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Just grabbed this. So, Mark, hey, man, great to see you. The first thing, and by the way, guys, hi, Mike, thanks for coming in, and Kyle, Heather's here as well. Heather, great to have you with us. Heather, our trainer, helping out Ebony over in our customer success department. Great to have you with us. Dan's here as well. And Daryl, thanks guys for jumping in. All right, so I've got Cynthia's Fathom note taker, but I don't see Cynthia. So hi, Cynthia's Fathom note taker. Please send all the stuff over to Cynthia later on. Oh, actually, Heather, that's you, isn't it? That's your note taker. Okay, cool. So, Mark, let me just read out that question. How do we set up clients, domains, sendings, etc, all the techy stuff.


That they can have the same automations we are? Just getting started. This will be really time consuming as a soloprenuer. Does HL ProTools or similar offer a full set up service for our customers who purchase White label suite and G HL from us. Okay, cool. So let's talk about what's involved in setting up a client, M arke, and how that rolls out. Because when I was reading through your question this morning, I was thinking, Okay, cool. There's definitely a workload that's required when a new client comes on board with you with DHL. Some of the things you only need to do for you and some of the things for them is done, I guess, at an agency level, and it's a little bit different. What I'm going to give you as well is a checklist that we used to use with our VAs. So we gave our VAs a checklist. And in fact, let me grab that link. It's just a Word doc that I've got in our file. So this is our own inhouse checklist when a new client starts with us. These are the set up steps that we used to go through.

Let me drop that in the chat box here for you. There we go. Let me make sure that that's the right URL. There we go.


Free to grab it. And in fact, if I open that up on the screen as a starting point, what you might find with that checklist that I just shared is that it's a bit comedy, it's a bit our agency. But it walks through what we... Literally, every single time we got a brand new client, this is the steps that we went through that our VA did. So we did it, we did it, we did it until the point where we had a checklist. And then I did it one more time. And I was saying to Ron the other day, when I created this checklist and gave it to our VAs. The day I gave it, I timed myself and I went as fast as I possibly could. I'm a techy guy and I'd done it a bunch of times so I had a massive advantage. But what I wanted to do was set my benchmark and I got it done in 26 minutes. Literally, brand new, it's like go, go, go, go, go. Do nothing else and just as fast as I could, I got it done in 26 minutes. And then when I had the checklist, I was able to give it to our VAs and say, I'm expecting it to take you around two hours.

So I could say I'm distracted, knowing exactly what I had to do with all of the resources at my fingertips, like logins and passwords and all that stuff, I had it.


Then I could put that into play. Ron's just dropped in. Dakota said hi. So Dakota is from level nine VAs. The team at level nine, by the way, Mark, have GHL trained VAs for super cheap. You can get somebody for, wrong word, you can get somebody for.

Under $1,000. Almost free.

Almost free. They become your employees. And what I always say to people, if you're just getting started is, your first client, make sure you charge a $1,000 set up fee. That $1,000 should go towards a month of your VA. And even if you haven't got enough work for that VA, get your VA to do promotional activities for the first month. So they should be getting you into groups, getting you meeting people, creating LinkedIn connections, making social posts for you, commenting on people's Instagram reels. They should be doing a lot of the stuff that you wish you had time to do but don't while you're out getting clients. And then the first time you get a client, you get them to go through this with you so that the next time you get a client, they're into their groove. So these are the things that we went through.

So obviously, our location name, what we... Clients just signed up, their business name is ABC Consulting, and we need the assistant to be added to the location. We actually registered a brand new domain for every client. If we just brought on a client and Jack's example there, abcfarmequipment. Com, we would register a domain of abcfarmequipment. Net or whatever it might be. Ron says he does three. Obviously, value for sending out a higher number of emails per month. So we would register a brand new domain for the client. Then we would set up their lead system. So we'd make sure that the API connection and everything was done, email and password. And then I would run actually a test. This is us. Again, this is what I was saying. It's a little bit comedy. We used to run the first search for our clients and actually put the leads into their system so that they could see straight away day one before we even get started, you got 400 leads in your system and we're just going to start to get things rolling for you.

I did have this on the checklist before I started giving it out publicly. You also need to give your VA the logins for Namecheap, Cloudflare, Mailgun, the systems. And then here are the steps. Register your domain and set it up on Cloudflow. I've got a little Loom video that shows how that works. Once you're on Cloudflare, remove all the other MX records. This is the code for your DMARC setup. This is how to set up DMARC, create and configure mail gun. Here's a Loom video on that. Update the record at agency level in Comet. Again, here's a Loom video on how to do that. So every time I did a step, I did a Loom video to match. Do a step, do a Loom. Do a step, do a Loom. So that way I can give this to anyone like I'm doing right now. And you guys can go through and say, What did you mean by that step? This was a little update. Something changed. It was either a C Name record. Now it's going to A Name records. Again, Loom video on that.

