How to get through the darkness as an entrepreneur

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I got to say, this was so on point. It was amazing. Everything you just shared, it was unbelievable, man. It really touched me deep. And I know Kyle also he's nodding, so I know he felt that. And what's crazy is that everything you talked about, actually for me today, is the day that I actually made the decision. I said, you know what? I'm going to start moving right now. Let's move. I got to make a decision and take it one direction and just take action instead of just thinking, should I go this way? Should I go that way? So yeah, it's so good that I jump on this call. And it's actually the first time that I jump on a Q&A call. I'm new to this group.

Welcome aboard, man. Thank you. So my team, like Ebony and nick, who run our other Q&A calls. Chris, who's always in the group as well, and Joanna and Brianna's in there, and Alex is in there. We've got GLeer and JR in the team as well. Yohan's leading the crew. The whole crew have different perspectives, but I run these calls on Wednesdays and Fridays. And if you have been around the group for a little while, you'll know that I approach this group from a position of love, genuinely. I sign off by saying this is the greatest honour and privilege of our lives to be associated with you guys. And sometimes I don't know what we need. Really, it could be that somebody gets onto this call and the thing they need today might just be that one sentence, that one word, because we all are on different paths and journeys. And I don't know where we find each other. But what I do know is that the ability for us to make choices is the single greatest strength that we have. And the darkness I guess that encroaches on entrepreneurs is real. And in a place of darkness, any light will do.

You know what I mean? In the in a dark room, dude, the light from my watch can show me where I need to walk. It doesn't need to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Any light will do. Come along, hang around, get involved, connect, engage, and move. And the great thing is you can. The great thing is you can. Nobody holds you down and says you can't. Dude, you tell me I can't move? The only thing I can do is star jumps, baby. Watch me jump. I will move because I can. Great to have you with us, man. If you need anything, just drop in. In this group, we talk about strategy, marketing. Voltaire, who's just joined us on the call, is the media buyer for Frank Kern. There are people in this group that have skills like, off the charts, unbelievable. Just connect. Connect, say hi. Hey guys, I'm Francisco, new in the group. This is where I find myself. You'll find a whole bunch of people reach out. So we talk about strategy, obviously, we talk about the white label suite tools, we talk about GHL, we talk about creating. The very best tool that you have is yourself and your own resourcefulness.

So Anthony Robbins said it well, your best resource is your resourcefulness. And that's why I do that gun against the head thing. When you are up against the wall with a gun against the head, only entrepreneurs can go, bring it, baby. I can move it. I can change things. I can make things happen.entrepreneurs have that. We don't allow ourselves to get stopped because we just move left, right, wherever we need to go.

We know our next step, four or five.

There we go.

I'm serious.

Keep going, Serena. Tell us.

You have to know your next step. If you're going to be these ones that don't, then you're just going to be mussel, hit your face on the wall, fall down, cry.

You got it. Exactly right.

I've done it all.

That's what I was saying before. It's like, you just got to move, man. You just got to move.

That's what I'm saying. I look at people all the time and I'm like, What are you all doing? Well, I'm all living over here. Government this, this, that. I'm like, Well, okay, what are you doing? So I'm over in a five star rating business. That's it. But I walk away from my child in a grave. I've been through this this, this, this. And you all over here on dope. Forget you all.
There it is. I love it. Everybody's got the chance. I'm taking care of the kids even. I ain't got time for it. There it is. I love it. Everybody's got the chance.

I'm taking care of the kids even. I ain't got time for it.

