Pricing Leads as a Service

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So she's a salon owner. She feels like she's got a special method of helping salon owners create their own opportunities. She wants to become a coach to salon owners. Right. What an amazing opportunity for you. Amazing opportunity for you to actually package up her knowledge into a Snapshot, all right. And use that Snapshot to get her to bring more clients. Right. So story about I've told this story before. Dora's probably heard it a story about a dog walking client of ours. This client is a dog walker.


It's like, what? That's not the high. This is not a financial planner business coach. They're walking dogs in local suburbs. What was amazing for me was to see the evolution of this business, because she just like, your salon owner, had something that worked. She'd taken that dog walking business from a door knocking local, hey, can I walk your dogs? Up to a point where she had a website with a booking link. She had a coaching programme for puppy training. She had, like, not just I'm not just a dog walker. I'm now actually a dog walking consultant. Right. She packaged up all of that knowledge into a Snapshot, and she started selling licences for $97 a month to other dog walkers.


What she did was she actually turned a local $20 business into a multi, six figure, monthly recurring business by packaging up that knowledge and selling it to other people in that space. And again, for your salon owner, think about what that means for your business. You help her package up her knowledge into a members area that has health benefits and massage classes and all of that kind of stuff. Has a booking page, has a text message system, has everything that GHL does, package that up into a Snapshot and then get her to sell it over and over and over again. And you do a deal with her. So she sells it, let's say for $197 a month. There's a booking system, landing page, members area La. $197 a month. Right. And you just do the back end with her, where you take 97, she sells it for 197. She's doing all of the selling for you, and all of the packages are on your GHL platform. What an amazing opportunity for you to do that.

Yeah. She's finally booking with us this Tuesday. Recording.

Fantastic. Yeah. Watch it again and see how you can put that together, show her that that's possible, and literally invite her into a partnership with you where you literally say, I'll take care of the tech. We'll support the platform. We'll have all of the foundational work in terms of the collateral that you'll build, and we'll deliver that under your brand, and you can move that forward, even if that means vanessa even if that means you go and sign up for another GHL account under her brand, but through your affiliate link, and you manage that for her, right? Like, you don't even need to tell her that that's what you've done. You just go and register a new business with her brand as the front end, and you just manage that GHL business for her and take 50%. Let her do the selling, and you do the management.

Oh, okay.

I'll go ahead and send this to Shannon.

Again, if you need a hand, just ask the three of us that run White Label suite and Comet Suite. Like, we are just marketing sponges. We just love strategy and building businesses and companies. So let us know if we can help.

Yeah, and then I have another one into my pipeline, which is a chat bot queen. That's why I'm using many chat. And then now I see my profile that says DME leads if you want 20 free leads. So I was wondering I know that Eliza did earlier, so I'm just like, I have many chat, so I can go ahead and turn it on the monthly subscription if I go over and beyond 1000 subscribers.

I love that model. It's like, get yourself 1000 subscribers, and $10 a month is like it's a given. It's not even a question. So very cool. Vanessa, I'm so pleased to see you on our call. This is awesome. Welcome to the community, and welcome to our team, and let us help wherever we can. It's awesome to have you with us. All right, guys, we are, as I said, a couple of hours in. Glenn, you got a bolt. That's okay, man. Great to see you.

What did you say was $10? I just missed that last thing.

Oh, ManyChat, ManyChat is $10 a month.

Okay. Thank you for everything. Nice meeting you all. Got to run.

Good to see you, man. Good to see you.


Guys, thank you so much for jumping in on our Q and A. For those of you who have stayed with us for the whole 2 hours, like Dora and like Mike and like Vanessa and Ray and everybody here, thank you so much. We've had people pop in and pop out, and that's what we're here for, guys. We are live with Q and A's five days a week onboarding three times a week. Master class business experts once a week. We have 1400 GHL agency owners in our Facebook group, and we're here to help spread the word. Let us help in the community as much as we can, and we look forward to seeing you on the next call.

All right, thank you.

Thanks, everyone. Great to see you. Cheers. Bye.

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