Problem solving your emails and setting DMARC

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This. Lewis Marino, bro, how are you?

Pretty good. And yourself, Walt?
I'm good, man. I'm good. Thanks for jumping on.
No problem. Thank you for your help. I'm actually running to a few different problems, and I've been working till about 3 o'clock in the morning, so I might be starting my work. So the first thing that I did, and it's coming up weird is my email when I did test send, it's coming up like my business name @reply, and then my business name again @gmail. Com. If I can share my screen, I can show you an example. Absolutely. Let's see if I can do this correct. Should be this right here. Share. If I can get rid of this. Here, as soon as.
It went to you... This is your own.
Yeah. Yeah. Veronica was a friend of mine that is actually interested in the service, and I was sending things back and forth with the 23 Leads campaign. I guess when it was sent over, it sent it as custom solution system@reply. A nd then it goes into it again. I don't know how to fix that. I went back and try to fix it a couple of times.
I would think that's in your custom values. Looks like either the custom values haven't been set or the default email on the agency settings is set to that one. So couple of places to check. Happy to check that with you. So you can jump in, go to the custom values of that particular sub account. So go to settings all the way down the bottom.
And go to custom values.
Custom values. Yeah.
Right. So at the moment, we haven't got anything set in there. So this is what we were just covering with Martin at the beginning. The Send From Name, and so the third one down, Add Manually, Send Cold Email as hasn't been filled in yet. So is this the sub account that you're sending from, Louis? Yes. Okay, cool. So that hasn't been filled in yet, which in turn won't update the sending from email address in your in your automation settings. What that means is that the default email address connected to the account is that one custom system solution.
That's the long one.
Yeah. You can change that here. You can change the custom values here so that the email address it sends from is whatever you're about to put in there. T hat would solve that one for you.
Okay, perfect. I'll go back and do that one. Next question was the the Dmark. I went ahead and set all that stuff up. I got I got an email from Google saying something about the DMARC was coming back and it had a little zip file. Is that normal? Is that anything to be concerned about?
No. I did the training on this two weeks ago and it looks like... First of all, I can stop that happening, but let me explain why it's happening. So what's happening with that little zip file is you've got what's called RUA record turned on response something activity. So response, unacceptable activity or something like that. What it's basically doing is in the DMARC record itself, it's got P equals DMARC whatever, blah, blah, blah. And then it's got R UA colon and your email address. What it's doing is it's actually alerting you for any fails on that email address setting. Great thing when you first set up an email address is to have the R UA set up so that you, Oh, this was rejected. Why was it rejected? What can I find out about it? After a while, that gets really annoying and you're like, Okay, cool. All my emails are delivering. Just get rid of this crap for me. To do that, just go back into Cloudflare or wherever you're managing your DNA records from and delete the R UA address and instead of P equals none or P equals quarantine, set it to P equals reject.
Okay. I do remember that of your training.
Okay, perfect. Yeah. There we go. happy to show you. I think I've still got Cloudflare on. Let me just quickly share screen and I'll just very quickly show you what I mean. When you're setting up your DMARC records, and guys, for anybody that's watching this as a recording, when you set up your emailing, please set up your DMARC records because it will increase your deliverability massively. So this is a DMARC record. It's simply just a text record. And in this particular client file, I've got V equals DMARC 1, P equals reject. So that's what I'm talking about here, that P equals reject literally says, if it's not a valid email address, just forget about it. Don't even tell me, don't do anything about it, just move on to the next one. And because I'm lazy, I literally set that up all the time. I don't ever monitor anything else other than P equals reject. What are the other options, though? So if I go... This is a good site to remember, mxtoolbox. Com deliverability. These guys, this is a really good free service. You can get your email system set up and working really well. Send an email from your GHL account to this email address and tell which email address you send it from, and it will give you a whole bunch of records about what you need to change and fix.
Mx toolbox. Com deliverability. But in here is also the DMARC setup. Let's get into maybe a quick Google mxtoolbox dmarc setup. You can see I've done that search before. Dpm, DMARC, how to set up DMARC. Here we go. I'll drop that in the chat box so you guys don't have to search for it. It's here. Okay, so what I just showed was reject. So I said just none, quarantine or reject. I said P equals none, P equals reject, and the one that I did. What we're talking about is actually listed over here, Louis. So what you have at the moment is V equals DMEK 1, P equals none, and then a semi colon RUA, which is that, Hey, something went wrong, send me an email about it. And then you've got the email address popped in there. So it's actually going to show any failures, send me a note. So you can change that to P equals reject, and that will turn that off. Or you can change the email address that they come to and maybe just filter them out in your Gmail inbox if you want to keep a record of it. But that's what's happening there.
