Looking at Some Snapshots and Systems in GHL

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Like an onboarding. It's a little confusing, which ones to get for which things. Obviously, the one that you did for this 297 one that you're selling for 90 % off the regular price for that, that looks like a great value. It's got a ton of funnels and things like that. What I'm looking for is something that I can do outreach to and then just customize for the niche. I want to go after physical therapists as I was showing you there. I have some other things I want to go after, like investors. For example, medical professionals to for as investors, or maybe attorneys as investors and things like that. So can you recommend how to proceed to find a good snapshot I could take, modify, make it my own, and then go after it for those kinds of campaigns?

Yeah, sure. So, Mike, just to answer your question before I do that, master classes are on Wednesday at 5 PM Eastern, and the link is always c omments zoom. Com. To answer your question, Daniel, the snapshots are...

I don't even need to buy them because they're already one that's included in the white label suite or one of the ones that's in the.

Training portals. That's a great point as well. Within GHL itself, and again, forgive me, I'm not sure at the $97 level, but within GHL itself, there's a lot of stuff that's included. So can you see my screen right now? Yeah. Okay, cool. So to answer the question about the snapshot, is there something already in place where I can go to physical therapists and I can get them set up quickly? The answer to that is depends what you want to do for them. So we want to have a landing page, a special deal, people opt in, leads get followed up, that stuff. You can use any of the snapshots in that 47 bundle to do that, and I'll show you what I mean.

47? Oh, yeah, the one we're just referring to. Okay, right. Yeah.

But also within GHL... And again, I don't know if this is the case for the $97 level, but if I go to Agency View here in GHL and I say, Okay, cool. Create a new sub account. And let's say that this is for my physical therapist. I can create an account, and these are the snapshots that the GHL already has there. So we might have the chiropractor snapshot or the dentist snapshot, or the... What's another one that's in the health space? Yoga studio, for example. And it might be close enough for you to say, Well, that's all I need. So let's have a look and see what it is. You can click on no more, and it's like, Okay, it's got it's got an overview of what it is. And then a set up guide that shows you how to configure it, add the account to a list, set your time zone, set up the Twilio phone number, configure the funnels, etc. Let's shortcut that and just show you. We're going to say, Okay, I'm going to create a sub account. I'm going to use that Chiro Practice snapshot. So select and continue. And again, this is included with GHL.

Let me add the account manually and I'll do this real fast. This is Name 1, email name@name. Com, chiro demo snapshot included.

I can't make more than one. I can only make two separate channels.

I know. I'm just showing you what's here already. That's what I was saying before. You could sign up for DHL with another... Once you get a sale, Daniel, once you get a sale, you can sign up for free with a 14 day or 30 day trial with DHL on one of the higher plans. Let your customer pay you so that by the time your renewal comes around, you've got money to pay for the next month. The great news is with GHL, and I love their licensing model, once you're paying $2.97 a month, you can literally do unlimited accounts. So I just wanted to do this to show you what's in the snapshot. So I'll be super fast. Well, can't he.

Also just have within his agency account more.

Than one domain? More than one domain, yes. He can install these snapshots easily. But I just wanted to do this to show you.

Multiple domains. That's what I did in.

The very beginning.


You can add multiple domains. You can have chiropractors.mywebsite. Com, or you can have subdomains, all that stuff. Let me just now go to this snapshot to show you what's included. I switched over to that sub account.

Could you clarify that last part that you just shot through there? I could have multiple funnels with multiple domains in one sub account. Is that what you're...

Yes, you definitely can. And I'll show you.

The sample.

Yeah, no problem. So in this snapshot, let's start with funnels. There is an appointment funnel, so they can claim an offer. They can come and get the offer. They can book in. There's a survey page already built. There's a thank you page. So that's a great starting point for a physiotherapist. You can come in and customize this. You can add in their own logo. The system is pretty much in place. In terms of automations, what's here? Let's have a quick look. Nothing. They didn't include any automations, which sucks a little bit. So it looks like it's just the funnel, just the website at this stage.


