Shawn Greenaway from Lead Dragon - Building out a SAAS Agency

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To our guest, Sean Greenaway. Hey, bro, how are you doing?

Hey, Walt. Yeah. Thanks for your time. This is going to be an easy one for you.

This is just a rookie question because you're welcome anytime.

Come back with you because I'm not the tech guy over here. You probably know enough about our hobby area. So most of the guys are already headed out for the weekend. Sure, but I've got to get one, a new licence and get it in. I don't have to get it into necessarily the sub account, but I need to get one. I purchased another licence through our back end.


Probably 30 minutes ago.


But I can't find where to access it.

Oh, cool. Okay. So can I just ask you, so in our back end licencing system, there's two ways of creating a licence for your clients. So if I jump into our back office here and I will just ask you, which one did you use?

I did it manually. Cool.

Okay. It's going to be my question. So, for the benefit of Glenn, who hasn't seen this before, there's two ways to create package licences. You can either create your own buy link so the money goes straight into your account, or you can purchase the licence manually, which means that the setup is under you. So, Sean, can I just ask you the licence that you purchased, which email address did you use?

I used mine.

Again, that's awesome. Because the receipt, the payment receipt goes to you. Awesome. Now, how do you find that lead? Let me show you. So this is our lead programme. There's two ways I can do this for you right now. I can change the email address to be theirs, or actually, let me do it the right way. Let me log in as you and show you what you should be able to see. So I'm going to log in as you into our dashboard right here. Here we go.

And if it helps, too, I purchased it because we're going to put it in our demo account when I do GHL demos. Yeah, I want to be able to use it.

Cool. So your customers should let's have a look and see, actually. So you purchased under the team at BrandLift?

No, I purchased under because I don't know what I'm doing. Like I said, I'm not the tech guy. Sean at BrandLift. Okay, cool.

Awesome. In that case, I'll make it easy for you. So typically this would go through our support desk, but let's just make this easy for you. So I'm just going to find that licence right now for you and I'm going to change it to your client's email address so that they can log in. So let me just go with Sean at BrandLift. L-Y-F-T IO, isn't it? Sean Greenway. There you go. Okay, so here's the two accounts. So we've got your account here, Sean, of Brand. Lyft I want to show you something really important, all right? Because this is the way that you can do it for yourself at any time. So, one, you've made a sale. I'll just log in as you, and I'm going to show you something. So I'm logged in as Sean. This is wait for this to kick in. All right, so I'm now viewing this as my own account. This is my Leads account, but I just made a sale. If you come up to your name up here and go to related accounts, you'll find your client's account here. There it is. And you can actually log in as that client account.

But what you want to do is click on this update button, because this update button now allows you to put your client's name and email address in here and set a password for them. So what's your client's name, man? I'll sort it out for them.

No, we're going to put it in our demo account, so it's going to go inside of our own hot level.

Okay, cool. So in that case, this is your process, right. Log into your own account, which was Sean at BrandLift, right? That was your own account. Let me just come back and I'll walk you through the steps.

Like I said, I may have to get Javier to get with the support. So I'm in a back end right now, which I believe is our regular team account. Okay. No. Okay.

Does it look like this?


Okay, cool.

That's where I'm at.

Okay, cool. This is the kind of licencing dashboard for you. This is the agency place. But what you've just purchased is access to the Leads tool, which you can find, which will look like this when you log in. So you can a couple of things here. So let's make sure that you're going to access this for yourself. So sweet. Easy. You can either just go directly to Leads Leads Comet to log in. Right? Log in as you, and you'll get to this screen that you're seeing right here. All good so far.

Let me see. When I got the email earlier that I purchased it, when I clicked on access, it took me straight to the library, I guess, because that same email is on my login for the back end.

Exactly right, exactly right.

So I think I'm in one here. Hold on 1 second. Let me go up here. May need to log out. Okay, now it's asking me to put in the team, so I'm a little confused, and I don't want to hold up your call.

No, you're good, man. You good. Do you want to share screen with me, dude, and I'll talk you through.

Yeah, give me 1 second.

So the primary thing is you want to get in. You want to get connected? You want to get in?

Yeah. Can you see my screen?

Yeah, you can do so just open up a new tab for me and just go to Leads comet suite. Now you can put this as a custom menu link into your Lead Dragon account so it can be in your own dashboard and doesn't ever come up. Comet suite. That's the whole point of white labelling. But for this, let's log in this way. Now instead of logging in with team at, log in with Sean At. And your password is going to be our standard one, which we always set to be the same for new accounts to make it easy to get into. It is leads. One, two, three. Exclamation point with a capital L.


