Deploying a new client account and Setting mailing systems on GHL

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Think those two things alone will change your business. So, Mark, is that a little bit helpful in terms of... Your question was this seems like a whole bunch of work and it's not very easy for a client to do and surely the client is going to get lost and Holy crap, I can't do it. How can I expect them to do it? And oh, my God, what's going to happen? You are not alone, bro. That is 100 % accurate. Your client will get lost. The reason that we actually started doing all of the DNA records and Cloudflare stuff and mail gun stuff is because when we started, we said to a client, Okay, cool. If you can just set up these MX records and DNS records. Then the client went, The Who's That? The What Now? The Why? I don't even know what that stuff is. And we couldn't get a client to do it. So we went, How can they use our system if we can't get that stuff done? All right, well, we'll do it for them. T hat just turned into a checklist in a V thing. We got to the point where Giselle, who was working with us, she was running that checklist for people 10 times a day.

We did have some good influx into our business, and she was doing that 10 times a day. Just mail gun, Amex records, done, next. Gets to that point, which is cool.

Well, I appreciate you going through that. It seems like GHL now has made the mail gun process easier. I don't remember having it.

Way easier. Way easier. Lc E mail is great. I mean, LC email is mail gun, but GHL just taken the pain out of it by making it easier on your side. So you still need to actually still need to register the domain. You still need to verify that domain, do that stuff. One of the things I saw in your post in the Facebook was that you kept showing up on the on the M X toolbox checker that the DMARC record wasn't in place. Was that you or was that another post?

That might have been one of the other folks on the same post.

Let me just focus on that just for 20 seconds. The requirements with LC email setting up a domain require you to do what I just showed there, C name records, text records, a couple of little bits and pieces to verify ownership of the domain. What they don't say is that you need what's called a DMARC record. I've done a heap of training on that, so I'm not going to do it again today. Search for it in the YouTube channel, you'll find it. Do not miss the DMARC record. If you miss the DMARC record, your emails will go to the spam box or the promotions folder, and they will not be seen at an acceptable rate. Dmarc record is just one more text record you need to create. It's not scary. It's just copy and paste. It's on that checklist. Do not miss it because it's the one thing that will choke you from the Spam box to the inbox.

Yeah, appreciate you mentioning that.

Yeah, cool.

I used to work at ClickFunnels tech support, and that's what we spent the most of the time doing was helping people through these exact things. That's where everybody got stuck.

Yeah, man, for sure. It's interesting to... Your question was, do HL ProTools and Extendly and the guys that provide the white label support, do they cover that? Yeah, they do. They have those SOPs in place. They can talk people through. Even GHL help docs themselves have got that stuff in play. But yeah, of all of the things, you can imagine you just started working with an accountant, they might be the best accountant in the city. They might have the highest paying clients on their books. If you ask them to set up a DMARC record and a A name redirect, they're going to go, I'm an accountant, bro. This is not the world that I play in. So this is the pain that you need to take away from a client. And what I used to do, again, just purely from a process point of view. Hey, Dora, nice to see you. What I used to do is I used to obviously, Hey, welcome, new client. Amazing. Great to see you. Our tech set up team, this is part of our automation. Great to see you. Thanks so much. Within the next 24 hours, our tech team will have you set up and everything running.

So we used to have a little automation that sent an email to welcome a new client. They filled in a form and that form basically asked for some information, business name, ideal client profile, a few things that you want to bring in from an onboarding thing. The submission of that form triggered another email that just said, Great news, our tech team has received that. They're onto it for you and we'll deliver you an update soon. So then on an opportunity board inside of GHL, our tech team just moves so that the new entry goes in client to set up checklist attached. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, go through. On the opportunity board, the tech team moves that to the column that says done, and that triggers an SMS to me, client set up, complete. And then I used to do a Loom video. And again, this is to take away the need for another meeting. I used to do a Loom video and literally show the client everything that we'd done because then it has value. And it's literally a two-minute video. I used to go through and a client doesn't need to know that a snapshot takes one second to install.

I used to go through and say, hey, great news. So we've built all your automations. I'd like to just show you this automation. This is going to send your emails out. This has all been built in your account. And I used to, this is your calendar system. And literally on the Loom video, I'm just showing them the stuff that got installed on the snapshot. And then I go across the settings and I'd be like, We've registered the domain for you. We've got our email system set up ready to go. We've done a test here for you. We've got a test send that resulted in a high delivery score. We're ready. We've got leads in the system for you. This was me giving a client a two-minute Loom video that says, ta da. And that justifies the cost that they've sent. And at the end of the Loom video, my process was, our next step is to take your campaigns live. I'd love to do that with you in person. Here's my booking link. So my first face to face connection with a client after they signed up with us was everything on a tech set up is done, let's get your campaigns up and running on the next call.

That was our process anyway. That was just something we used to put in play. Cool. Awesome. As always, a long answer to a short.

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