How to share leads with clients and close deals

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Don't do this. Okay, so Kyle's question is, am I able to use or share the leads with my clients and affiliates? Yeah, you are in a very specific way. So in the leads tool itself, and here we go with our leads tool on the screen. Let me just move my zoom stuff all around so we've got a clear screen there. All right, so when you've got your leads tool running, you can generate these leads. And you have down here on this left hand side all of these different campaigns. So I've got a campaign for coaches, a campaign for agricultural equipment, a campaign for chiropractors, a campaign for property investors, whatever it might be. I've got all these campaigns. When I create a campaign, I can run leads into that specific campaign. And then the question was, can I use those leads for my clients or my affiliates? Yeah, you can. Because every single campaign you can connect, if I go to the settings of that specific campaign, I can put in a specific GHL integration for that one campaign. So here's a client, I just signed them up. They're a chiropractor. They need, or actually they work with chiropractors, so they need chiropractic leads.

So I can connect, I can come to my sub account. So I might... Let me do this for real. Go chiro. So I find my chiropractor client that I've got. So now I've got my chiropractor sub account here. I go down to settings and I get my chiropractor client's API key, which is right here, and I literally just copy that to my clipboard. Okay, copied. Great. Done. Come back to my leads tool and I want to come up to my integrations and I want to say this is my Kiro client, and I'm going to paste that API key in there. Now I have a connection in my system for that specific client account. Great. Now what I need to do is come to the actual campaign that I'm running for them, come to my settings, and now I can see that I've got the Kiro client available. Turn my main one-off, turn the Chairo client on, and now any leads I run and add to the CRM are going to go into the client's accounts. Now I can run leads for my clients and I can charge them for that. Or of course, because it's a white label tool, I can sell them the whole system.

They can get 1,000 leads a month, use the system for themselves. But if I want to provide it as a done for you service, I could charge 200 bucks a month to run 500 leads a month for them. Completely up to you. So the answer, Carl, is yes, you can create leads for your clients. For your affiliates, what I would suggest is if you sign your affiliates up as a GHL account, great, why not get a free... Get a CRM with your $97 connection with us. You can do that for them. But if they don't want to sign up for a GHL account with you and you still want to give them leads, run the leads. Come and get the searches. Let me grab one that's actually got some in. Run the leads and export them out to your CSV account. So you can literally come in here and export these out. Just tick the box and export to CSV. So you can run leads for your affiliate, give them a CSV of names and email addresses, and they can go out and do what they need to do. So hopefully, again, that helps Carl with that one.

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