You are now in the system. Right. So this is your account. This is your original account. This is the one that we set up for you. All right. But if you want to log into the one that you just purchased, go up to the top. Right. Related account, man. Dude, how fast learner, right?

This is the one I just purchased because let me see if it brings the other one in.

Okay. So that one is the one that you just purchased and over on the right hand side is that little half circle with an arrow and that'll let you log into that account as them.


So clicking on that will open it up and you'll see you are viewing as Sean's 800:49. This is the account that you just purchased. This is the sub account for you. And now you can connect this up to a sub account within GHL and do all that kind of magic.

Okay? Yes. So Javier will probably be able to figure it out from here.

Tell him to hit us up if he needs a hand like we are legit. Sure.

Is there something we can change around to where we make it show up description?

Yeah, definitely. So because it was purchased with Sean not team, it's cool. I'll just need to get that moved across so I'll get that moved across into the team account.

Yeah, if you don't mind to do that, that would be easy. I appreciate that. Make a note on that one. I do appreciate your time. We just have slowed down to try to really push it. I had a call yesterday if this helps anybody on here. I was talking to a guy and he does a lot of recruiting in a certain industry and he's definitely going to be getting our GHL system and probably multiple accounts.


And he asked if we did Lead Generation and I almost said no. And I forgot that we had something amazing. And I was like, yes, we do. And then I stumbled through my brain for a second to remember what all it did and I was like, okay, yeah, it can do this, can do this. So I've got another demo with him on Monday so I can show him this and we should be able to lock it down real quick. Added to what Glenn had asked, and I guess I hadn't been keeping up enough. So the credits count soon as you search, not when you import into Hollywood. Correct?

Correct. Okay.

Just want to cover that. All right. Walt, if you can take care of that email situation before we get in.

There, it might be like a couple of hours. I'll get my team to move.

That's perfect. Thank you. Appreciate you. Have a good one.

Thank you. Sean, are you going to Dallas?

Yes. I'm actually going to be at Matt desino's Mastermind, the 1 June.


And I'll be in the GHL Mastermind the end of June.


And then, of course, we'll be at the summit. So anybody on here is GHL? You better be at the big summit.

And not yeah, man, you better be there. We're doing the gold sponsor thing, so I think we just chucked down 30 grand or something to make sure that we were going to be front and centre there. Ebony from our team is going to be at the June event, so make sure you connect with her and say hey.


She'll be wearing the merch. She'll be able to spot her.

Yeah, we'll have to come by and get some merch. And I'll do a couple of video reels to put on social for you all, too.

And as always, guys, and this is not special treatment for Sean. This is for everybody. Guys, don't forget, we got Q and A's five times a week. We got a full support team that covers almost 24/7. We got an active members group of 1400, plus we've got a full time team of 20. Now, anything that we need to do to help you guys succeed, we make money by helping you guys make money. If we help you make sales, that's how we grow. So our whole team is dedicated to helping you guys out.

Anything that you need is it the same time every day for the Q and A?

It's not the same time every day. Let me just drop a link into the chat.

Yeah, that'd be perfect.

Office hours page that you can jump into.

And that will yeah, because that way me and Javier and the guys can kind of get more engaged. Because if I close this bigger deal down, I'm going to need more information.

For him to yeah, man, tell him to jump on. We are literally non scripted. Anything that you need every single day of the week.

That's perfect. Thank you, Walt. Good to see you, Walt. Sean, can I ask you a quick question? Walt, is it okay with you?

Of course, man. Absolutely.

Yeah. Just quick question.

Is your model that you're selling licences to your sub accounts directly and then they're going in and doing it, or are you actually doing the searches and the lead gen for them?

Yeah, we really haven't sold a lot of them yet. But this one Monday, this could be a chance because this guy is actually going to I won't call it resell, but he's going to wind up buying a lot of licences for each one of his locations that he's going to service. But after what Walt mentioned while ago, because I don't stay on top of this enough, I may reconsider how we do it. I may do it in a lead situation where we absolutely have the control. Because especially now that I just found out today that the credits are as you search, it might be a better situation because you're making probably charge more money. Because I was thinking, okay, if it cost me 150, I always have a number in my head, what I'll mark it up to. But if we do the leads ourself and control it for them, so to speak, I could easily double or triple.

