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So how to get more traffic to your site? The age old question, of course, use the leads tool to run traffic to your own business. That's like the primary thing that the people who are successful in our Facebook group are doing. They're running the 23 Leads campaign, they're getting people in. So they're using the tool for themselves. Step number one. How else to get more traffic? Get involved in business groups. And this is a piece of advice that I've given for years. Whereabouts are you based, Dora?

North Carolina.

North Carolina. Okay, cool. If you come to Facebook and come up to the little search here and go business women, North Carolina. All right, there will be groups, and let's just focus only on groups. There will be groups, North Carolina Small Business, 1,700 members, eight posts a month, not very active. North Carolina Women in Business, 1,900 members. North Carolina Small Business Connection, 10 posts a day, very active group, 2,200 members. Black Business Women Network, North Carolina. North Carolina Small Business Advertising, 13,000 members, 10 plus posts a day. There's a lot of groups here. So how do we work groups to our best effect? Be a human is my best advice. If you are a spammer, you will get blacklisted and banned because nobody likes a spammer. So if you come into the group and go, Hey, everyone, this is what I do. Click my link, click my link, download my free whatever, very quickly the admin goes, Get out of my face. But if you invest in this as a long term strategy. I've seen people build six figure businesses just by groups. So run your leads tool. You have a tool that is designed to put a 1,000 of your ideal prospects into your funnel and reach out to them.

You should be able to pick up 5 to 10 appointments from that system every single month. Use it for yourself. But then jump like another free method of getting your name out there is get into these groups and again, be a human. So run this as a process. Over the 30 days in the first week, jump in, introduce yourself. Hi, everyone. Brand new to the group. Excited to be here. My name is Dora. This is what I do. Looking forward to being of service to everybody. And thank you so much for putting together an amazing community. And then, like, comment on posts, comment positively, share whatever you can without any links, without a single link in your first week. Do not put a link in. Be a human. Oh, that's a great suggestion, Jody. I've been a fan of that bakery for so long. Whatever. Be a person that posts in the group and be active. Week number two, start to give advice. So somebody says, Hey, does anybody know about blah, blah, blah? Oh, yeah, I found a great way to do that. And shout out other local businesses. And, Oh, I saw somebody else in the group does it.

Be the human that is the traffic director. Week number two. Week number three, ask questions yourself. So week number three, you're jumping in there going... And one of our members of our team right now, her name is Jody, this is her whole job. She's generating interest for White label Suite and GHL from business groups. So she's constantly asking us, what kinds of questions will people respond to? So she's in week three at the moment. Week three, ask questions. So think about the North Carolina small business group and jump in here and ask questions like, Hey, does anybody know of good strategies for search engine optimization? Has anybody worked with a good videographer? The kinds of questions that your ideal clients would like to know the answers to, why? Because the people that answer are your ideal clients. Don't ask generic, has anybody met a good accountant question? Ask a question that's more specific. Has anybody worked with an accountant that serves businesses over three million? Okay. Because the people that answer have the experience of and they are businesses over three million. Now, when somebody answers you, connect with them personally. So they answer you, Yeah, sure.

Dora, my name is blah, blah, blah. I use such and such an accountant and he's been great. You thank that person and then you say this, Thanks, John. Oh, that's amazing. I'm going to send you a DM. And then in the DM, you say, Hey, John, thanks so much for answering the question. How long have you been in business? Blah, blah, blah. What do you do? I do this. Cool. I do this. Amazing. You'll find that you have that natural connection. So week one, jump in, be active on other people's posts. Week two, start to give advice where you can. Week three, ask questions from your ideal prospects about their business and about things that they are doing that would point you to the right direction of people. When they answer you, you DM them, thank them in the group and say you'll DM them. So they're looking out for your DM. And then week four, here's the key. Make a post about your business and then tag the admin. Tag the admin and just say, let's say the admin's name is Susan, blah, blah, blah, my business. Wow, what an amazing group of people this has been.

This last month has been so exciting for me as I've met so many people from the North Carolina Business Owners Group. Thank you so much. Our consulting firm link, first time you're popping a link is four weeks in and tag the admin. Susan, I hope it's okay that I drop this here. Admin response. Sure, Dora, that's fine because admin has seen you as an active person for the last month. When admin responds, you DM the admin. Your whole goal of this entire strategy is to get friendly with the admin of the group. Everything else is secondary. Everything else is a secondary connection. The one person you want is admin. Now, again, this is an investment in a long term strategy. Now you start a conversation with the admin as a human, not as a picture, as a human. Wow, Susan, that's so amazing. How did you put this group together? Oh, I did this. Oh, wow, that's amazing. How long have you been in business? Great. Wow, we should catch up for a coffee. This is so cool. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Communicate and network with the admin. Why? Because in month three, when you're now friends with the admin and you say, Hey, Susan, I'm running a special offer this month with my lead gen tool, do you think the members of the group would be interested?

