Setting up custom values with forms

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All right. So the brilliant, amazing, and incredible ebony James has just told me that there's now a new update on GHL that allows us to update custom values when we have an automation running. So we're just going to give a shot at this. So what this means is when you install a snapshot... And let me just grab any snapshot here so I can show you what I mean. Let's grab one of our snapshots from our... There we go. That one will do.

From our onboard. He's actually talking about a sub account.

Okay, yeah. Cool. So we install a snapshot. And the thing that makes a snapshot run is custom values. And there are typically name, business name, customer name. There's so many custom values that you need to update in a snapshot. If I look at our window cleaning snapshot as an example, window cleaning snapshot has, I think, 10 custom values. So offer name, discount amount, city, business logo, agency. Okay, cool. So now that there's an update that we can actually update custom values, this sounds interesting. So let's come to our automations and I'm going to go to demo company so I don't stuff anything up in my snapshot file. And let's check this out. So the idea will be then that an onboarding form, a form could update those values. So would you need to do it one sub account to the next, Debony, I'm wondering, or would you need to... Let's see, let's find out. Come on, GHL. I'm curious what a use case would be for that. Onboarding would be a cool one. So, hey, Laurie, Dean, I hadn't seen you there before. Hi, Laurie, how are you doing? Use case would be onboarding snapshot would be a great example.

So come on. Why is DHL running so slow? Here we go. Okay, cool. Let's create a workflow. Now, again, I haven't seen this, so we're about to see what's going on here. Form to values test. All right, t he trigger is going to be a form. Oh, man, look at the new stuff. Tiktok form? Holy dually. All right, so a form.

You said Holy Dolly again?

Yeah, man, it's my new go to.

He did. Look, the other day he said, Oh, that's the rubbish truck that's out there. I was.

Like, This is rubbish. I looked that up and I laughed my butt off.

Oh, really? Update custom value. Ladies and gentlemen, step back, please. This is very cool. The current value and the new value, amazing. Select a custom value. We're going to go... These are the custom values that I've got in this sub account. So I could say your website, the current value is that on this particular sub account, and the new value is going to come from the form. Account right now, attribution custom values. Contact, yeah, because it will come in from the form. So you would need to have a custom field and then a custom value. So the custom field is obviously being filled in by the client on the form. So let's say that on the form you fill in the website address. There we go. So what it's going to do is it's going to update the custom value, which custom value, this one. The current value is that, and it's going to update it to whatever the person filled in on the form. Oh, that's cool. Okay, so what does that mean from an onboarding point of view? And yeah, true. What's a use case here? How could this possibly be a good thing?

Users. Users, exactly. Yeah. So usernames, what a great one there as well. Your email signature. One of the things that I just talked about with Mark and Jack a few moments ago is that clients coming in are the epitome of don't give them any tech stuff because that really slows people down. And the very word custom values makes people's eyes glaze over. They're like, the what now? But if you can make it easy for them, you can get that happening. So here's how I would do it, guys. This is step by step how I would make this something that you do. I would.

Well, let me ask you one question, Walt. One thing that I've noticed is if we import people search into Go High level, those that don't have an email is not getting imported. Will this custom value change allow the LinkedIn link to change into a custom value so that the contact could be imported?
Well, first things first, they should import because they were part of that is the last version. I've just written that down as a bug. If you want to drop that into narrative, that'd be great.

I didn't know that. Yeah, it was waiting in queue, but I was like, You're not going to get queued.

Where's the queue? Yes is the short answer to that. So you could put it into a custom field and update a custom value, no troubles at all. Yeah, definitely. So guys, here's how I would use this. I would create an onboarding snapshot that I also installed for a client on a brand new client account. So here's how I would do it. My onboarding snapshot. I would do this in a brand new account so I could literally create it as a snapshot and deploy it. But here's how I would do it. I would create a form that did all my onboarding. I'd gather the information that I need and I would put this on the client's account. This is not a form on your main account. This is going to install on the client's account. So let's do this properly. I'm going to call this onboarding set up. Cool. Now I'm going to put my fields on here. Obviously, first name, last name, email, great business name, whatever else it is, address, city. You should have all of this information anyway. Website. But then you're going to get into custom values, custom fields. Now, what are the things that we need to know?

Your offer name, add as a custom field. It's a text input drop down note. That'll do. Done. Field name, group. Okay, placeholder is going to be your offer name. Your offer. Okay, cool. I'm going to create the fields that I need. General info. I'm going to create the fields that I need and get the customer to put them in. Your offer name. And if it's on a form, it's easier. Okay, cool. So there's one custom field that I would have in there. Okay, field added successfully. There we go. I knew I had some in there. Okay, where is it? Your offer name. Your expectations. Your offer name, financial position. Okay, where did it save? Fine, I've got enough there too, so you guys can see what I need. Link to logo, JPEG of logo. Current home values? Yeah, sure. Why not? What else have I got? Man, I got a lot of stuff in my... Anyway, that'll do. What make is your car? Okay, cool. Done. And a submit button like that. Okay, and save. All right, so now I've got a form. And again, this is part of a snapshot. So I would install it on the client's account.

I'm going to put that form on a page. All right, let's do it. So literally, again, I'm installing a funnel page on a client's account. Come on. New funnel onboarding checklist, onboarding, delete after set up. So the client knows that they don't need to keep that in their account once they're done. Okay, add new step. Onboarding step. It's fine. Go. All I need on this is that form. And again, why am I doing this? I just want to show you how cool this will be to help with your onboarding side of things. If you install this on a customer's account, the form is in their account, the fields are in their account, and you will be able to get them to fill in their own details, which will fill in the custom values, and it will take a lot of your work away. So Chuck in a form. The form is my onboarding. All right, cool. So you need to create this as a snapshot. I might create this and drop it into everybody as a freebie. But now it won't work because you'll need to match your custom values. All right, onboarding set up. There it is.

