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Of my calls before. The reason I do stop, start, stop, start, stop, start, stop, start is because at the end of 2 hours, I've got, like, 20 bite size videos that I can upload to YouTube without having to edit them. So, Vanessa, we were talking about running those searches and do the leads roll over. Guys, this is this might be controversial, and Chris is probably going to hate me for saying this. There's going to be circumstances when you get a client, all right, and you've hooked them in on 20 free leads leads, and you've started running the searches for them, and after two months, they.

Say something to you like, I don't need any more leads. Like, I haven't got to the ones I've got yet. What do I do? Guys? Pause the leads licence. Right? What we want you to do is sell more GHL, right? So get two months worth of lead licence, get them topped up and pause. Great. Cool.

There's going to be other industries where.

They just need 1000 a month.

We just want to keep that motor.

Turning, and that's great.

That's what we're here for as well. Our whole goal is to get you a GHL licence, somebody that signs up with you and stays sticky.

That means if you're putting 100 leads.

A month into their system, great. 500 leads a month into their system, great.

1000 leads for six months, great.

Whatever it takes to get that client signed up with you is what you should do.


But to answer that question, Vanessa, the.

Leads don't roll over.

So what we do is we encourage.

You to run the searches even if.

Your system's not ready for them yet, just so that you don't lose them. Right?

So now, like Mr. Klein, I'm still building out the automation and the email sequences.

We've nearly got your landing page ready. And hey, the leads are about to roll over. First things first, reach out to us, guys. Just let us know we're here to help you. So if that's the scenario, just tell us. We'll see what we can do. But in that scenario, it's like, run.

The searches and have the leads ready.

And then when the campaign is ready.

Then start to drip them out and.

Start to push them through.

And you might very well get to.

The point where it's like, I don't.

Need any more leads in this client's account. Cool.

Pause the leads subscription until you're ready to run it again.

Our goal is to help you make GHL sales, so get those leads to.

Up to the point where you need.

Them and use what you need. That's the whole point.

Okay. Yeah.

I'm trying to go ahead and secure this salon business and she's trying to tap into as a business coach for salon owners.

Nice. Okay. Wow. Um.

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