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Important one. When you sign up with us, you're getting started on 1,000 leads as the base package, 150 a month for you guys as a wholesale price, and you've got 1,000 leads a month. What we suggest is that you keep aside a couple of hundred of those to do demos. So you're doing your 20 free leads, keep 500 leads for you, run them through, keep a couple of hundred leads up your sleeve to give people. In the demo itself, this is something that's only just been released in this latest version, we have what we call demo mode within the leads tool itself. So you can actually do demos without burning the credits. So I'm not sure if you've seen that when you create a campaign, you can say, Okay, this is window cleaners in Miami. But if you tick this box... Actually, let's keep this generic because it'll be a demo. Let's go, Industry demo 2, and just tick it as a demo account. Please note the demo campaigns work with limited data. This is only for testing and demonstrations and won't count towards your limits. So we can now run searches without burning through our credits.

But the data is specific. In demo mode, I only get to choose from these four or five industries. I can't type my own thing in here. It's limited. So I can choose business coaches and I can choose Chicago and I can run a search. Well, cool. I've got my data and it hasn't taken any credits, but I'm limited to what I can search for. So I've got five industries, I've got five locations, I've got five roles in the people search. I can look for CEOs, I can look for founders. So I can demo it without burning my credit. But when it's time for me to give those 20 free leads, those 20 free leads are going to come from your clients. So the best way... Again, this is how we close deals. We get people on a call, talk to them about the business, what company you're looking for. Amazing. So let me show you how this system works and then say, Oh, I promised you 20 free leads. So what leads are we looking for? They say, I want accountants in Seattle. Okay, cool. We create a campaign, we run a search, accountants in Seattle.

I hit the export button and I give them a CSV. But then I'm going to say to them this, and this is me closing a deal. I'm going to say, you know what, giving you these names and email addresses, even though they're market targeted leads for you in your specific thing, giving you these names and email addresses, I know from my experience that most people will do nothing with them. They really have no value unless you then activate those leads, do something with them. What our system does, we'll take those leads, email them three to six times, follow up with the people that are interested, measure who's actively said yes to whatever you've offered them. Get a text message into your salespeople hands whenever you've got a hot lead, and get a thousand of these leads into your hands for under 500 bucks a month. So I can give you these 20 free leads and good luck. I hope you get some business out of them. Or for under 500, I can do this a thousand times a month for you and take care of the whole thing. Does that sound like something you want to do?

So giving the 20 free leads, I literally say I'm giving them to you, but honestly, you could go to Fiverr and get a million leads for 10 bucks. They have so little value unless you've got the system that sits behind it. Let me set that up for you. That's what I'm here for. That's the whole purpose of the 23 Leads snapshot is to get people on a sales call with you. So I want my 20 free leads. Amazing. Here they are. What are you going to do with them? Let me show you what to do with them. We're going to email them three to six times. We're going to follow up those people that are interested. We're going to text message those ones that are there. We're going to visually show you them in the sales pipeline. And when they're interested and when they're an ideal prospect for you, we're going to get them booked into your salespeople's calendars a thousand times a month for less than 500 bucks. That's what we do. Oh, you just want the leads call? Here's the spreadsheet. You want us to actually do something with them? Let's roll this out for you.

And that's how guys like Brad Elliott are signing up two or three companies a week. They're running the 23 Leads campaign. They're getting people into their calendar and they're saying, Let me show you what to do with these leads, because most people don't know. Again, that was a really long answer to a short question, Dan. But hopefully that's. That's gold, Walt. It's gold. Thank you. Awesome, man. Glad I could help. All right, guys, we are just over the hour, M art. Hopefully, this has been helpful for you. I've had some cool new strategies and stuff that we haven't talked about before. We are live with our Q&A's five days a week. Jump into the group, be active. Ask questions from the people that are in that group. There's 1100 GHL agency owners in that group. And the amount of help and sharing that goes on in there is absolutely incredible. Create communities. If you do SEO and somebody else does website design, form a conglomerate, share leads between you. Bounce clients off each other. If you can create a conglomerate of agencies that complement each other's work, now you can literally multiply your Salesforce. Get into the group and create connections.

Go through our training. Again, we have so much in our members area talking about how to use the tool and different strategies and systems. Anything and everything that we can do to help, we'll make it available for you guys. So thank you so much for joining me on a Saturday morning here in Australia, Friday evening in the States. Have a great weekend ahead. Let's go and make some money. Thank you. Thanks, everyone. Great to see you. Thanks, all. Cheers, everyone. All righty. Done and done. Ron, do you want to jump over to comments on zoom. Com and we can just have a quick chat? Yes, that'd be great. Fantastic, mate. See you there. Yes.

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