What do I send if I'm not doing the free leads offer

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I'm real well. Thanks so much for joining us.

Hey, my question is about email. I've watched all those videos and I've been in and out of Cloudflare and MX toolbox and all that stuff, getting all this stuff set up. I'm fairly technical, but I got lost in the weeds and the quagmire as to what I was actually trying to accomplish. So let me back up. I just have me and my agency, I just want to install the 20 free lead snapshot and all that stuff in the lead system. And I already got all that in there and all that's going. I was on the onboarding call today. All I'm trying to do is I just want to get this thing going and push the button and go and send the emails. But I got lost in setting up... I bought a throwaway domain, I set up the replies dot, I set up all the DKIM and SPF and DMARC and DNS and CNM and A, and I set up all those records. I don't know. I got lost in all that whole throwaway domain thing. So I just want to back up. What's the easiest way to just set this up just for me, just for my agency so I can get this 20 free leads snapshot set up and running on the email side?
Does it make sense?

Yeah, definitely. So you've done everything that you need to do. Why do we do a throw away domains? Literally because you can send out marketing emails. Your own domain is protected. You want to make sure that stays the case for you and your client. So you've done all the right things there. How do you now get this going? Let's backtrack and let's look at the big trick tool. What are we trying to achieve? You've got a 20 free leads snapshot. The emails have been written in that so that you can go out to businesses and you can say, Hey, Mr. Business O wner, would you like 20 free leads? Come and chat to me. We do lead generation. We've got a system here. I'd love to show you what we do. Offering a business owner 20 free leads is the whole point. So what we do is we bring in leads from the tool for your ideal clients, for your own agency. You're searching in the tool, you're bringing in those leads into the system. Now you've got 500 or 1,000 of your ideal customers. You're going to grab all of those and you're going to put them into the 23 Leads campaign in drip mode.

So why in drip mode? So that we send out slowly. We don't blast out 1,000 at a time because that will put us into the spam box. So we've got our ideal customers from the Leads program and we're putting them into a campaign and that campaign is offering that business owner 20 free leads. So now let's say that... Who's your ideal client, Chris?

I do digital marketing and SEO for local service based businesses. So pick a local service based business. There you go.

Fantastic. So you're going out to a marketing agency and SEO agency and saying, Hey, guys, would you like 20 free leads for your agency? So let's say the agency raises their hand and says, Yeah, Chris, show me what you got. So now you set up a call, they come in and they register for their 20 free leads. It puts them into your calendar. Now I've got an appointment with this guy on Tuesday and he wants 20 free leads. I jump on, talk to him. Now, obviously you're a business owner, he's a business owner. You're going to talk to him about things like who's your ideal client? They're going to say, I'm looking for this business, that business. Okay, great. You can do a demo on the call. You say, Look, this is how our tool works. You show them their ideal client as a search. You say, Okay, cool. This is how we can find it. Then you show them your GHL. You're going, Okay, so this is for you to be able to put them into the system, follow them up, do all that stuff. You're showing them the system that they just work with.

Now, that's if you are wanting to sell them GHL. Is that accurate? Is that what you want to sell them? You want to sell them a GHL subscription with you?

Maybe eventually. Right now, I want to use this for my agency to find clients for me.

Yeah, absolutely. My question is, what do you provide for your clients? Are you signing them up as a sub account? Are you selling them SaaS or are you selling them something else?

No, I'm selling them digital marketing services, SEO, page one, all that stuff.

Okay, cool. Awesome. Okay. So in that case, you probably don't want to do the 20 free leads thing because what the 20 free leads is all about is selling people the whole system that you have. So the beauty about GHL is you can have unlimited sub accounts. I get you. Yeah. So that's what that is. It's designed to help you sell more GHL. But for you, for your agency, rewrite the emails. Don't give 20 free leads. Talk about SEO, page one, rankings, all of that stuff. So bring your leads in and add them to a campaign of your own creation. So just change the three emails. Instead of talking about 20 free leads, talk about ranking better on Google and getting better results and page one and all that stuff. The stuff that you do so well, don't offer 20 free leads if you don't want to sell GHL. Change the emails to be what you do want to sell.

I get it. That makes sense. Thank you.

Cool. Awesome. Hey, we managed to get it done in six minutes. That was cool. Hey, guys, unless we've got any rapid fire questions, I can see Martin's just dropped one in the chat box. Jay, can I get you to drop that into support for us? Just give me a Loom video on what's causing that JavaScript error. Jay, that will definitely be something about the A&A record. But if you can give us a Loom, we'll solve that for you. Martin, just scrolling through, to do a form of For the form, are we going to do a form that will update the custom values? Yeah, sure, I'll do that. I did a training on it the other day, but let me see if I can add that to the snapshot. That was just based on all of that excitement that was in the. I'll see if I can do it for the client fulfillment snapshot and add it to that. That would be awesome. Yeah, let me see what I can do. Cool. I'll do that. T here was another question there about that custom value is a multiple domains connected, you want to pick a specific one?

Yes, exactly right. So if you want to specify the from, because you might have your primary email address as info@yourdomainname. Com, you might want to send from marketing@ or John@. And that's what that's for, to be able to specify which email address is this sending from on that specific account. Cool, guys. Thank you so much for joining us. I'm going to jump right now and we're going to head across to our Master class. Join us there. It is Comet Zoom com. Yohan's going to be talking about the exact pitch deck and system he uses to close $30,000 deals with GHL. Cometzoom. Com, see you there.

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