How to Bundle GHL And White Label Suite and Sell to a Client

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Record on this one. The answer is it depends. We've got two schools of thoughts there. The easiest, by far, cleanest, easiest way is to bundle that up with Go High level. We say, Hey, Mr. Customer, great to see you. Here's our program. It involves 1,000 leads a month. It involves your CRM program. You've got everything that you need. It is $4.97 a month plus $1,000 set of fees, whatever it is. Easiest, cleanest, bundle it together. But we also had somebody a couple of weeks ago tell us, What if I've already got a customer and I just want to upgrade them? Or what if they want to not have the leads program but have the CRM program? How do we work? So what I said was, from our point of view, we always used to sell it as a bundle. So it was like, there is no separation. It's like, it's $4.97, you get this. But I do understand that some people want to have maybe $2.97 for the CRM, $2.97 for the leads program, $4.97 if you want to bundle them. In that case, you can create as many packages as you want to. So my suggestion is create the package that's right for the customer at the time.

So you might have the bundle, $4.97 set up fee, or you might have the upgrade. So they come in and you use the SIS configurator inside of GL just to get them a GL account. And then you upgrade them with a leads program later on, which is a separate transaction.

Can you just... I can't keep up with your description of your answer. You're bringing in too many pieces. If you could just.

Yeah, sure. Great, man. And again, Daniel, thank you, man. I appreciate that. Sometimes we take it for granted what we know. So thank you, man, for saying that. Let me jump in and draw this out a little bit. So a couple of different options. Let me do this with my world famous whiteboard drawing skills. All right, so let's say that our first option for a customer is that we're bundling the price together. So we want to sell the leads program. We want to bundle that together with GHL, and we want that to be a total price of $4.97 a month with a $1,000 set up fee. That's option number one, and I'll show you how we would set that up. The second option that we're talking about is then we say, Okay, well, we want to separate them. So we want to have a GHL customer and we charge, let's say, $2.97. And again, I'm always going to push the set up fee, $1,000 set up. And then separately, we sell the leads program as a completely separate package. We come over here and we say, Okay, if you want to also add the leads component to your system, it's an extra 297 a month for the leads only.

So let's show you how we would set those different options up. So we say, okay, let's do the first one first, a bundle deal. So this is a bundle. We have one buy link on our page that sells both programs. So to do that, first thing that we need to do, let me do a screen share now back into my licensing dashboard. Here we go. Are you guys seeing the dashboard now? Am I sharing the right screen? No, I'm still sharing the whiteboard.

Whiteboard, yeah.

Cool. There we go. Now, we should be good. Cool. Seeing the licensing dashboard. Cool. First option, we're going to create a bundle. We come we come into our app. White label suite dashboard and we create a package right here. This package is going to be called whatever you want to call it. We might call it the Phoenix Leads and CRM program. Thousand Leads per Month plus CRM. So we call it whatever we want to call it. Give it a description that's going to show up on the checkout page. We're going to include the 1,000 leads per month in our package. We want our price to be $4.97 in USD, and we want our one time set up. One time set up fee like that. Okay, so in this particular configuration, we're going to sell a bundle and we want it to also include our DHL CRM. So I'm going to show you how we set that up as well. So cool, we've got that. Good to go. And I need to create my link. So to get the link, I need to have a thank you page. So we want to send them to the, Thanks for your transaction.

Here's your next steps. Log in over here, whatever it is that we might need. So I'll just pick anything here just to have that there. Now we have a thank you page, we get a buy link. It's $4.97 a month. And if I have a look at this, we'll see that it's the $4.97 a month plus the $1,000 set up fee. First month is $4.97, then $4.97 per month thereafter, Phoenix leads and CRM. Cool. So when this transaction goes through, what's going to happen is it's going to create a customer in your dashboard. You're going to be able to see the subscription and all of this is in the white label suite dashboard itself. So you'll see that when the transaction comes through, it will show up in here. Your customer details here, you'll be able to see their username, their password, everything will be here. But that's not the end of the story because we also need them to create a GHL account. When they buy that subscription from us, we want a GHL account to be created as well. So what we need to do is make sure that we have our web hook set up here.

So we use a web hook to either Pably or Zappier or any of the other programs that are out there. And we do a web hook fires off Pably or Zappier and that Pably Zappier creates the account within GHL. Daniel, have you done that before? Would you like me to go through that bit as well?

There's a lot covered there just now. There's two different providers for the web hook's just saying the name I believe is Pably. Is that correct?

They both do a very similar thing. Is the.

