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Yeah, no worries. I had a quick question. So when I run a search, I noticed that there's load more results. And at first I clicked on Load More Results for another campaign that I had created, and then I clicked on the dots over here, which brought me into where I select the ones with emails. But then I thought, when I'm in here, is it possible? How would I know which ones have emails? Can I see that? Because I don't know if I need to continue loading because I'm looking for ones who I can drop into my email campaign.

Yeah, great question. So from a strategy techniques, how do I do it in terms of a time? There's no way to tell at this stage because the actual email finding is in the background. But I don't mind that as an idea. I'm just going to note that down colour if email found, that's a really cool idea. So we'll get that built in. So it's not there, but we'll get that built in. One of the things that as you click on Load More Results, you'll see 15 results have been successfully added to the campaign. And this will be like however many, six results have been added to the campaign. Right now, the load more is gone. Right. So now you might click over to that recruiters. Um, pause just for a second, Dora, if, if I can. Oh, you it's cool, it's okay, you're there. So now we can start seeing that, you know, out of 38, 33 have been found. Great. Fantastic. You might want to go back and find more. If you start with that same search, just as an idea, it'll never add a duplicate to that campaign, so you'll never be charged if you start that same search again, oh, I need more.

Damn it, I forgot where I was up to. And you go back and do the same search again, it won't ever add a duplicate to that campaign. So now we've got 33 out of 38. Cool, no worries. So you've used 33 credits in that particular search, but you think, oh, I need a few more. You can go back and do another search. It's not going to add those duplicates. The reason I asked you to pause the reason I asked you to pause was your search was recruiters in Palo Alto. Now, that's how we describe this list of people. These are recruiters, it's not how they describe themselves. They are not recruiters. They might be a recruitment agency or a recruiter, but they're not recruiters. Right? So how a business describes themselves will be very, very different with the results. And if I can share screen, I'll give you an example of that.


I'll show you exactly what I mean. So I could come in and one of my favourite searches, I'll get out of Sean's account so I won't burn his credits. One of my favourite searches, as you guys if you've been on my demos before, one of my favourite searches is a business coach. Out of all of the GHL agency owners, business coaches are the most prevalent business. So that's why we talk about that a lot. Business coach, right? And if I'm looking for a business coach in, let's say, Los Angeles, right? So let's start with business coaches in Los Angeles. And I click on Search. What I get here what I get here in this search is business coaches in Los Angeles.


Great. Starting to get them right. But cheque this out, I can do my load more, I can do that kind of stuff. But what if they describe themselves as an executive coach? All right? And let's just make sure that that's right. You'll find some crossover and some new results. So let's just load. Eleven results have been successfully added. Some already existed. But there was eleven even in that first page, that didn't describe themselves as a business coach. They described themselves as an executive coach. And this is how the programme you got to think, what is the business saying? So, in the same way, if I type recruiters, recruiters, I describe them as recruiters. To me, they're just coaches. But that's not how they describe themselves and it's how they describe themselves, which is what we're picking up in the data, because this is their business listing. I am a recruiter, right? I'm not a recruiter. And again, I just wanted to highlight that, Dora, because the way you phrase your search, we could find recruiters in La 20 results. Cool. And of course, load more. Great. But if I just said recruit recruitment agency, right, you'll see the same thing, some crossover, but a lot new.

Seven results have been added, some already existed. So it's literally how you search that will determine which results you get. You might be looking for music school and completely bomb out. You might not find anything under that, but you might look under music teacher and find all the results you're booking. Bot the way you search will determine the results that you get.

Yes. Thank you.

Cool. Awesome. Does that help? I love your idea there. Just like on this front screen, if we're still here, we wait for 10 seconds just to give a coloured dot if an email result was found. I think that's a really cool addition. I'll make that happen.

Thank you.

Yeah. Awesome. All right, guys, we are 2 hours into our 1 hour Q and A call. Happy to always stay as long as there's questions, if there's anything we can answer. So, racing, I would just like to.

Ask, what's the light that you've got behind you, mate? It's just so nice.

Chris and I spend ages on lights, guys. Ladies and gentlemen, my business partner, my brother, my friend, my pal, one of the smartest and most genuine people on the planet that I know. Chris Farachi joining us. Hey, mate, good to see you. You're awesome. Did you get any sleep?

No, thanks for asking.

Chris. Chris has a baby that's ten days old.

Yeah, we got a new one and we got the toddler. And last night was just one of those nights where both children needed attending to. And yeah, it was the first time, so divide and conquer was over at the Farachi house.

I said to Chris the other day, mate, how did you sleep? And he goes, It's difficult to answer. I slept until seven. I said, oh, that's great. He said, But I didn't get to sleep until six.

I was like, It's like the old gambler who he comes out of the casino and it's like, how'd you go, oh, well, I've come out with 2000. Oh, fantastic. Well, not really, because I went in with 4000.

That's it, man. That's it. Good to see you, bro. Hope you're doing well. Let's jump across to Vanessa. Hey, Vanessa.

Hello again. I just wanted to go ahead and clarify, when do those 1000 leads get refreshed every month?

No, that's a great question. So somebody once asked me, how many leads are on your database? And I said none. We actually don't have a database of leads. Every single search is live, which means that that data gets refreshed as soon as there's a new entry. So let's say, for example, we just did that search of business coaches in Los Angeles, and I might come back in another month and do that same search again. And in that month, 50 new business coaches in Los Angeles have started the business and have created a business listing. We'll have those immediately. So as soon as a business updates its details, the search information is live. And as we've just seen in previous searches, you don't get charged anything for duplicates. So you might run that search again and again and again and again. You're not actually using your credits by doing so, you're just only gathering new data.

I see, because for the first month that we jumped on with you, after the call with Matt, I didn't get a chance to go ahead and run all 1000 leads. And it was just like less than 100. I'm just like, oh, I asked Ebony last Monday, I was like, So does the 1000 from the previous month rolls over? And she was like, no.

So what we encourage you to do, and especially when you're running with a client, sometimes we've had the circumstance actually, I might do this as a little.

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