That one of our success stories. Brad, at the moment, Brad Ellis, he is a window cleaner, like legit, he's a window cleaner and he picked up a GHL agency account just kind of almost by accident grabbed the leads programme and now he's going out to window cleaners and running leads for them. He did a post in our group like two days ago. He's like, I'm up to one and a half k MRR. I'm still in my 1st 30 days with white label suite. He's just showing the industry that they can do things better and he's running it for him. So he's off the tools and into the into the lead.

Yeah. Well, because of what Glenn had asked, who would you say should be like a bottom floor top number if you were going to do so?

That's such an awesome question. You know what, I've answered that question before in two tiers. So we've got one of our guys in the group. His name is Carlos. He made himself famous by doing lead gen for beauty salons. And he was charging $150 per sat appointment right at the low end. Per sat appointment, not per lead per contact. But they needed to sit in the chair. $150. Amazing, right? And he ended up selling that business for like a quarter of a million after 60 days. But he was charging $150 per set appointment. And then we get up to the John logo level that's running five to $8,000 a month. And he's doing lead gen qualification only. Getting an appointment in the calendar is a sale and he's charging 5000 $8,000 a month, but like, however many he can get for that service. So he charges a flat fee and he just does as many as he can knowing that he has to do a good job to keep the client. So my answer is always this, and it's a very specific formula that I go through to answer this question. How much is a client worth?

Right? How much is a client worth? And you got to work backwards. So let's say, for example, that you're talking to, let's say we're going with a business coach. A client is worth two grand, right? How much is a client worth? Two grand. How many face to face appointments do you need to sit to close a deal with a qualified prospect? Obviously, let's not waste our time with stupid appointments. How many face to face appointments with a qualified prospect do you need to sit to close a $2,000 deal? I need to sit three. I close one in three. Okay, cool. So now we know that my cost per appointment is two grand divided by three. So roughly keep our numbers simple. $700. So a qualified appointment costs you $700. All right, cool. How much do we walt to spend per sat appointment to make it profitable for you? Well, I always say 50%. So if I can get you an appointment with a qualified person at half the cost that you're facing now, you'll be profitable. Yes. Cool. That's my number. And I need to know and understand because if my client, if I'm talking to a financial planning company and that client is worth $100,000, how many face to face appointments do you need to sit?

Three. Cool. I got 30 grand to play with. So how many actual leads, clicks, calls, bookings do I need to get? So I need to give you a 50% profit margin. You don't pay me unless I get you a sad appointment, but I'm going to charge you $10,000 per appointment. Fair deal, right?


You guys kind of just need to work that number back just to find out how much the client is worth because it takes a lot more effort to get $100,000 client in front of a person than it does to get $150 salon for a beauty treatment. So understanding the complexity of the sale basically comes with the number that it's worth and then working that back from there. And then won't you go create a package for them and give them a contract? Hell yeah. Absolutely. Hell yeah. Absolutely. And like I said to Glenn before I did this with a gym earlier this month, we said to the gym owner, your total investment is going to be $10,000 for the year. At the end of the year, I'm going to have 12,000 local businesses with names and emails in your database regardless of if they join the gym or not. But this is what I'm going to do over that. Twelve months, and I'm not talking month by month, I'm literally saying to the gym owner, your investment is going to be $10,000. Your risk, your total risk for doing business with me is $10,000. At the end of that twelve months, you're going to have 12,000 leads in your database.

You're going to have a system that follows everybody up. You're going to have a booking programme and a calendar. You're going to have a text message marketing system. You're going to have all of this laid out, all right? And that's your total risk, your total package, your total system. At the end of the time of working with me, where I'm talking with salons per appointments, you got to give yourself time to dial in the campaign. So you got to say, look, we're talking about a three month minimum and then you can go month by month if you wanted. But this is my expectation, this is how I'm going to run the campaign. This is what you're going to have at the end of it. This is what we're going to work with you on.

Yeah. And before I go to Glenn, I was going to leave one more thing with you. When we purchased our first licence, it wasn't that long after we found someone. And this is just sharing what we did. It was a GHL client of ours. We actually just gave him the licence to use it so we could get used to what kind of questions if they were going to be happy. And they're very happy with it. So now, just like I tell everybody, never be afraid to charge a price. And then if you feel like it was not enough each time you sell one, just go up, keep the next price. Yeah, so we gave it to them. They still have it. We pay $150 a month. He's got it, they love it and it's relatively no support on it for us. But now that I know about the credits thing, we probably start considering doing a pricing and having for somebody then we can actually put, like he said, the snapshots in that guy don't even have the snapshots because we haven't explored that yet. But it's working well enough for him because he knows what he's booking.