Name Pably? Well, is it Padley or Padley?

Padley with Bs. Let me drop it in here. It's white label site. Com p ably or Zappier. Com. They both do the same things. The difference is the way that they market. So we used to have a Zappier account and Zappier is an amazing program. It's the central hub that so many other thousands of programs on the web speak to. So you can take a Stripe transaction and push it straight across to your Xero account, or you can take an entry onto a Google Doc and that entry can create an account in GHL for you. Those programs sit as an integration hub between lots of different programs out on the internet. So Zappier charges per connection. So every time an automation runs, it comes into Zappier, pushes out to whatever you want it to push out to, and there's a charge that's associated to it. It's an amazing program, Zappier. It has incredible integrations. So we used to have a Zappier account, and I think I've still got a free account here. And really, they're incredible. They really do amazing things. But it got really expensive for us. We ended up having 10,000 connections a month.

I haven't got my thing here. And it was costing us, I don't know, $5, 6, 7 hundred dollars a month to run the ZAPIO thing. Again, great to have all that automation in place, but expensive. And then Pably came along and Pably had an incredible model where you basically pay a one time fee. And we were like, Well, why wouldn't we do that? So Pable is now the one that we run. And again, let me jump in and show you what that looks like on the inside. Connect. And I'll show you how these programs come to be.

So how do much is Pably per month? Sorry, say it again, mate. How much is Pably?

Sorry, say it again, mate.

It's a one time fee you said?

Yeah. So whitelabelsuite. Com p ably. That link I just dropped in there. I think that's still the one time deal. Let me just double check it. Grab this off. Lifetime access here, 249. The lifetime access. This is how it looks. So this is the dashboard of Pably. And what you're doing is connecting two programs together. So let me show you how we do it. We go, okay, create a workflow. This is demo for Q&A call, just to show you how it works. So we say, okay, what's going to fire this automation off? What's going to make this happen? It can be a whole bunch of different things that fire it off. But in this case, we want it to be fired off by a web hook. So we say, okay, that's actually the first one in the list always. So we say a web hook. And as we say that, it gives us a URL unique to this particular automation. So we just copy that. And we're going to pop that back into our licensing dashboard. So we go licensing dashboard, create a new web hook, just paste that URL straight in there. Click on save.

Web hook's stored. So that was this one, number 89. And we want to test it. So you can see over here that H ably is now waiting. It's waiting for that web hook. It's saying, Okay, I've given you a web hook, send me something so that I can see if it's working. Okay, cool. Let's send something. So we go, Okay, cool. Let's test that. We're going to send this data and we can edit this so I can say this is Walt. And away we go. Send. And back it's sent. Paddy says, Waiting. In a few seconds it'll say, Cool, we received it. Let's just see that happen. There it goes.

Walt, slow down. What did you send? Sample data.

So when you click on test, it pops open and says, This is the sample data. First name, John. Last name, Johnson. Email that. Partners email that. Exploration the contact.

Okay, got it.

Yeah, exactly. When a transaction comes through your license, it sends data across to Pabli so that you can use that data. This is just sample data that's being sent across to Pably just to do the test.


Cool. So then over in Pably, that web hook response has been received and we can see all of that data is lining up. So first name, world, last name, Johnson, email, whatever partners, email this, expiration date, password, event, all of that information got sent from the web hook. Okay, cool. So now we know that the web hook is receiving data. And now what we do with Pabli was appear or wherever, is we use that information to do whatever else we want. In this case, it is create a GHL account. So we say, Okay, cool. Somebody just paid me $497. Amazing. Obviously, my license for the leads program has just been created, but I also want to create a GHL sub account for that person. So the action step that we need is Lead Connector, which is Pabli's which is GHL's grey label public connection tool. So it's not shown as GHL. So lead connector is GHL. And what's the event that we want? The event, what do we want it to actually do? We want it to, in this case, create a location, a sub account. We want it to create a sub account inside of our GHL.

So the action we want it to take is to create a location. To create a location, you need to have an agency level GHL account. You can't do this with a sub account. You need the agency level to have that permission. The agency level sub account needs an agency level API key. And so what does that mean? Let's add a new connection. Again, I'm going to give it a name, Demo Q&A call. I need the agency level API key. Agency level, not the sub account level. So in GHL... And all of this is being recorded, Daniel, so you can go back through and watch these steps. Also, all of this is in the training as well.

