Setting up and delivering for a client with the 20 free leads

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You're mentioning... Let that do its thing. You're mentioning you've got a question about the client template and how you're fulfilling for clients?

Yes, correct. I wanted to use the snapshot that we have. I wanted to use that myself just to get familiar with setting it up, et cetera. I quite like the way that the pipeline it's set up compared to the 20 leads one. When I was setting up the email templates, I got a bit confused with how it works with the trigger links, and I'm actually not sure that I set it up correctly. I just wanted a little bit of a clarification around that, if I could.

Absolutely. Do you want to share screen and show me or do you want me to walk through?

Yeah, sure. I'll do it now.

Go for it. Awesome.

Okay. Did I share the right screen?

Yeah, absolutely.

Okay, perfect. Obviously, this is day one. That link that was already there, which is this one.


Got a little bit confused here because normally when I've been using trigger links, I've just been looking through the link list.

Yeah, sure.

This one had this here. What happened was I went to the custom values first. I probably did something wrong. I'll just show you what I did. You can just maybe just help me backtrack here. I went to the custom values and in this one I ended up putting in the link that I needed in custom values. Then after that I went to... That was probably wrong after I backtracked. But then I went to marketing, I went to trigger links. I found the one that we had, which was now this one here. When I changed it, I changed the name and the link URL. Now I'm not actually sure if it's all linked to the pipeline and all of that.

Cool. Let's double check. That trigger link now is called the 23 Leads News. What you'll need to do is in the message template itself, change the trigger link to be that one so that it's set. Then there's a few places to check in the automation, so we can go through that together as well. Specifically the link tracking and that stuff.

Come back to that in a multiple. You're going to go into the email first?

Go into the email template first. Let's make sure that there's the right link in there.

What was that one called?

It's the cold email one, I think. There it is. Triple A, cold email one. Cool. So change that to the 23 leads new.

So change it to this one.


Then do I take this out or do I keep it?

No, that needs to be exactly as it is right there.

Now that should be all right. Is that correct?

Yeah, that will track that click, every click on that link.

Yeah. Okay.

So just save that one. Okay. Now that we've got the link in the email and you probably need to do that for the other emails in the series as well.

Yeah, I didn't do them yet. I just wanted to check this one first.

Yeah, cool. Awesome. The next thing we want to do is just make sure that we're updating the automation. In the automation, we have click tracking and open tracking, that stuff. So if we go into the click tracking email, Action, email clicks.

So that's the one that actually sends, but go two up from that. Action, email clicks.


All right. And so on the trigger, prospect clicks from email. Just click on that one. And the trigger link is called 23 Leads New. Perfect. That's all updated. So that's great.

So that means that in the template, because we use the trigger link and you said that, then the thing that we didn't do anything about at the top, that's the one that corresponds to this one. Correct. It automatically updated. Is that correct?


Yes. Okay, perfect.

Yeah, perfect. Now when somebody clicks on that specific link, it's going to move them on the pipeline and it's going to send an internal SMS. Perfect. You're good to go.

Okay, perfect. Then there were a couple of questions associated with that, if it's okay. Then the unsubscribed link. There were two things that we needed to fill in. There was the trigger link for that one and there was another one as well, which was... Where would it be? This one. But is there anything we need to do here?

Yeah. A ctually, that's a great point. I'm just going to make a note of it here.

Because that wasn't covered in that video.

After we've created this snapshot, GHL themselves have actually added in unsubscribed on emails. You can just use the GHL one, which is not a bad way to go.

Is that the one that is in the profile section that you just tick it and it automatically... Correct. In the business city. Shall I just show that just to make sure that we know which one we're talking about. It's something here, right?

There it is. Make SMS compliant. There it is down the bottom. Make email compliant by adding an unsubscribed link. That's exactly right.


What you do need to do, though, Martin, is to take away the custom values of the unsubscribed link in the template. So go marketing email templates.

That was one of my questions.

There you go.

Cool. Because I got both I got both of those. I got yours and that one in there. It's like, Okay, what do I do? I need to take this one out.

Yeah, you can take it out because otherwise you'll have two unsubscribed links on the bottom of each email.

Okay. That's it.

You're good to go. Just remove the unsubscribed link on all the templates because now, again, since we've released the snapshot, GHL made it a standard thing across the board, which is great, which is what they should have done.

Perfect. I don't need to each this one here, just again, because I feel that in the video, I don't think we actually went over the custom values. I think it was only the trigger link. I just want to make sure. I definitely had to go in and add this here as well. Is that correct?

Yeah. What would have happened was the custom value itself would have inserted that URL into the trigger link. So you didn't need to actually edit the trigger link at all. You only needed to put the URL into here. From a straight out of the box, the only thing that you need to change is the custom values because the custom values will fill the trigger link and the trigger link will fill into the email template. So for a client, the only thing that you need to do is change the custom values. You don't need to change the trigger links at all.

Okay. I think that's where I got confused because in the video you have in the training, you are talking about the trigger links rather than the values, so just FYI.

Thank you. Okay. Yeah, true. Okay, cool. So training.

Because this makes much more sense to me as well then. But as always, I just follow whatever you say.

Thank you. I appreciate that. But at the same time, I'm like, Oh, no. Okay, cool. When you install for a client, the only thing you need to do is the custom values.


Key, what it says there, custom values, add menu, cold seed, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, is the link that inserts in the trigger links. That way, you don't need to update anything else. You don't need to update any names, anything at all. You just need to update custom values and all of the templates will update as you go.