Cool. Save. Now, the form with the fields is going to install in your customer's account. The web page is going to install in your customer's account. You're going to create an automation that does the work you need. So you're going to come in here and create the automation that updates the custom values. And then literally, step 3, step one, form, step two on a page. Step three, create the automation. And again, this is part of the snapshot. The automation is going to do the one that we just did. So this was form to values, the one that we just created a few moments ago. Form to values test. There we go. Now we know what we're doing. Form is onboarding. Set up one, two, three. Cool. Update custom value. Update the value of website to that. Update the value of logo. Update custom value. Which value? I did have one here called logo. There it is. Logo. Current value is blank, looks like. It's going to come from customer fields. Logo, because that will now be installed. Logo, logo, logo. Let me just grab one not to bore you guys to tears. Logo, there it is.

Logo, thank you. Right, so check out what's happening. It's literally... And then save again, this would go in the snapshot. So you want to form a website and an automation in the snapshot. Now you can install this on a client's account. They will have one website that they can go in and it's on their own account. They can fill in all of the details that you need that will update the custom values. Done. So you don't need to get them to struggle through settings, custom values. What are all these curly brackets? Where do I edit? All that stuff? They're going to do it on a form and that will update the custom values and make your snapshots work. Ebony is shaking her head.

I'm shaking my eyes in disbelief. That right there is an amazing onboarding snapshot.

That's cool, right?

We're not worthy.

We are not worthy. I was like, Oh, my gosh. Even with the logo, I'm like, They don't have to fill in the custom values.

I mean, them.

Just on a form.

It'd be good to investigate that even further and what all the capabilities it could be.

That's for sure. That's really cool. Kyle, thank you for the question because I did not think that that was possible. Clearly, the updates that have gone through in GHL in the last couple of days have been freaking amazing. I'm going to have to jump in there and learn some new stuff as well. That was really cool. The answer is yes. Can you have a form that updates custom values? Yes, you can. Should you do it for your customers in your onboarding? Yes, you should. And will that make their life easier? Yes, it will. And if they can fill in that data that you need, then cool. All your snapshots are going to work without any set up stuff, which is...

Win, win, win.

Win, win, win. Brilliant. Ron, unfortunately, no, I've got meeting straight away after this one, which is, guys, I'm going to have to wrap, unfortunately.

What about you, Mohamed?

My Saturday mornings are normally pretty free and I can stick around for hours like I did last week for three hours. But today, unfortunately, we've got to jump. So guys, is any other last questions that I can help you with? Don't forget, our Q&A calls are literally live every single working day of the week. Our team is available. So nick runs our Monday calls. Ebony is running at the moment our Tuesdays and Thursdays calls. I'm running our Wednesdays and Friday calls. We are in the group as well. So if you can't wait until the next call, drop a question in. We're happy to answer it. If it's a support question, we will steer you to support because there's a lot of answers there that have already been asked and you might not have to even ask. You can type something in, see it and it's, oh, that's the answer I was looking for. Great. Cool. Got my answer. So we'll steer you to support in that case. But is there anything else I can help you guys with before we finish up for the day?

Dan, is there anything you want to add? Cinco de Mayo.

What's Cinco de Mayo?

It's a Texas... Oh, yeah. There you go. Girl, go, girl.

No, I only know Cinco de Mayo from Seinfeld. But I don't know.

What it is. I think that is the second time you told me you were able to relate to something within the American culture by Seinfeld.

People relate to Australian culture from Crocodyile Dundee.


Not me, but that's okay.

I guess Cinco de Mayo is this American way to celebrate everybody's independence. There's just another day for us.

To celebrate. But the real information is in Texas. It's all Texas related. All the Mexicans were just released from Santa Anna, and we had independence. So it's Independence Texas.

Day, basically. Chiquilha and taco. My mom's house right now, and we're having Tacos. Nice. I want to show you guys something real quick. I know Walt has to go, but do you guys see all those cars?


Wow. Back there.

So yeah. Or show horses.

Call out the horses, girl. I think the neighbor went ahead and put the horses back. But yeah, Yeah. We're celebrating over here.

It sounds like an amazing celebration. You guys go and enjoy. And if you remember, tell me all about it on our next call. That'd be cool. If you do remember, maybe it wasn't such a great day, but...

Or maybe it was a really.

Really, really great day. Or maybe it was a really great day. You never know. All right, guys. Amazing. Thank you so much for jumping in. If you've got a question and I haven't got to you, like Dan and Kyle, I think, and there was a couple of other people here as well. Laurie, just awesome to see you. Mike, hanging around, man. I love the fact that you're here. It's so good. And Rob, Terry's here as well. Guys, if you had a question and you didn't get to ask it, or you're like, Oh, how come we're ending so soon? Please do drop any questions in the group. Again, we have these calls every single working day. Onboarding calls, you can go through onboarding as many times as you like, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We have our Fast Track program available at the moment, which is designed to help you get your business model set in place and get some acceleration and growth there with the step by step process. And Ebony and Heather are running those. So guys, there's plenty of us available, and we're doing everything we can to make that more accessible. But if you need us, drop into support, drop into the group, and we're here to help.

Have an amazing think of tomorrow. Heather and Ebony, I'll join you on your Zoom room. Ebony, Ebony, right now. And yeah, we'll see you there, guys. Great to see you. Bye, everyone.

Bye, everybody. Bye.

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