If I could just get a suggestion here. In general, when you're explaining something, it would help if you gave the overall framework of all the pre existing conditions that need to be met before going into it, because what I'm finding sometimes we're waiting into these solutions, and this happens in your training videos too, is you're waiting into the solutions, you're explaining something, you say, Oh, by the way, you have to have this, this, this, this, this set up. I've just gotten 20 minutes into an explanation and now you're saying I have to have some pre existing processes and things in place to do that. It would be helpful when you're doing things, if you could frame it so that there's context around it, so I know what I would need to have in place or to know before I get to that step.

Okay, so let me rewind a step. We're creating a transaction. That one transaction needs to create a license in two different software programs. The first software program is the Leads program, so a license is created in the Leads system. The second program is GHL because we need them to be able to log into GHL with a brand new account. That one transaction needs to create a license in two different systems. The Leads program is easy for us because it's our dashboard. Therefore, we can push that information into our program easily. It's us, we own it, so we're good to go. But GHL, we need an interim step, which is in this case, Pavely or Zappier, that has the opportunity to push information into that system. But to be allowed to push into GHL, you need an API key. You need permission. Otherwise, just anybody could create sub accounts underneath you. That permission is what's called an API key, and the API key comes from your agency account.

Got it. Is there a way to do this without having an agency account? Because I don't have that and that's not my short term plan to do that. Is there a way to.

Do this without that or no? Do you have a sub account? Do you have a GHL account? Let me go a different way. Have you.

Signed up with Go High level?

Yes, I have a $99 account. You have a $99 account? Then you do have an agency account. The trouble is that the $99 account only lets you create two sub accounts.

One for you and.

One for a demo. So it's really only personal use. Okay. Yeah.

So the $99 account on.

Ghl is you do have an agency account, but you can only create two sub accounts in your life. So if you plan on selling GLL as a system, then you'll need to go at least to the $2.97 a month program. Thank you. I could do one person before going on to the higher level. I didn't do the demo account.

I just had.

Used the second.

Account as a sold account. I couldn't really do that if I wanted to. 100 %, yeah, definitely. But then from there I'd have to do the $2.99 version.

To get that. So in.

Terms of saving money, you could, if you wanted to, do your demos.

Speak to people, have your own account. And then when you've got somebody that says, Daniel, sounds great. Sign me up, man. You could actually go and get a free trial under another email address with DHL. So you've got 14 days to activate it. Free trial, set up your own agency, set up the customer sub account, get them to pay you so that that payment is then the money you use to pay for the 297 or 497 level within DHL. Just again, if you wanted to do that. And then you could move your own personal use account under your agency at another time and cancel the 97 later. Got it. Okay. Thank you. Yeah, cool.

No problem. So yes.

Can I just.

Quickly just ask you as well? What we're setting up now in P ably, that's different than the one in level 2.

6, 8? No, exactly the same. Exactly the same.

Okay. The reason for my question is because I've taken off the automatic account creation in the 23 leads.

Okay, cool.

Because I want to sell it when I get them the leads. It's just less for me. Yeah, absolutely. That web hook that is already in my account that I've already created, that will be linked to the packages as well. I don't need to redo this step.

That's correct.

Okay. When I create the packages, that web hook will work for the packages. Correct, man.

If you've already created that inside of P ably, if you've already created that web hook.

Yes, the one that was part of level 2.6. Yeah, fantastic.

That web hook will do exactly the right thing. All you need to do, though, is copy and paste it into your licensing dashboard. So go into P ably, grab the web hook that you've already created.



Training was to put it into the licensing dashboard.

Yeah, great. And you're done.

Already in there.

Yeah, perfect.

I don't need to do a second one.


Even though that I've removed the automatic account creation step in the free leads funnel, any packages I create will also create a sub account in the high level. Correct.

Absolutely, man.

Okay. All right. Perfect. Thanks, mate.

Good question. Good question. Daniel, coming back. We're creating this transaction. That transaction is creating two licenses in two separate pieces of software. One is the leads program, instant. The other one needs to go through an interim step, which is the PABli system. And yes, the agency key unlocks that permission for the account to be created via PABLi. So as the transaction goes through, it pushes into our license dashboard, it pushes to Pably, and Pably pushes it to GHL and creates an account on that end. Yeah.

Okay. I have some questions I posted in the chat. Did you complete what you want to cover there with that, or did.

You have to rewind it? Yeah, sure. Let me rewind a step. So what we were talking about was, can we do it in a different currency? Yes. We had that little whiteboard where we said there's different models of payment. One is create a bundle, and to do it as a bundle where that creates both is the way I just described. To do it as an individual transaction, you are creating two separate payments. So somebody comes and says, Hi, I want to buy just the G HL program. Great. Here's a buy button. Here's a payment link. Great. Payment created. Fantastic. And then later on, they say, I want to upgrade with the leads program. Great. You'd go and create a separate package in the dashboard just for the leads program, which will create the license there. So I can go down more detail if you like, or I can jump to the next question, whichever is the right thing to do.