And Susan goes, Yeah, sure. Let me drop that in for you. Now it's not you pitching, it's the person who has the reach of the whole group endorsing you. This entire strategy is for that post. Now, you're going to pick up clients along the way. You're going to pick up this person who responded and that person who's got the account and over three million. You're going to pick up responses along the way. But this entire strategy is so that you get to know the admin of the group who has a reach of two and a half thousand people in the North Carolina business area and can endorse you in three months time. That's why I said it's a long term investment. Guys, is that valuable? Is that a good strategy? Did somebody just pick up some stuff right there?

Yeah. Quick question. You said in step four, make a post and tag the admin. Then at the end, you mentioned that I would DM the admin, get to know them, find out when they put the group together and what their experience has been, etc. But the post that I created before I start DMing the admin is the post that will be posted later once I ask the admin for?

No, it's the first time you ever drop a link to your business. It's the shout out of the group. Wow, what an amazing group and community this has been. I've so enjoyed meeting the people here over the last 30 days. I've loved the answers that have been given. I've made some great connections. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of the North Carolina Small Businesses group. This has been so fantastic. My little consulting agency called, insert link here, has really benefited from meeting people here and then tagged the admin. Susan, I hope it's okay that I put my link here.

Got you. Okay.

Right. So it's begging for forgiveness, not permission. Okay. You're endorsing the group. You're like, Hi, this is the best place I've ever come across. This is so great. I'm so enjoying the communications and the connections. Right. And my little agency link has really benefited from the connections of so many amazing people in North Carolina. By the way, Susan, I hope it's okay that I put my link here.

Okay, thank you. I really appreciate that advice. Well, I know for myself, I tend to be more like a valkan, so I'm working on connecting with people.


Absolutely. I appreciate that advice.

And I, believe it or not, I'm an introvert, right? I am very happy with a glass of wine in my feet. I'm watching a movie. Put me in a room full of people. If I have to work, I work, right? I'll turn on that extrovert face without any question whatsoever. If you're not the person that loves that communication and networking thing, get a VA to do it. Employ them as your social media manager. It's not as effective as you. It's not as effective as you doing it yourself. But if you really can't do it, just don't want to speak to people. Get a bit. Moses had Aaron.

I know I can do it. It's just not something I would think of first.

Yeah, exactly. And we're so busy. All of us as business owners, as people on this planet, we're so busy that there are a million things we can do. And there's probably 999,999 that we can't at that any one given moment. It doesn't mean that they aren't good ideas. It just means we just don't have the capacity. One of the things I talk about frequently is bringing in a VA for your business long before you feel like you need them. I always say that your first deal charge a $1,000 set up fee, and that $1,000 is to pay your VA for the next 30 days. Even if you're thinking, I need that $1,000. No, you need the VA more than you need the 1,000. And then the next question is, I don't have enough work for a VA to do. Yeah, you do. That's just going to do the 999,999 things that you should be doing that you're not. And you just make a list. Join business groups, reach out to people on LinkedIn, follow people on Twitter, comment on people's Instagram posts, get into Facebook groups and connect. These are the things that you should be doing, but you're not because you're too busy running your life.

Whereas if you're paying somebody $1,000 for 30 days... And again, guys, hit us up. We've got some amazing connections now, and we've got a crew of people that are specifically hiring GHL experts. If you want one, reach out to us. We'll do a personal connection and you get an amazing deal. They'll hire them, they'll train them, they'll place them, they'll manage them. And I think your end cost out of your pocket is like, you might pay a placement fee, but then you've got like, five, six hundred bucks a month for a full-time person doing the stuff that you know you should be doing. And again, just to finish that loop, the next thing you should be doing is giving them a checklist. So when you do get that next client, they go through the set up for you, connect their mail gun, get the Twilio set up, install the snapshots, get their thing. They do the client work so that you can go and meet people and be the face of the business and just pass on the task. Pass on the tasks. Use your first client to pay for the VA. You will thank me for the rest of your life.

Make sure I... I'd like to know more about that. I'd like to know more about that.

Yeah, sure. Hit us up. Hit me up. We'll get that going on. Thank you. Yeah, you're welcome. So do make sure that you are taking advantage of the methods of getting traffic without spending a lot of money out of your pocket. Use your leads tool, like primary number one. So many people, no, it's not, Carl. It's a private company that we've done a bit of a deal with. They work specifically in the GHL company. Again, reach out to Chris in the group. If you just jump into the group and tag Chris, Chris Ferraro, my business partner, he will introduce you to Daniel and Vyosa, and they will place someone for you. It usually takes two or three weeks to find, train, hire, place. And then you've got your own employee at less than what you could have possibly imagined that they're worth. And they work full-time for you, doing all the things that you should be doing. And again, get that list. Tag people in Facebook groups, reach out to individuals, get onto Instagram and comment. Follow people on Twitter, get into LinkedIn and do connections into groups. Create content for me and post in those groups.

Shout my business everywhere that you possibly can. That's their job until you fill them up with customer tasks. Yeah, cool. So hopefully that was helpful and a strategy that you guys can roll forward with. Let me click on this one. And don't forget to run your leads.

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