Okay, that's perfect. Then because we're not using this one, then obviously we don't need to do anything here.

We don't need that one. But you do have, I think in your template, you've got Send cold email as that is in the settings of the automation. If you go into the automation itself, you will see. What I'm saying is you will need to fill that out.

Go into your order. That was actually just my next question that was coming up. Just to make sure, because I know I've been looking a lot into the cold email stuff and someone talking about I know you're talking about the warm up, which I've been using. So the 10 emails per day, 20 emails per day, 30 emails per day. I'm at 40 emails per day now. And I think you said you just want to get to 50 and then not send more than 50 per day. If you use MV, is that correct? Yeah. Is this what you were talking about, Walt?

Settings, exactly right. Username and custom values cold email. This is where you'll need to update your custom values with the email address that you send from. That will then...

Are they specific to this particular automations? Because I've got so many things in here now, so I just want to make sure I update the right ones.

Yes, it is specific to this automation. Add manually, send cold email as... Here. there you go, that one. That needs to be your email, the email address you're sending from.

Then on the email, just making sure, again, just because I'm... Email. What I've done is based on one of the videos or something that you said on one of the calls is I've added in Hello. L eadproplus. Info rather than. Com. Au.

Okay, great.

So that it's not my actual domain that I'm sending from. It's a different domain just in case anything goes wrong. That's correct, right?

Yeah. So can you just click on dedicated domain over on the right-hand side for me?


So you'll need to add the domain here so that you're sending from the specific domain. This is where you'll verify it. You'll need to add some text records and MX records and that stuff.

 To verify it. I've done that already. That's why it's a bit... Oh, no, I know what happened. I went into my agency setting and I set this up for all.

Of the agents.

Just in case anyone needed just to.

Send something. That is a solid, safe idea, by the way. That's a solid, safe idea.

But then I also have the option. I don't actually know how I've set that up, but I know that I can go into my conversations and send from info@leadproplus. Com. Au as well.

Okay, cool. That's good that you can do that, that you can send. Just double check that it's being sent. But in order to send from a different domain other than. Info on this particular sub account that you're using. I would just.

Have to go in and set it up as another dedicated domain.

You got it. You got it exactly right.

What you are saying that we should do for our clients, so let's say I had a client that was my client com. Au that was their normal domain. You say that we should try and go in and get my client. Net or my client. Info or something like that and.

Set that up.. Io, exactly right. Absolutely. Again, the way we used to communicate that to a client was that we talked to them about the safety and protection of their main primary domain. Create even a separate sub account, separate sending from domain specifically for the marketing side of things so that it keeps the primary domain separate and safe.

Yeah, perfect.

Yeah. The that's good.

That should then be set up. Those were the only questions I had during the process. Then one last thing. I got one guy that reached out to me recently. He wants to buy my leads, but he's already on his way to sell, but he just doesn't know about white label suite. It just makes more sense for me just to sell him my package.

Cool. Awesome.

Then to sell him because he just wants to use it for himself. He doesn't actually want to sell leads. He's selling websites. My question is, if he already has a DHL account, how do I sell it to him?

Great question. I would go into the dashboard. App. Com white label suite. Com. From there, go to packages. There you go. Create a package for sale. Create a package for sale that's just the leads tool only without the CRM. So this would be lead pro. Yeah, great. Smart leads. Perfect. Set your sale price. Just double check that spelling as well.

Sorry, guys.

Yeah, you're good. All right.

And then just save.

Then save and then finish that off by putting in the thank you page and then getting the link. And so what's going to happen then is you can get him to subscribe to lead s tand a line. There you go.

Do I need to click any of these? I can't remember.

Have you already got him as a client or is he in your.

Database already? No, he's new. Okay, then. That's why he won't actually be in my CRM. He just wants me to...

But he'll still be a client. I would get his phone number as well. Why not? There you go. Just click on Confirm. Now you've got a link where somebody will buy the leads program direct from you and you're good, you're away.

I sent this to him. He pays. What happens after that?

Yeah, great question. What happens after that is a license will be created in the lead system with the password leads123. So you can then leads123 exclamation point capital L. So then you can get him to log in. So he can put in the URL as a custom menu link, or he can access it directly. So guys, as an aside, as a separate note, and this is important from this version of leads that we released just a few days ago, you can create your own brand using an A name record so that it doesn't ever say leads. C om@suite. Com. So what you're about to do is sell a program called Leads Pro Smart Leads tool. And the last thing you want to do is to send the guy a link that says leads. Com, it's suite. Com, where he can access it. So now what you can do, as of a few days ago is you can set up an A name record that points to your subdomain. So what I would say is you've got leadpro... What's your domain? Leadpro. Com.

Au? Leadproplus. Com. Au.

Perfect. So you might have a separate subdomain called leads. Leadpro.

Com. plus or tool app.

Leadspro. Com. You can set that to a subdomain. I don't know if I've given you guys the actual IP address yet because I was going to do that as a training today. But then, yeah, so let me grab the IP address. Do you want me to talk you through how to do that?

Maybe if you can, because I think it would add value to probably other people as well.

Yeah, sure. Well, guys, actually...

You don't.

Have to do the recording again. Well, I was going to say, if you don't mind, what I'll do is I'll create this as the training so I can kill two birds with one stone. I might just quickly click on stop.

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