I love it. Amazing. So good. So good. So, Francisco, where are you from an entrepreneur's point of view? Today is the day that you decide you're going to do something, which is amazing. If I could give you a magic wand right now, if I could say one wish, what would you wish for?
All right. So I've been poking around the double US solution, the leads, all that. I have some experience with GHL, so I know my way around with it. The thing is, I've been contemplating different niches. I'm at that stage where you see all your options and you're paralyzed because all the options seems good.
Right. say, which one's better?
Exactly, right?
Where should I dig, man? The gold is all around me. I don't know. Dude, we get that question so often. And in the spirit of this morning's call, I'm going to say the best niche you should go into is the one that is in your lap. Should I choose mortgage brokers? Should I choose landscape gardeners? Should I really focus my attention on accounts or private schools? My answer is yes. Absolutely. In every single one of those cases, if you have an opportunity. So like Matt D'Espagnat said in the call, he said, you will only ever make as many sales as the amount of people that know about you. So the danger is that as entrepreneurs, not enough people know about us. And that's what we need to change. That's why we use the called email tools. That's why we do a business card drop. Unless people know that we exist, they can't work with us. They don't know. So which niche should you go into? The one you can. Yeah.
Because I have two different backgrounds. I've been working in IT for a long time, and I also work in the sports management gyms area.
These are two very different markets. So my heart is telling me, go with the gyms and the fitness and personal training and stuff like that. Now, I just came across the white label solution. So it's really interesting. And I would love to also sell the software as part of my offering. And I see the opportunity with it. It's amazing. And then I look at what I'm interested in and I'm looking at IT and I see that it makes sense for B2B companies to prospect sending emails and I can offer that as a solution. But the other side is telling me like, Okay, you want to work with gyms? So I'm wondering, how can that apply for gyms? Or should I go like a parallel at the same time type thing?
Again, in the spirit of the call, the answer is yes, and the answer is both. Here's how I would do it. The B2B tool within the white label suite, you're right, it's very clearly B2B. It plays best. But we've answered the question about B2C a few times, and I just want to give you a couple of resources. So let me share my screen right here. If you log in to the members area, so that's app. Whitelablesuite. Com. If you log in to our members area right here and you come down to the bottom right-hand corner... Sorry, let me just make sure I'm in my own account. So you're in here, you're in the system. Making sure we got the dashboard in on my admin panel. All right, cool. Here we go. Come to training and resources and come to the bottom right-hand corner. Once that loads up, which is GHL running slow, there we go. Bottom right-hand corner where it says, need a hand, click on that and just type the word B2C. B2c and hit search. You'll find that there's a bunch of different B2C answers here because we get asked that question a lot.
How can we use this tool to create opportunity in a B2C space? The reason I didn't just answer it, I want to show you where to find the resource because you can come in here and check this out. How we can create B2C lead opportunities. There's a little video we've also transcribed that video from a previous session and you can watch it through. You can check out the next one, finding B2C companies using B2B techniques. And again, before I answer the question, I just wanted to show you that these resources here also pop into the Facebook group. So we go Facebook. Com groups white label suite. There's 1,044 agency owners in this group. Sorry, 1,100 now, which is cool. Jump in here. These are all customers of white label suite. They're agency owners. They're people that have paid money to be here just like you. Come in here, hit the search button and just type the word B2C. You can see it's my top search because I've done this a few times. B2c. And again, this is Chris, one of our very first B2C Insights was back in August 24, 2022. But you'll notice that it's asked about, spoken about quite a lot.
And this is the post I wanted to find, and Theresa is leading that answer. I'm going to copy this address and just pop it into the chat box here because there are three videos on that specific post where I give examples about B2C. And for gyms, super easy. We've done it before. We literally go to a gym owner and say, you need to find the people that are around you. You need to find people in your local community. Now, we can't go door to door with this tool and find those people. But what we can do is we can hit every business in this surrounding area. And again, Chris just jumped off, but the strategy comes from Chris has got a big office in the center of Melbourne. And the day he was moving in, table's hanging from the ceiling. The office is not set up yet. He's walking in as the new leaseholder. A guy knocks on his door and he's like, Hey, you're just moving in. He's like, Yeah, first day. The guy goes, Oh, cool. Let me just drop off a card. My name's Jeff. I run the gym just over the alleyway here.
If you've got any of your staff in your team want to join the gym, happy to look after you with a bit of a discount. Here's my card. Chris put the card up onto the notice board and four or five of his staff go to that gym every single day. Now, what can we do for a gym is we can reach out to every business around and we can make an offer. Hey, you're from the local school just down the road. Any of your staff, any of your teachers want to come to my gym? We're local. Let's look after each other. Happy to look after you with a 20 % discount, whatever it might look like. So you can literally create connections and opportunities for local businesses by looking at other businesses around them. That's the theme of those B2C answers there, man. But to answer your question, I'm tossing up between two verticals. What should I do? What should I do? My answer is yes. You should grab 100 % of gms, create a campaign for them, ask if you can meet with them and have a coffee. You should create 100 IT networking, infrastructure and security companies.
And you should say, Hey guys, local business marketing, helping other IT companies generate leads and structure. Can I meet with you for a coffee? The scenario is that you should create those opportunities for yourself by doing that. You don't know what that company needs. We always spread out 20 free leads. Every company needs 20 free leads because we found that easy. Because every business needs leads and you can use the tool to sell the tool. Hey guys, we're generating leads for IT and security companies. If that sounds of interest, just hit reply. So then you can organize the meeting. Leads is a great thing to offer. But as we just said a few moments ago, if you sit down with a business owner and you start talking to them, if you say, Where do we find you? They say, I'm here in my business. Okay, cool. Where do you want to get to? I want to get to there in my business. Okay, cool. I can do that. I can help you with that. It's going to cost you a couple of grand. Okay, cool. Let's go. If you can help a business owner solve a problem, they will pay you for that.
That's what the life of an entrepreneur is all about. My answer is yes, grab both, run hard. Somewhere you're going to look back and be surprised that your customer list is now full of a particular section of people. And you'll go, Wow, that's the niche I decided to go to. No, that's just the niche that naturally gravitated to you. But just run hard on both and see what lands in your lap. Good to go? Yeah, awesome.
Sir. Let's get it on, man. Good to see you, bro. Thanks so much for.

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