But in that snapshot. But even on the plan that you have, if I go to agency view, actually, does that exist in your plan, agency view? Yeah, I think it does. I saw your screen before.

Agency dashboard.

Agency dashboard. Yeah, that's the one. So in the agency dashboard down, you've got a list of your sub accounts like this? Yeah, they can.

Have one.

Sub account in 97. Perfect. Awesome. Thank you. So you can deploy all of the GHL snapshots onto that sub account, the demo account, for example. So again, let me grab my demo account. There we go. This one will do. So on my demo account, I just hit the little three dots and go to Manage. And from this screen, I can then load snapshots. I can use the snapshots that are included with GHL. So if I come down to verticals, the ones that say vertical are the ones that GHL give you for free. When you create your own, they'll show up here as well. And any that you buy and import will be imported. So you've got all those snapshots that you can deploy. So you can come in and just have a look through, for example, the Yoga Studio snapshot. And you can put it into one of your sub accounts just to see what's there. Is it going to be enough without buying anything else? There's calendars, there's a couple of campaigns in there. There's forms, there's funnels. Martial arts funnel, it looks like, pipelines and triggers. So there's a few things in this yoga studio that might be a good starting point.

So what I'm saying is, if you want to avoid spending a stack of cash, one of the things you can do is just go and load up all of these snapshots and just see what's in it. So now I'm going to switch over to the sub account and just see what just got installed. And I'll go to my sites and I should have that martial arts. There it is. That's the funnel that just got installed. Again, it's got an offer, a booking page, and a thank you page, and I can customize that. Again, maybe I don't need to spend any money on it.

This is pretty minimal. I'm thinking more in terms of having a whole funnel that dips on them and does voicemail drops and video drops and stuff like that, video emails that...

And that's where the value is. That's what you can really sell and make it easy. Again, to give you an idea of what we built or what's in the 47 snapshots that we've got, and I'll just use this one as an example, the message therapy has a funnel but also then has that campaign, the automation emails follow up in the background. It's got two funnels here. Again, one with a review funnel. I want the other one with which is an offer. We get a website set up, they claim the offer and then the automations kick in. The automations have got the drip campaigns, confirmation reminders. Let's go into here.

Before you just went from there, where were you that you clicked? The navigation was lost me there. You're showing one thing and then you clicked the automations. What were you on before automations?

Sites, funnels.

Okay, got it. Then you went to automations. That's all within the snapshot. That all falls within.

Okay, I see it. The one snapshot. Yeah, absolutely. And then there's a folder full of automations and it's got the information like the campaign's already built there. So in terms of creating something super valuable for your client, you can start with what you've already got. So you want to be able to have those voice drops and all of that stuff. One of the things that's included with white label suite, of course, is that cold outreach campaign. So you can clone that. You can add your own thing and then bundle that together into your own snapshot. So you can massage what you already have to the point where you don't need to spend any money. You can get a couple of the landing pages that the GH will give you for free, create something for physical therapist, clone the campaigns that we've given you with white label suite for the email systems and follow ups and that stuff. You could do all that without spending a ton of money.

I think there's been I'm trying to get the physical therapist as clients myself. Is that what you're describing or to market for physical therapists?

Well, when you get them as a client, what are they going to want to do?

I have other services that are related to marketing platforms or has other services. I want them to engage in billing services and other things like that.

Cool. Awesome. You are probably going to want to create... B est practice there, use the million dollars snapshot from our existing membership funnel, which is in level 3, I think. Use the million dollars snapshot, set yourself up a page that describes what you do for physical therapists. Then use the 20 free leads snapshot to mail out to them. But you're not mailing them 20 free leads, just use it as a template. So copy it, change the email. So instead of offering those physical therapists 20 free leads, offer them what you do. So we'd like to talk to you about billing systems that will help you retain more customers and bring in more money, etc. So you can change that email to offer what you want. So create your page using the million dollars snapshot or any of the templates that DH will give you. And then use the 23 Leads system, but just change the emails to be... Don't talk about 23 Leads, talk about what you're actually going to be selling for the physical therapist.

