Stacking leads into your campaigns

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So when you create a campaign, you're able to just keep stacking anything into there that you like. So let's say that this is agriculture equipment as the campaign. So we'll create the campaign as a standalone. So we'll have a campaign here.

Okay, you're not showing your.

Screen anymore. Oh, sorry. My apologies. Thank you for letting me know. Okay, so we've created a campaign. Now what we can do is search within that campaign. And let's start with those same ones, the Formula E service equipment, and we'll get the brand ones in. So there we go. Now we've got all of those ones, they've come in. So they will be in this campaign from now in. They're looking for the email, we'll find them while we're doing the next thing. But if I want to add on top of that, I can just go new search and I can just now look for case farm equipment or whatever it might be. And we can stay in the same location? Yeah. All right. So let's see if we can stay in that same location here. There we go. Farm equipment, farm equipment, farm equipment, farm equipment.

Okay, so it adds them to it, but there's no way to record what you did search. So even though two weeks later, what did I search?

That's a really great question. No, I've never been asked for that before, but what a cool thing. So that would actually be like a Yeah.

This campaign is a mixture of these 10 searches and they're listed there.

Wow, what a cool idea.

What a really cool idea. That's absolutely awesome.

Because that's what I was starting to do is break down agriculture and going, Okay, I'll get into the farm equipment ones. And then I was doing some crop stuff. And then I was like, What did I search already? Because it's all gone.

Man, that is a really cool idea. Our tool has evolved over the last 12 months or 18 months based on feedback, and that feedback is awesome. Let me just drop this in here and I'll send it off to my devs. Okay. Create a history list of searches to show what this campaign is made up of and research with location one click. So what I'm thinking is if we can keep that history, then you might want to say, okay, cool. I want to do that same search again, but now I want to do the next city over or I want to do the next suburb. So I just want to be able to go, this is the search that worked. Click, have it prefill, and then say now search the US.

Exactly. And then you search two or three zones, and then it gets too big and you say, Okay, I want to dump those. I don't want to dump those searches, but I want to narrow them down and I'll delete that campaign because I make a new campaign.

Yeah, absolutely. This is great. That's a really cool idea. I like that one. History of searches. My head of my Dev team, it's 12 11, so it's just past midnight for him and I'm still pinging him on Slack. So history of searches would be ideal in campaigns. Okay, thanks. That's awesome, man. Thank you for that feedback. That's really great. So cool. Great things to start out our Friday Q&A session. Thanks, Jack. So how long have you been with us, man?

About a little over a month.

Okay, cool. Awesome. And where do we find you?

I haven't done as much as I should.

Okay. Tell me about your business. What's the main thread for you? What's your specialty?

Same. I had a marketing agency for quite a while, but just getting into GHL and been really focusing on learning it and getting my workflows and snapshots working for the small businesses I deal with. And then this is going to be a source for new leads.

Amazing. Cool. When you go to market, so we say, Hey, I'm Jack. This is what I do. What specifically would a client be paying you for?

Well, right now, I'm on the GLHL side. I'm doing appointment getting for salons.

Is what.

I'm doing to get my feet wet and running Facebook ads for that. It's been working quite well.

There's but.

I want to branch into something a little more lucrative, I guess, would that?

Yeah. The salon world, the good news is there's plenty of them. The good news is they have plenty of customers. The bad news is the price per appointment is low. So there's one of our team in our group, a guy named Kurtis, who became famous in our group for creating an incredible appointment system for salons. Feel free to search and tag him. I think he sold that business. He built it up massively quickly and then sold it. But his knowledge is still 100 % around that space. Now he runs a really cool coaching environment. But if you just look for Kurtis Tofa, T OFA in our group and just say hi, just connect with him because, as I said, I don't think he's in that space anymore, so he's not going to be competitive. And he was only working in Australia anyway. But he might have just some cool stuff for you. And yeah, in terms of branching out, it's interesting. So yeah, getting the higher value appointments and pharma equipment, nice way to go. Interesting thought pattern. Have you gone through our fast track program, Jack? Is that.

Come across? I'm in the middle of it right now.



Amazing. So week one, starting to talk about creating your offer and positioning yourself in the market and doing all that stuff. How's that resonating with you?

Yeah, it's good. I've done a ton of sales training and stuff like that. It's just always a good refresher.

Yeah, cool. Awesome. If you need a hand anywhere, man, just shout out. We have some agency experience. We value so highly the community and great to have you as a part of it so that we can bounce back and forth ideas with you and you can help out people who've got questions in the group as well with some marketing questions. And hopefully we can do the same for you.

Excellent. Yeah, for sure.

Welcome. Great to see you, man. Hey, don't forget that we've got Q&A live five times a week. So anytime you can drop in questions in the group are always welcomed as well. Support stuff like, Hey, this is not working, or hey, can you help me out with my license, or that stuff, just drop it into support desk. But marketing and strategy, always drop those questions and stuff into the group because 1,000 plus agency owners and GLH agency owners, and it's a pretty active group. Awesome to tap into that as a resource.

Will do.

Thanks. Good to see you, man. Thank you so much. All right, Mark, I saw your.

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