I think just to close it out quickly, it's just two very simple questions. So you generate the bundle, which works great for me. Let's say after two months they've got 2,000 leads, they're like, Hey, can we just slow down with the leads? We just want to catch up. At that point in time, would we just go then and put them on to SaaS mode inside your sub account and then just send them a new payment link and say, Hey, you got all the leads. If you want to stay on the system, I'm just going to send you a payment link.

To 100 % for.

The system separately. It won't cost you X. It would only cost you this and you can keep all your leads inside the system.

You got it exactly right. Martin, in that case, you've created the bundle, they've bought the bundle from you. But two months down the track, they say, Hey, I just want to downgrade. Okay, cool. No problem at all. You're going to come into your agency level, you're going to go to your SaaS mode, you're going to create it, or you probably would already have a package ready to go just for SaaS mode, just GHL. You get them onto that new subscription and you cancel the bigger bundle package for them.

Yes, correct. Then the last question that I had there was just with regards to... I just slipped my mind. Permissions. When you set up that automatic within the bundle thing, do you just give access to everything or do you go and turn things off or what do you recommend there, Walt?

Great question. For that, I can only talk from our own personal experience. When we got started, I mean, GHL is so huge. It's just heavy to learn. When we got started, we just turned on everything. We literally just said it's too much to think about just everything. Just if you want GHL, we're selling the whole package. I'm not sure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. Let me tell you as a clear story. Last year when we were at the Dallas conference, the GHL conference, which is an amazing conference, by the way, if you can get there, you should. It's in October this year. They had a lot of the GHL success stories coming up and talking on stage. And one of the people that was talking, and her name will come back to me in just a moment, sold the very basic GHL for $97 a month and then upgraded that person with different packages depending on what they needed. So basic GHL, they had a page builder, they had a contacts list, and that's pretty much it. So they get people in and say, Okay, you can build a page, you can capture your data, but you want automations and you want text message marketing and you want all kinds of other cool stuff that JHL does, great.

Then you need to jump up the plan. And she had over three and a half thousand sub accounts. I was doing the math. I was going, Wow, 3,000 sub accounts at 100 bucks a month. This is $30,000 a month. Sorry, yeah, $300,000 a month. It's like, Wow, that's amazing. And then it's like, The support on that is huge or whatever, but it depends. So we went to market, sold the whole thing for $ 97 a month. And you need less sales, but it's harder to maintain. And it's a 50-50 , honestly. I think if I started again, if I was brand new and today was my first day, I would use the SaaS mode the way that GHL designed it. I would create a base package with an awesome offer that people could come in and get amazing value at 97 bucks. Then I would have a two tiers higher package. So upgrade, get all of the automations and whatever, upgrade and get memberships. I.

Think the question was more... Sorry to interrupt. I think the question was more around offering white label suite and asset bundle. Would you go in then and turn some things off or would you just focus on, Hey, yes, everything is open, but what we're doing here is we're giving you the leads, they're going into the contacts, we're putting them into the drip sequence, they're going into your opportunity pipeline. Then this is your dashboard. Whenever you get a notification, I want you to contact them and I want you to convert as many as you can every month. Yes, the program do a whole bunch of other stuff, but this is where we start.

Yeah, absolutely. Daniel, everybody's got questions, man. So we've got to be fair to everyone, right? So we spend time with you, we spend time with Martin, we spend time with Dora, we spend time with David. Everybody gets their time, right? So we'll go through as much detail as each person needs. So yeah, again, Martin, I guess what I would do, I would exactly that. We sell the bundle, we send the leads, we get them set up exactly as we teach in the training. We show them how to get leads in the system. We show them how we get opportunity pipelines. When you can deliver that to a customer, you can show them leads coming in, you can show them emails going out, you can show them clicks tracking opportunities through the pipeline, then you have a win already in place for your customer. From there, you can help them build out their systems as time goes in, whatever else they need. But the stickiness of those clients, keeping them as a subscriber, if you get those early wins, they can see it happening, they stay with you.

And the web hook creates a free account that they don't pay for and we automatically turn them on to SaaS if they want to stop the leads.

Exactly right, man.

Exactly. Okay. No, that's full clarity. Thank you so much.

Awesome. No worries. All right, cool. That.

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