Is your business model? I don't want to get personal here in the group, but is your business model generally the typical, the old school, if you will, agency model? Or are you more in the SaaS type model? How does your business actually operate?

Yeah, we're big time SaaS now. We went from 90% agency to 90% SaaS in less than one year. That was the story for high level. Now that we've gotten we know what we're doing with JHL and our white label now we're incorporating back stepping back into the agency side of it and having services. Right now we have growth plans. We have our normal packages at 297 a month if you want to do it yourself. But now we have growth plans to where we get on a phone call, find out how extensive, what they need in their business and you may charge anywhere from $2,000 a month or up to have a dedicated account manager, slack channel, maybe give them 1000 leads a month, whatever. It's a great way to slide in cook into the numbers the While Level suite. If you've got like a growth plan and I can't say the name of the franchise, but I've got a big one coming up, a possibility that if we get that one, I'm going to charge a really nice number per month. And guess what? I'm just going to go ahead and give them that 1000 leads.

I'll probably use some of the other integrations that you'll see in the high level community with other ads and different things. Too many people, in my opinion, Walt, are focused, laser down just on selling just high level as just that service when there's so many other things that you could more fancy, you could have a million dollar business if you concentrated on what Rob calls, I guess, SaaS. Absolutely. Software.

Software. With a service.

With a service. And that's what we're, we've kind of like tiptoed and all of a sudden it hit us in the face that we've got four growth plans right now, that type of service, and the lowest one is like $1,000 a month and the highest one is $4,200 a month. I know that's a weird number, but it just all depends on what all they need. Because if it's somebody that's got a roofing business and they're maybe just a two team type of thing and they're out there on the road all the time, you're not going to be able to charge them 4000. No. Need for it, but $1,000. And as long as you get the system to text them on their phone, that's in their pocket. That hey, you got a lead column. That's what they want. But now an attorney, all their team is sitting at the computer all day. You can get 4000 a month or more to have a growth plan for your high level for them and just throw in some leads. Maybe if you can do Facebook, do Facebook, make it to where almost like you're their marketing team. And I got that idea.

I didn't just come up with it, but I heard Rob talk about it. But I saw an ad one day that a guy was advertising that, hey, you can have your own marketing team for X amount, and it showed what all they could do. And it's like, what if I change that around to where high level is the main thing they could add in while level suites the other Facebook thing and one or two other things. And if you've got the right, obviously, support in the background, I'll give a shout out to Matt. We use Matt Desain on Pro Tools and totally helps matt's team can do.

The support for our tool, too, by the way.

There you go.

Matt's got all of our training, all of our SOPs, so people can ask a question about the leads tool and Matt's team.

Oh, nice. I didn't know that. That's good to know, too. And if you keep it to where you get the right scope to tell these people, okay, the growth plan you can get in a lot of cases we've got, we give them one call a week, because especially if a company is going to pay you $3,000, they're going to expect probably a call, but you can shorten that to 30 minutes. The grunt work for us we've seen Glenn, is that first month, just like everybody knows, give them two calls a week for the first month. So you dig into their business, know what to build out, know the landing pages, automations you do after that first month, maybe a month and a half. Then that 130 minutes call a week. Make them use a Google Docs. Anytime they want a landing page or an update, tell them to put it on the Google Doc. You'll have your team to do whatever, and you're basically handling the high level system for them, except for you want them to make sure they're running their conversations and their pipeline. And that's basically what we tell them to do for getting results.

They ain't going nowhere. That's right. Then you can just keep going. So when I did the quick math, Walt, one day, and it was like, okay, if we could get $4,000 a client, ten clients. There you go.


That's a lot. And by the way, that's a lot easier than chasing 200 SaaS clients. I can tell you all guys this. That's just my thoughts, for sure. I appreciate it, Walt, and I'll be talking to you. Thank you. I'll be on another one. See you soon.

Good to see, bro.

Cheers, Walt.

Does extendedly also support your product?

Yeah, sure does. Yeah. We've worked with Yarns as well, and Matt Desano and the guys there. So they've got all our SOPs they've got our training docs. So from a support point of view, you've got white label support videos with our tool. So we literally give you it as a snapshot. You go click. You've got all of the tutorials there. So we give you white label training support videos. But yes, Extendly and GHL Pro Tools both support us in their live chat, in their support teams as well.

Good to know. Thank you.

Yeah. Good to see, man. Let me just click on that stop. That was.

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