Keep going forward. The final result in Cloudflare will look like this. Two C name records, two MX records, and three text records. So this is what it should look like at the end. Then verify mail gun, submit it to Comet. Set the send mail as, make sure the mail is set. Set the client to bounce management in Comet. And again, every step has a Loom video. And guys, if you're creating SOPs for someone else to follow, Loom is an amazing tool. It's free at the beginning. You end up paying for it when you've got thousands of Loom videos like we do. But it's still like $10 a month or something.

So every step has a Loom. Every step has a Loom. Create a password for them, connect their lead system. And again, this just updated now with our new release, but I'm just giving this and you can go through and work it out. Verify the emails using a Send test email. Okay, and there's a YouTube video on that.

Create a test contact. Once verified and approved by comment, create additional campaigns, add an unsubscribed link, unsubscribed footer, create a trigger link on the client's website, set their credits and SaaS mode, and then a little bit of comedy stuff at the end there. But what's the overview of this? What does this end up with? What this ends up with is a client that has a sub account, their lead system connected, they have a domain, the mailing system set up, all of the text records, MX records, and DMACC records are set.

They have.

Everything working. The snapshot that we have in our members area is installed. So they have the mail templates ready to go, the campaigns ready to go. And literally, the only thing the client needs to do at that point is write three emails to put into that sequence. And we show them... Again, let me do the whole thing. This is me on an onboarding call with a client. I will literally bring them to chat GPT. Have you used this tool before, Mark?

I've try to get it set up and I.

Was just starting to play with it. It's amazing. So for example, if Jack's client.


Equipment, wanted to write an email sequence and I knew nothing about agricultural equipment, I might come in here and just go like this. So this is something that... Chat GPT is amazing. This is something that chat GPT is amazing. This is something that I learned after I found out chat GPT was amazing. If you can train it, it does an even better job for you. And training it is just like this. You are an agricultural...

If you want to share your.

Screen we can see it. Yeah, man, thank you. You are an agricultural... Let me go with this.

Just did this too, by the way.

Did you? Oh, cool. Awesome. I do this with a client because sometimes they go, What do I send? So I literally bring them over here. You are an agricultural.




Your equipment helps farmers to be more efficient and productive. Okay, go with that. So that's the training. Training finished. Just tell the system what they do and why. That's it. And then you go, Write me a three email sequence introducing our dealership.


What's our call to action and inviting them for a free equipment service review or something like that. Okay, so go. Helping you achieve maximum... Jeez, it wrote so fast I can't even scroll. Helping you achieve maximum farming efficiency. Dear first name, we hope this finds you well. As a farmer, we understand that time is money and the efficiency of your equipment is crucial to achieving the highest level of productivity. Our dealership specializes in agriculture. Damn, that's good. Now, what's really cool is that's email number one, but I asked it to write three. So come down here, here's email two. And come down here, here's email three. It's just freaking awesome. So that took all of two minutes and it was even while I was training. So what do we end up with? Let's just recap for one second. We've got a checklist here that should have a sub account, mail gun, MX.


Cloudflare set up, customer system ready to go, leads API connected, couple of test leads run into the system, client says, Wow. Now we go installing the snapshot into that system, means that the client will also then have, if I come across to what the snapshot is including, let me just grab the right one. So this is our basic. What is our basic? Client. There we go. This is what installs in your level two snapshot. You will have all of the automations in place when GHL hires up and refreshes. Come on. There we go. Jesus, it's taking some time today. All right, so so your client straight away when you install this snapshot, you will have.


Email system, the cold outreach special offer campaign. The framework is already here and literally all they need to do is fill in the blanks of the emails. Email one, email two, email three. Okay, so we've got the system totally set up. We've got a snapshot installed that's ready to send out their offer. We've just used Chat DPT, and I literally just copy and paste that over if the client can do some tweaking. And hey, Presto, we've got a client system that's now set up and ready to go, and we can hit send and we can concentrate on doing other things. So your question there, Mark, is, geez, that seems like a really tough amount of stuff to go through. And when you're just getting started, it absolutely is. I was lost. Mx records, mail gun, what the hell? Holy crap. Cloudflare, Jesus, it's a mess. Hopefully that little checklist might just give you a bit of a hand with those Loom videos. It does need a bit of updating. It's been a couple of months since I've updated it. But every client, the same things need to be done. When you sell a client, the great thing is you've got a snapshot.

You don't need to build those automations. Click done, install. But what you do need to do, and there's no way around it, is you need to make sure that they can email, make sure their domain is connected, make sure that they can log in, make sure that their lead system is set up and ready to rock. And the very best thing that I can offer for you is to get a VA to do it. Do it a couple of times, maybe do it yourself. Do it as a test. Heather, who joined our team just a little while.


One of the things that we get our team to do is exactly what we ask a client to do so that they understand what the client is doing on their day by day basis. So do it a couple of times as a test. Pretend you're a client. Okay, cool. Set up MX. Register the domain or two. You've probably got a few lying around that you can use.

If you're an online entrepreneur and don't have at least 10 domains, something's wrong. It seems like everybody's got hundreds of domains just lying around somewhere. So run a few times as a test. But then once you get that checklist going on, give it to a VA. And as I said, my highest recommendation, people often ask me, When should I get a VA? And my answer to that is two weeks ago.