That makes a lot more sense. Okay, so basically use million dollars snapshot, set my positioning in 23 leads to set the actual campaign. And there's no real need to buy then the 47 snapshot program in that case, because.

For what I'm wanting to do... I always say, unless you've got a firm plan, don't buy it. Unless you can say, I'm going to take this and I'm going to do this and I'm going to make a stack of money by doing it, keep the money in the bank until that plan concretes itself. So the plan with the 47 industries in that snapshot is just like, okay, here's a snapshot for a window cleaner. Amazing. I'm going to use the leads program to find window cleaners, and I'm going to show them what I can do for them and make a lot of money with that snapshot. Unless that is forming part of your business plan, keep your money in your bank and use what's already there to create that offer that you're doing for physical therapists.

Just use million dollars and 20 free leads. Okay, great. How many steps does the 20 free leads program and does it have much in the way of dripping on things? I'd like to have a serial and then multiple times before they...

And again, you can customize it however you want to. So when it installs straight out of the box, it's a three email sequence. So it'll send out...

Can you show how maybe that on one more, for example?

Yeah. So we've got email one, email two, email three. And you're mentioning voice drops. So what we could do... So here's the 23 Leads email series. What you could do is just clone that. So come on over here, hit clone. So duplicate that workflow. And let's call this email series for PT's just again. So we keep the template of the one that was there. Now we're going to muck around with the one that we create. So now I've just created a brand new series. When I open it, everything's there. So there's email one, email two, email three. But I say, Okay, cool. After I send that first email, I want to wait a day and then do a voice drop. Okay, so email, wait, and then click the plus button and do a voice drop.

I can literally create my own as I go. So, okay, I'll upload my MP3 voicemail file. I think I've got one here. Let me just see if I got it quickly. Have I got it? Mp3, MP3. Let's go. If they respond to any one of these things, does it take them out of the sequence? Yes. They've all got stop on reply set in the background. I'll cancel this not to waste too much time, but I add a voicemail step. Then I add a wait step here as well. So I want to wait another day. Wait one day. Like that.

After that one day, I want to send an SMS. So send an SMS. And the phone numbers.

That we get through the system, are they text? Are they cells? Yeah. So both on the company level, you get the company number. But on the individual's level, if it's published, again, if it's visible, you get the cell.

This is on the industry search. You can pick up the cells from that. Yes.

Not everybody publishes it. Again, if they've listed their cell number, you get it. But if they haven't, then you don't. Real estate agents, for example, always list their cell phone number. Physical therapist, I'm not sure. Some will, some won't. But if they list it, you get it. That's the way I would do it. Daniel, is I would literally take what's already there. I would then duplicate it, add my steps, the things that I want to do for my own process, and you're ready to go. You've got everything a little bit of a few touches here and there, and you'll have your system ready.

Perfect. Thank you so much, Walt. This was a great call. I really appreciate it. I got to go. Thank you so much.

No worries. I've got to jump as well, actually. Mike, so you've just asked, is there some private GHL questions? I'm two hours in, bro. I might have to jump off. But if you want to drop in any questions to the support desk, just drop them in. Literally, if you drop a list of questions to our support desk, the team will answer and always remember that help link for GHL themselves, this one help. Gohigh level. Com, you can pretty much find anything. If you're looking for example, come up here and go, How do I set up my email addresses? Just type the word email and you'll get a whole bunch of articles that might give you the answer that you're looking for straight away. And you can come in and find the answers to the questions without needing to wait till the next call. All right, guys, great to see you. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. Hey, no problem, team. Look forward to catching you all on the next course. Thanks, everyone. Thanks, Paul. Take care. Good to see you. Cheers.

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