,000 to create a new entity, and that entity could be called Consultative Selling LLC.

Right? We have a nonprofit called National Association of Cash Flow Advisors. It's all educational information. So it's right down that path.

It's exactly it. And then you can legit put banners up that have nothing to do with the competitors. You can invite every agency, every real estate organisation, every automotive dealer, everybody that has any kind of sales teams to come and learn and train. You can get guest trainers in. Like, you don't even need to run the training. You can get the best sales guy in, the best marketing guy in, the best whatever guy in, and you can have an amazing one day seminar all about training and teaching. And your goal is to get the registrations of everybody that's coming in board. The people that want to learn are going to be your best employees later on down the track.

But it's a long game, so las Vegas 2024. Bam.

Why wait that long? Las Vegas 2023. September the 50th, right? It's 90 days out. Let's go.

Have you ever been to the circus and see that guy that balances those plates on those little sticks?

I don't believe it's true. I reckon seven guys in the back with trying to make it work. I reckon they've got some divide and conquer. That's it. That's it. I love it. Hey, man, thanks. Hopefully that's a little bit helpful. All right.

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