Soon as you feel like you've got something going on, and the tip that I gave a few moments ago as well.

One of.

The big reasons people don't get a VA is they go, I'm not sure I've got enough work for them to do. And this is false because there are literally five staff members work that you could get them to do if you had somebody on the team, and you just don't do it because it's not high enough value activity. You're like, Oh, yeah, I should be posting on social media every day, but I'm not.

But that's.

Something a VA can do. So when you get a VA, you're starting to train them. If you're going through level nine, the guys are already GHL trained, which is amazing. But you're literally just giving them processes like the one I just gave you and saying, Okay, when we get a new client, this is what I want you to go through. Make sure that you're up to speed on that. Meantime, I'm going to go and get some clients.


You please get me into these business groups? Can you please connect me with these LinkedIn people? Can you please run my leads for me? Can you please create the next month's worth of social posts on all my calendars? Can you please do manual outreach to these 20 people? Can you make these 50 phone calls for me? There's just promotional activity that you can get done while you're going out and finding the next client to come in.

Is that level9 virtual.

Com? Yeah, that's the one. The guys are cool. Ron, go for it, bro.

I just talked to Dakota today because Walt.

Gave me... Dakota from level9?

Yep, walt gave me some great advice. I'm a control freak, I need to understand everything before I do anything. The best advice he gave me was to let it go. The pie is this big, why not share in some of that little segment and then get the rest of it and have them do that work? So that's the best.

It changed my life when I... I was a control freak as well. I still am, Ebony will tell you.

No, you just talk a lie.



The day that I brought my first VA on completely changed my business and my life. I say we in this example, it was my family and I, we're a solopreneur. Started having a little bit of success, started to get some clients on board, started to.


The pressure of that to the point where what used to be fun wasn't. And it was just now like 20 hours a day trying to keep up. And I prided myself on answering every person's question within 30 seconds of them answering thing. And I was like, just completely go, go, go.


I had to fly to Romania, actually, for a wedding. And I knew that if I got on that plane, if you fly anywhere out of Australia, you're on a plane for 24 hours. And it pains me to say it, but back in those days, you didn't have WiFi on planes. And so I knew that I was going to be offline for at least 24 hours. And in my sole entrepreneur's opinion, my business was going to burn down in that 24 hours. I thought if I can't be online.


Going to go wrong. In fact, a lot of my business was run through an online forum.


That is a terrible, terrible, terrible environment to do business in because somebody can set fire to a red on a forum and you just completely blow up. And if you're not there every minute.


Can destroy you. So I'm really glad that we only had that method of business for six months or so.

But I.

Thought if I'm not there to put in these fires out, it's going to kill me. So what I did was I'm just about to get on this plane and the guy that had done some software development work for me, I said to him, Hey, listen, man, I'm going to be offline. Is there any way that you could monitor this forum for me, that you could answer tech questions? You could just be there for me for 24 hours. And he said, No, because I'm a developer, but I've got a sister who could do that for me, could do that for you. And I said, Yeah, amazing. How much is she going to cost? And he said, 100 bucks. And I went, Sweet, here's the cash. So 100 bucks, 24 hours later, I got off the plane like, I'm threatening that I'm going to burn down. I got off the plane and as soon as I got coverage, I was like, Go. What's going on?

Wait, there's.

Nothing here. Hey, is my phone not working? There was no issues, no support tickets, and I'm messaging this person and I'm like, Hey, everything okay? Oh, yeah, cool. Everything's just been on top of it. I'm like, What just happened? Yeah, no, everything's good. Everything's okay. No, everything's fine. Any questions I didn't know, I asked my brother and he knew, and that was great. I was like, I got to be in Romania for a week.


Chance you want to do that for a week? She said, Yeah, sure. Absolutely. Do it for a week. I was like.

How much.

Is that going to cost me? She said, I don't know. $300. Oh, my God. For $400, I'd gone from a 20 hours a day business to being able to enjoy myself on family vacation and my business was still running. That was the best $400 I've ever spent. And I'm still a control freak, but the sooner you can get a VA on your team, the better. You don't need an operations manager. You don't need a sales director. You don't need an appointment setter. The first person you need on your team is a VA, someone who can look after your inbox and your calendar, who can reach out to potential people on your behalf, who can clean up any mess that you leave, and who can do tasks that are repetitive so that you can focus on the one thing that's important, and that is speaking to a business owner about what you do.

And here's the crazy thing. Chat, GBT did for me today, which I'm not a technical writer. I'm not a writer. I hate writing. I'm dyslexic. I'm smart, but I can't do that stuff. So I asked GBT to write me a statement of work for a client that I said I had a conversation with that said, We can do this, we can do that, we can do this. What do you want it done? And they're like, yeah, let's do that. So I went in and chat with GBT and did exactly what you said. I am this, I am that. Write me a statement of work. Two seconds later.


Went in there and edited, sent it to them, done. As a solepreneur, chat GPT, VA, you could.

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