It's literally sending you those zip files as a report of any activity that's happened on that email account.
Okay. And then I just have two more questions. I'll try to make it super quick.
Sure. I'll try and do the same with the answers, I promise.
Yeah, no problem at all. So the other one that I was having a little bit of a problem with was the 23 Leads campaign. If I wanted to just the very first email that goes out, I was looking for that. I went to the campaign, I went to the different sections and I clicked on the first one. It shows me email two, but I don't see email one. I don't know if you.
Want to share screen and I'll see if we can sort that out for you.
Perfect. Let me go here.
Martin, you don't need to add the cold email. It will replace with the one that's on that's there with your default one. Cool. 23 lead system. So this is the follow up series, Louis.
Okay, so this is not the very first one it's supposed.
To send? No, this is the follow up series. So after they've actually registered, yes, I want my free leads, what this is doing is it's literally saying they've registered for their 20 free leads, but they didn't actually create an appointment with you. So they didn't go through all the way through the funnel. This is literally saying, Hey, don't forget to book. Don't forget to actually come and claim your free leads.
Got you. Okay. So I think I might have sent this one with Veronica. I sent this one just to test it out and see how it went. She filled out all the information, booked an appointment. Padi was perfect. It set up an account for her. Everything's working pretty good, except for I think within the next 15 minutes or 24 hours she got another email, even though she is already on here. So do I not want to send this out? Obviously, that's my mistake.
Sending this. Yeah. No. So what's actually happening and thinking about it as a step by step, what's actually happening is there's a step in here. If they book, it takes them out of the follow up. If you jump out of here for a second, go back to workflows. One of the automations here is on booking remove. When they book, remove from follow up and update. So the third one down. What this does is if you're using the calendar that's in the snapshot that we give, this is all set up and configured. You don't need to change anything. But most people will change the calendar because they've already got a calendar set up. This is putting it into an unassigned calendar. I want it to be into my assigned calendar. If you've put your assigned calendar on the 23 Leads landing page, which is what most people will do, you will need to change the trigger on this. So if you just click on appointment is booked, what this does is basically... That's the first slide there. Yeah. So it's saying if an appointment is booked and the event type is normal, the appointment is confirmed, then remove them from the workflow and move them on the opportunity board to book.
But what you might want to do here is specify the calendar. So you can add a filter on this, Louis. So right down the bottom of that screen on the right-hand side, it says add filter. Just a.
Further. Oh, there it is. Okay. Add filter. And you can say in calendar, the third option... Sorry, second option down, and then you can specify which calendar. So you can say... There you go. That one right there. And then click on Save.
Okay, let me go over here.
Okay. So what that's now done is it's now said, only take them out of the follow up workflows if they book into that specific calendar.
Which is perfect. Perfect. And then last but not least is I try to do the demo with her with the new version two that you guys came out with. I set up demo and she wasn't able to access it and I wasn't able to. Because she's a long time friend, I went in and just gave her some of my leads just to test things out and see if I'm.
Doing it correctly. Cool. Awesome.
Am I doing something wrong here? Because I did demo test and then as soon as I come down here, I just can't.
Type anything. Correct. In demo mode, you're only given a specific five industries to search from, a specific five locations to search from, and a specific five roles in the people search. What we wanted to be able to do was to show off the tool. If you've got somebody on a call, show it off how it works. You can say, Hey, let's find Realtors in Chicago. Let's find accountants in Sydney, so you can show off how it works. But it's not using any credits. It's using set results, the same results every time. And we did that just purely from a back of house point of view. Every search that we run has a hard cost to it. So we were racking our brains. We were going like, we can't give away free trials because it costs us money every time people do a search. It's like it was something that we've been struggling with. And so what we came up with was, if we limit the choices, we can then run that as cached data in demo mode only. Demo mode means you've got no choice availability and you're not going to use any credits. Literally just so that you can demo the program without burning through any credits.
Of your own. Yeah, no, that makes sense. Okay, perfect. Just so I can go ahead and click on this and be able to show an example of how it works and then go from there.
When we're doing that as a demo, that's how I will pitch it to a client. So I'll say something like, Hey, let's find Realtors in Chicago. Let's find accountants in Sydney in the People search. Let's find CEOs in London. And that gives enough breadth that you can show off the tool and you haven't used a single credit from your thousand.
Perfect. Okay. Well, thank you so much.
No worries, man. Great to see you. Great.

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