20 free leads and setting up white label lead generation

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Meetings. Thank you.

There we go. I've got you now.

All right, good. Thank you. I downloaded and configured the 20 leads snapshot. Awesome. But I don't think I configured it properly because it doesn't show up on my left hand bar as leads available. I'm sure there's something I did wrong. I can see in your example that you have that. I don't know how to.

Access them, basically. Okay. So do you want to screen share and show me and I'll talk you through? Yeah. Sure. Yeah, that'd be great. Do that and I can work it out. So there's two different components of what we're talking about. The 23 Leads snapshot will install in your GHL account, and the Leads tool itself needs to be added to the menu separately. That's a separate thing. So we can do both of those. And I can also steer you to where the training is that shows how to get those down. You can't help straight away. So GHL, welcome to the thing. All right, so you've configured the page. I can see that. It's looking great, looking amazing. So when you say that the leads are not showing up on the left hand menu, what do you mean there?

Well, I noticed that on yours, there was something up here that said 23 leads that you could click on, and then that brings you over to the prospecting pages.

Right. Okay. Yeah. Okay, cool.

And I also noticed it down here on yours, it said Comet Leads.

Yeah. So that's the one that I want to cover off for you. The way you've just shown me up the top, that's because we created a snapshot called 23 Leads. We actually have a sub account called 23 Leads that we've created a little landing pages for and everything like that. So that's a sub account in our account. That's how we created the installable system for you. So it's a sub account. But in terms of the lead showing up on your menu, what you need to do is first go into agency mode, Carl. So if I can get you to change over to agency mode, that's it. And then once you're in agency mode, go down the bottom left to settings. And here in settings, I think about fourth or fifth from the bottom, custom menu link, just where your cursor is, two above, custom menu link. This is where you're going to be able to put the leads tool into your menu here. So click on Create New up the top right. Okay, choose an icon and there's some good leads based ones down the bottom of that list. So keep scrolling down. There you go.

Grab one with lots of people in it. Just above where you are now. There you go.


What we always choose. Now give the link name and title. This is the words that are going to show up in the menu. So we always suggest things like instant leads or lead generation or something that shows somebody, Hey, there's something cool here. So lead generation. Cool. And then the URL you're going to drop in here. And again, this is in the training area, but it's https colon leads. C ommentsuite. Com. Yes, suit. Com, perfect. So scroll down, show it on the agency, scroll down, scroll down, show it on the account bar, show it to all accounts. And when clicked, opened it in iframe, that's all good. Everything there is done. Just click on Save. Just like that. Did that save? I think sometimes the icon doesn't save. Go back up to the top. You probably need to choose the icon again. Yeah, don't know why that happens.

There we go.

Perfect. Save. Awesome. Now, if you click on the Go Back on the top left on your menu, if you scroll down now, you'll see Lead Generation tool. There it is. Click on that.


Yeah. Boom. Straight away. You're good to go.

Okay. And then this is just my email and.

Username and password, and you're good to go. With that, Carl, there's some pretty cool step by step training in the members area. Have you seen that? Do you know where to go to get that?

Let's see here.

If you go to... I can see one of the tab s. That one stopped there. Members, that's the one. Click on that and go... This is your snapshot. That's awesome. Go top left. Just click on the blue circle. That's it. All righty. I'm actually seeing that you don't have access to all of the training that has... Are you signed up with a different email address than the one you bought the snapshots with?

Nope, just same one.

Okay, cool. Can you please do a private message to me? And I'll just do it in the chat. Can you just let me know your email address? And I'll do a quick search, make sure you've got everything that you need there. Because you're missing some training, which obviously isn't ideal. So just do a private chat message to me and drop me in your.

Got it. Okay. Sorry, I got to bring my tab thing up here again.

I get it. I get it. All right. So I just pinged you their message. If you just let me know your email address, I'll be able to check out everything for you and hopefully turn that on. Cool. Got it there. Let me grab it and just do a quick double check. So that's the email address.

Let me just start. I'm just putting this other one in here just in case. I don't think I use this, but it's my alternate.

You have an alternate ego? So it is not that one. Let me just double check if it's the other one because that would be the reason why. No, I don't have a leads subscription, a white label suite subscription. I've only got the snapshot purchase from you. So I don't have a lead subscription from you at all. Let me just double check. So in addition to the snapshots which you purchased, did you also purchase the 150 month lead subscription?

I have not, but I'm happy to do that. I just wanted to figure out how to use it before I paid for it.

Okay. Sorry, it's clients only. That's why you haven't got access to it. Okay, I can do that. Let me drop that in here. So if you head to whitel evelsweets. Com go, you'll be able to pick up the leads program and that will get you access to the leads tool, lead generation templates, snapshots, training, daily Q&A calls, a member's area, our Facebook group. That's the whole scope. So at the moment, you've got the snapshots, which are amazing. There are 45 snapshots in a bundle. Those 45 snapshots are all kinds of different niches. So it's window cleaners and it's electricians and plumbers and roof repair guys. And those snapshots are built for lots and lots of different individual local niches. You can use the lead gen tool to then target those niches. So if you haven't seen how it works, I'll do the world's fastest two-minute demo. So let me drop in here and show you the world's fastest two-minute demo. When you come into the lead gen tool itself. So you've got your leads now on the menu. When you've got to log in after you've made the subscription, you'll have this tool and you can come in here and say, Okay, find me.

If I grab a campaign here, find me. I've got my snapshots. I want to target window cleaners. Find me all of the window cleaners in any area. Let's go, Miami, Florida. Okay. And we go click. And within just a few seconds, we'll find, there we go, all of the window cleaners in Miami, Florida, starting to pop up. And we get all of those details, name, business name, reputation rating, website, phone number. And what's happening in the background takes about 10 or 20 seconds is you start to get all of the contact information there as well. So you can still see a few are looking, but it's found, started to find some already. And it finds the email addresses, it finds the contact information for all these people. And then from there, we can drop them straight into GHLand start to communicate with these people. So we've got a done for you system for window cleaners. Now I can find all the window cleaners. I can drop them into a campaign that says, Hey, Mr. Window cleaner, would you like us to help you with your Google reputation? Missed call text back, new landing page, special offer, database increase.

This is our program. We can get it all done for you for X price. And you can start to send out that offer to all the window cleaners, all the electricians, all the plumbers, all the different people in those snapshots. So the lead gen tool is our primary tool. That's the one that all of the crew on the call here and over a 1,000 members have joined us with this tool who are running GHL. Once you start with the lead gen tool, we show you how to get that set up quickly. All of the connections, APIs, how to run campaigns, all of that stuff. We have onboarding calls for that. Let me show you. Your members area had two modules. Once you've got the subscription with us, this is what your members area will look like. You'll have tons and tons of training, resources, all kinds of things in here, different snapshots, full walkthroughs of how this works, how to get into the software, connecting your keys, running your searches. There's a lot, a lot, a lot that's a component of that. As I said, snapshots, training, communities, all kinds of stuff. But you'll need to be a paid member to get access to that.

Okay, I'll do that today.

Fantastic. Let us know. And as soon as you do, you'll see get started with us, then you'll see a fast start screen. So you can go through. Lots of our members have literally followed the fast start steps and got bookings into their calendars and leads up and running within 24 hours of getting started with us. So we're here to help. Let us know what we can do.

Okay, I appreciate your help.

Thanks very much. No problem at.

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