How to create an A NAME redirect to brand the leads software

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All right, so this training is to show you how to set up your own IP address on your own domain name so that when you're giving the lead system to your client, they're seeing your domain. So for example, our domain is comet suite. Com. You might want to set up the tool on leads. C ometsuite. Com. We've got a couple of our guests here on the Q&A call. So for example, Martin's domain is leadsproplus. Com. U. He might want to set up the domain as tool. Com or leadsprocfile. Com. U, or whatever you wanted to call it and create for it. So let's see how to do it. I'm going to log into Cloudflare. So once you've set up your domain on Cloudflare and there's plenty of tutorials showing that specific step, you're going to then add this IP address as an A name record. So let me just log into Cloudflare here and make sure we've got everything running the right way. So we've got a lot of client domains in here, but I'm just going to pick any domain just to show you how this will work. So let's get this set up and done.
And of course, Cloudflare running slowly just to make us wait for an extra few minutes. Here we go. Okay. One, two, three, go. one second. Looks like there'll be some editing of this training video after the call. Can you have more than one A record, Walt? Yeah, absolutely. 100 %, you can have as many as you like as long as they're all unique, of course. Okay, cool. So inside of Cloudflare, you've got all your domains. And let's say, for example, that we wanted to put our leads tool on one specific domain. So I'm just going to grab one that looks reasonable here. And let's go with this one as an example. So defer taxmail. Com. So let's say that that's my domain, that's my business domain. And what I want to do is set up so that customers can access my tool using my domain, not Comet Suite. So defer taxmail. Com is the domain. I go to dns records over here on the left, and now I'm going to create a new record. And that record is simply an A name record. So we click on add record and we choose a name from the list.
It's normally the first one selected. So there it is. Now, we've got the IP address. This is where we paste that in here. So the IP address is here. And in this box is whatever you want the subdomain to be. So if you want the subdomain to be leads. Defer taxmail. Com, you would put leads in here. If you want it to be app, you would put app in here. So I'm going to put in leads just like that. Leads. Defer taxmail. Com is going to be my end result. Leave the orange box ticked and click on Save. Now, there's lots of different ways that you can update DNA records on a domain. We're using Cloudflare, which you can set up and it's free for unlimited domains. Because it's fast, because it does lots of great things for a website as well, including keeping a case copy and loading when the site is down and that stuff, it's a good system to use Cloudflare. But you can also manage your DNA records on your registraro go Daddy or Namecheap or wherever you buy your domains from. We're just using Cloudflare because all of our domains are set up here.
Okay, so now I've got leads. Defer taxmail. Com. And what we will see when I come over here and I want my full link, so it's leads. Defer taxmail. Com, just like this, you'll see that it actually opens up with the lead gen program. So now you can put your lead gen program on your domain, and when clients are buying that from you, you can send them directly to your own domain name. So there is no hint or showing of Comet Suite whatsoever. So now that we have that subdomain and on your own branding and everything looking the way that you want it to look, you can add that subdomain to your GHL account as well. So in your Comet Suite settings... Sorry, in your GHL settings, you guys don't have Comet Suite, that's just our brand. Make sure you've got agency view turned on. And in agency view, you can come down to settings, come to custom menu link, and you can create a brand new link. Grab an icon here. So I'm just going to grab, let's say, any one of them. That's the X, so we'll try not to do that. How about that one?
Okay. And we'll call it tax leads, just so I can see the new one I created. And paste in your brand new URL. Okay. And click on Save. My icon didn't grab. There we go. Done just like that. All right. And now when I go back, you'll see that I've got a brand new menu item there, and it is my tax leads program, whatever you want to call it. You call it whatever you want to call it. And of course, it's going to open up the leads program on your custom domain. So that means when people are coming in here, they'll be able to save their password on your domain, etc. Everything is branded as it should. So that's how to set up the leads program on your own domain using an A name redirect. Again, in Cloudflare, it is just an A name. You type in the subdomain that you want to create the access on, drop in that specific IP address, 35202 5027, leave the orange ticked, and you're good to go.

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